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Martin Addo
· January 6, 2018
Blessings upon blessings! I am glad the Holy Spirit have asked me to go there and help! I am excited looking forward to my job in Christ Jesus!!!
Sheila Beckford
· December 4, 2017
It is a warm Church filled with plenty of history. If I lived near Wall Street I would be a regular Wednesday worshipper.
Pamela Cook Dreyer
· October 17, 2015
When we are in NYC we always make sure we are there on Wednesday if possible to attend the lunchtime midweek service. It's 25-30 long and you get enough to study on in a 15 minute teaching.
Christina Marie
· May 6, 2017
Great confirmation class! Very nice to learn about the history of the United Methodist Church

"There are two kinds of witnesses. Those who had seen something and understand the significance of what they'd seen and those who had seen something and didn't even know it was important." - Monica Hesse, American Fire: Love, Arson, and Life in a Vanishing Land…/

A sermon on Luke 24:44-53 for Ascension Sunday:

It’s a Wonderful Wednesday! We will see you at 12:15 for prayer and praise.

John Street United Methodist Church is with Wendy Paul Paige.

It’s a Wonderful Wednesday and Pastor Wendy Paige is bringing the Word today at 12:15 at a service of prayer, praise, and preaching. Join us!

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Save the date for this exciting event!

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Captain Thomas Webb, John Street Methodist’s second preacher, was a retired officer in His Majesty’s service when he began sharing preaching responsibilities with Philip Embury. While in New York he heard there were Methodists meeting in Manhattan. Converted at Bristol and licensed to preach by Wesley, he joined the infant society meeting at The Rigging Loft and his rousing preaching brought many to hear the Methodist message of grace and holiness. Preaching in his, with a green eye patch required by a war injury and laying his sword across the pulpit, he was said by John Wesley to be “a man of fire and the power of God constantly attends to his word.” Captain Webb was a key leader in the decision to purchase the lots on John Street and build a Methodist preaching house. He provided £30, making him the largest contributor to the project. Webb began to also preach on Long Island and soon was traveling to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, organizing and incubating Methodist societies throughout those colonies.
On May 7, 1777 Captain Webb was arrested as a spy by the Revolutionaries and held as a Prisoner of War at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until 1778 that a plea to General George Washington by Webb’s wife, Grace, secured their liberty to return home. When he sailed for England on October 18, 1778 he was the last of the Wesley’s Englishmen to return home, leaving only Francis Asbury to continue the work in America.

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It’s going to be a great week. Make it even better by coming to Wonderful Wednesday at John Street Methodist for praise, prayer, and preaching. We are excited to welcome Pastor Wendy Paige as our preacher this week, May 9. Join us and invite others!

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It’s a Wonderful Wednesday and we will gather at 12:15 to praise God! Join us today.

It’s a Wonderful Wednesday so join us at 12:15 for a service of praise and prayer and preaching. The Rev. Jason Radmacher will proclaim the gospel today. See you then!

Here’s a reason to eat cake today!

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH!!! As we reflect on this milestone, our friends at United Methodist Communications have compiled a list of 50 reason...s why the world is a better place because of the #UMC.…/50-reasons-to-celebrate-the-united-met…
We invite you to read the article and SHARE this birthday with your friends and networks! #UMC50 #UMCHistory

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In honor of the church's formation in April 1968, we listed why the world is better thanks to the witness and work of the people of the UMC.

Mark your calendar! We are excited to welcome back the Rev. Jason Radmacher to Wonderful Wednesday next week, April 25 at 12:15. Jason is currently the pastor of Asbury Crestwood United Methodist Church and previously the pastor at John Street. Be sure to join us for workweek prayer, praise, and preaching.

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This is the day that the Lord has made! Join us at 12:15 for Wonderful Wednesday!

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April 11, 1768, Thomas Taylor wrote to John Wesley about the Methodist society that had formed in New York and recently purchased land with the intent to build a chapel. This pulpit was built by Philip Embury, literally and figuratively, for the rigging loft where he and Captain Thomas Webb preached to the society. The community was growing and in need of a more experienced preacher. Taylor wrote “We want an able, experienced preacher - one who has both gifts and graces neces...sary for the work. God has not despised the day of small things. We must have a man of wisdom, of sound faith, and a good disciplinarian, one whose heart and soul are in the work, and I doubt not but by the goodness of God such a flame would be soon kindled as would never stop until it reached the great South Sea.” This letter would ultimately bring Richard Boardman and Joseph Pilmore across the Atlantic as the first Methodist preachers stationed on this continent. They would preach from this pulpit whenever in New York, as would Francis Asbury and all the early American Methodist leaders.
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If you’re into NYC church history there’s a great event on Thursday.

A public educational organization devoted to the history of New York at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. Mike Wallace founded the Center in 2000, inspired by the popularity of his Pulitzer-winning book, Gotham.

I’ve you’ve been thinking about going on a disaster response team, here’s an opportunity.

The NYAC is deploying early response teams to Puerto Rico and there's room on the June 16-23 trip. Info and application can be found at the link below:

Teams are still needed in Texas and Florida as part of their recovery effort. More than 900,000 FEMA applications were received in Texas alone while more than 500,000 homes were determined to have moderate to extreme damage. The recovery efforts in both Texas and Florida will be at least another tw....

It’s a Wonderful Wednesday! Join us for prayer, praise, and preaching at 12:15.