In grade school I read the copy of Beowulf in our school library enough to fill three checkout cards front and back. I think it amused the librarian. In high school we read bits of Beowulf in old English and my friends gave me the nickname Grendel. I'm always on the lookout for interesting takes on the story and for new translations. I can't begin to express my excitement at a new translation from a writer I admire and know. This book is at the top of my must acquire list.

MCD x FSG will publish Maria Dahvana Headley's feminist translation of BEOWULF.

I've opted to not renew my hosting plan for my websites. My day job takes all my available time and I'm not able to justify the expense at this time.

I'm keeping the domains. I'm changing them over to forwarding domains to send people to their corresponding Facebook page (hence anyone trying to go to will get redirected here).

Please share this with people you know who might be interested. I'm getting the Electric Velocipede page filled out and better set up this week so that I can begin forwarding people.


My new motto is: write with love, edit with hate. #writerslife #writing

Who needs a whole month (NaNoWriMo)? Michael Moorcock tells you how to write a novel in three days.…/michael-moorcock-how-t…/

Ever fancied writing a novel, but don’t have oodles of spare time to set aside for such a thing? Michael Moorcock, a hugely influential and prolific writer, has the solution. Those of you who…

It's done. NaNoWriMo finished a few weeks ago and you're done. Since you're here, I assume you were diligent enough to hit the 50K goal and 'win' NaNoWriMo this year. Your manuscript is done and you're feeling good about yourself. But then it hits you: What Do I Do Next? This is a question I hear from aspiring authors when they finish NaNoWriMo. [ 529 more words ]

Being done with your 50K manuscript is a big accomplishment but there are a lot you have to do before you can start thinking about agents and publishers.

If you get published, expect to work your ass off doing publicity for your book. Well, only if you want it to be successful.

The LGBT Center in New York City hosts a lecture series called Second Tuesday, where people on the LGBTQIA2S spectrum (or rainbow, as it were) are invited to speak. July’s speakers were Garth Green…

Inspiration can come from anywhere. And everyone needs inspiration. Even someone as practiced at writing as Bruce Springsteen needs inspiration and it can come from unusual places.

My good friend Stephen Segal talks about Bruce Springsteen and Roman poetry.…/bruce-springsteens-bigges…/

2016 Hugo Finalists. Good stuff. Weird stuff. Bad stuff. You can decide what's what. Congrats to the people I know who made the list.

The finalists for this year’s Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer will be announced on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, at 12:00 PM CDT. The announcement will be made live to social media, including the Twitter and Facebook accounts of MidAmeriCon II, and via press release.

Good advice here for those of us working full time and struggling to find time and energy for creative work. "Get used to taking sips instead of gulps."…/how-can-i-get-the-energ…

Anonymous said: How can I get the energy I need to work on my personal projects after a long and exhausting day at work? I mean, I get exhausted both physically and mentally with my current job and...

So if you liked a book, post a review about it.

Tired? Me, too! It seems that I'm tired all the time. I've noticed a small but significant number of posts recently from people saying that they're stepping away from genre or from writing. This may be something that happens all the time but was just not something of which I was aware. But, just like when you hear a new word or an unusual name for a baby, all of a sudden you start seeing/hearing it everywhere. [ 1205 more words. ]

It feels like I'm tired all the time. Physically tired and also tired of genre and writing and editing. I've taken some time away but I need more.

Twice in One Week? As discussed last week, I'm putting up two poems. Yes, poetry is happening twice this week. Getting back on track with the poetry making. OK, I said I was doing two poems last week and now it's happening this week instead. I'll get this worked out. I want to type all sorts of justifications and explanations, but what would be the point? [ 280 more words. ]…/…/twice-in-one-week-poetry-overload/

Posting twice in one week lets me stay on schedule, but if I get off schedule, is that a bad thing? Is twice too much?

Hiatus: It Happens I didn't mean to take a hiatus. It just happened. The kids have started more extracurricular activities; my wife's job has had a number of late nights; I had been sleeping poorly. I've not mentioned it, but I use a CPAP device to sleep. My mask had gotten worn and the filter needed changing so the machine wasn't working properly. [ 444 more words. ]

It's not a bad thing to take a hiatus from working. Whether it's intentional or not is irrelevant. You need to take care of yourself or your work will suffe

The Selection is In There were two paltry votes (one of which was made by me!) to make a selection of which poem I'll revise for an end-of-the-year collection. Thank goodness they were for the same poem or I'd have to flip a coin. No matter, we'll do better next time I'm sure. Our selection was from week three, the poem about the guest taxidermist… [ 325 more words. ]…/edit-selection-number-one-and-a-ne…/

The selection is in for the first poem to be revised for an end of the year collection. Also a new poem for the week and a new prompt for next week.