A former Hebrew school student of mine from many years ago recently got married. He is a Jewish orofess who organises programming for Jewish college students. His wife asked for a mosaic bread board for their Sabbath and holiday meals. It still needs the resin coating, but this is what they will be receiving. The Hebrew text says "in honor of the Sabbath and Holy Day."

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My little kitchen table now has a Mexican flair! I have yet to give it it's epoxy coating, but I still love it. The edge is painted to go with the tile. Kitten not included

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Completed kitchen backsplash! Here are some highlights.

These photos are terrible, but you get the idea. I'm happy with the results and it really sparks up the kitchen!

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Finally got a few photos of the backsplash. Not great photos, but I'm happy with the backsplash

Leslie, I don't know who you are, or what the problem is, but I am unable to respond to your PMs. I have tried unsuccessfully.

I have finally, after nearly a year, begun to put my stamp on our new, New Mexico, home! I've started small with the kitchen backsplash. And even smaller, to work out the colors and design, with the narrow, 3" strip over the sink and adjacent counters. Grouting will be in a medium gray/beige to compliment and blend with the very busy granite and enhance the brighter colors I want to bring into the space.

The pieces of cups come from my mother's collection and pre-date me. My parents honeymooned in Mexico in 1949 and brought back Talavera pieces that I have lived with, and loved, my whole life. That is the inspiration for what I'm doing in the backsplash. I have a lot of Talavera decorative pieces that are already in the room.

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It's been so long since I could work, I decided to start small and modestly. I had some left over thin set from covering the boulder, so I made some garden cookies.

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My new, beautiful studio has room for everything! And everything is at my fingertips! We've pretty much delegated our very ample garage to my art work. I'm so fortunate and grateful to my husband for supporting me in this!!

Well, I'm finally finished, at long last, with constructing and organizing my New Mexico studio!!! It's huge, well lit, insulated and has heat, air and water!!!!! Yesterday, I started back to work for the first time in nearly two years! First up, covering this "boulder" I constructed with thin set to prepare it for mosaics. It's going to go in our front yard when it's finished. Stay tuned!

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Last week I posted about going to the Albuquerque Convention Center to see the extraordinary mosaics there. Today, there's an article about the mosaics in the ABQ Journal. the project has been ongoing for several years and has two more years to be completed. The mosaics tell the history of the land, it's people, the legends, the symbols, with each section deliniating a theme. All the tiles are hand made. For me, it's like going to a master class (not that I'm a master, but the people organizing this definitely ARE! I feel like my creative journey is beginning again very soon!

Twelve thousand pieces. Each distinct in color, texture and shape.

I haven't posted much on this page for several months due to my health issues and the fact that we are moving from our home in the wonderful little village of Yellow Springs, Ohio to Rio Rancho, New Mexico, a suburb of Albuquerque.

Once we are settled and I can set up my studio and get back to work, I will refresh this page and allow the wonderful New Mexican environment to inspire me to greater heights!

Whoo! Whoo! 212! Thank you, my friends!

I am selling off some of my current mosaic pieces to make room for some new artistic adventures. Prices reflect the discount. Please feel free to contact me about any of these pieces.

Mini-Mosaic sale happening NOW! 290 Kingsfield Court. Until 4 PM

I'm having a mini-mosaic sale at my house tomorrow, Street Fair day, from 1-4. Prices are slashed to make room for new creative adventures! Free garden cookie with any sale over $25! ($6 value)

290 Kingsfield Court, turn right into the court and you're in front of our house! IN THE GARAGE ONLY!

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Finally got my violin done! I started blinging it out several years ago, when it was first given to me, so I couldn't change up the motif, but I think it's lovely as it is! And fun! Corrine Bayraktaroglu, this is the violin you found for me!

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