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Jeanette Rowland Bedel
· January 5, 2018
If there was a "no star" category, I would give it to Johnson Controls (JCI). My husband is a retiree of a company that JCI bought last year and has our health insurance through that company. JCI has ...changed health care providers and policies effective Jan. 1 of this year with no notice to us other than a bill for almost twice what we were paying and that was for coverage for only my husband. After several calls to customer service, we have been told that the problem is due to technical issues with the transfer of information but rest assured we have coverage. We have no insurance cards, even though we have twice been promised they would arrive by last Friday and this Friday and no plan information (copays, deductibles, etc.). Not sure who is even the carrier...been told the company name but the insurance company has no record of our coverage. All this after numerous calls over the last 3 weeks including escalating our concerns to the supervisory level. For a "technology" company, this is an abhorrent situation. Does not give me confidence in using any product or service associated with JCI nor recommending anything to do with the company. See More
Jennifer Hudson-Flocco
· January 3, 2018
This company offered my husband a job while we were in California. We drove from California in a snow storm for his start date...they even fitted him for uniforms... Then called the day before his sta...rt date and they said they decided to go a different route... Really why are people so uncaring to others anymore. Its like we live in a community of people that just have no concern for others at all. Are we really this terrible anymore. So sad and disappointing. I'm sure he is not the first or the last. So just broken hearted for my husband and all the other spirits this company has crushed. See More
Vinoth Kumar
· October 23, 2017
hi team, I have a bad AC which Hitachi is not able to / not willing to fix it for the past 5 years. I have even written to GM services and its been a month and GM Services team is too busy to give a c...ourtesy call. When we contact the call center they say that they are there to log a complaint and they can not give any update on other things and asked me to contact management and Management is not ready to reply. Now my AC is not cooling again and they are not attending the call and they are cancelling the tickets. I have provided my ticket numbers and if any one has any doubt they can check the status and find that its not fixed yet.
Ticket number: 17080800947/ 17090703373/ 17091902480/ 17100801696. I have escalated the ticket 17080800947 to GM services (head.service@jci-hitachi) and is still open.
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Stephen Doggett
· February 13, 2018
November 2016 we had new York Affinity furnace installed. It was top of the line and top $. In the last week it’s failed 3 times and we’ve been without heat. Worst part is they won’t cover the labor ...for the repairs - sorry only 1 year labor warranty. They won’t stand behind their products so I’ll let everyone I know to stay away from them. Don’t buy York hvac systems. ��.
#YorkNoGood. #YorkPoorQuality. #BoycottJohnsonControls. #BoycottYorkProducts
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Lou Kapz
· December 15, 2017
I want to reach out to "YORK" and "Johnson Controls" about a SR Engineer at your company named "Nicholas Cummings". He feels that he can order parts online from our company, and then "complain" and le...ave negative reviews online about our company "Midwest Appliance Parts CO" on the internet just because he can. This gentlemen, if I should call him that, got "upset" because we followed our company policy on a part he ordered, and got "aggravated" when we would not break our company policy and eBay policy for him.

I hope someone at YORK or Johnston Controls reaches out to this individual and explains to him that when he acts childish on the internet, it will NOT go unnoticed.
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Cameron Flory
· September 4, 2017
Can i give a 0 star review how is that possible? I had one of their batteries in my truck that was labeled as a Napa brand battery a few months back this battery exploded causing over $10,000 in damag...e to my vehicle. The local owners of Napa were very helpful and willing to do all that they could. But they were limited on what they could because Johnson was the parent company and actual manufacturer of the battery. Took them several weeks to come and pick the battery up to take it back for their independent testing in the meantime my vehicle was inspected by multiple shops and Napa. Everything on my truck including charging system and other battery checked out just fine. About eight weeks later they finally get back to me with a two-sentence email basically telling me to shove it up my ass and that their testing showed there was no defect in the battery. Yet nobody I have spoke to about this has ever heard of a battery exploding like this one did. They also did not provide me with any explanation of what they think may have happened to the battery and no test results and since the email of them telling me that they were denying my claim they have dropped all contact with me will not return phone calls or emails this company is a freaking joke See More
Denise Elliott
· January 5, 2018
I think that the two men employees in the Johnson controls Truck that purposely shot road sludge into my husbands truck and his drivers side window was open shooting the wet sludge& rocks through o...ut the truck and his clothing when he was parked on 9 ave north today Friday between 11:20-11:30 am are a pair of assholes -they were laughing while the driver did it.
Not only did they NOT stop to ask if Kelly Elliott(a well liked and well know car guy in Lethbridge) needed any help, which would have took no time, and would have left a great story to be telling about Johnson Controls employees.
Left a very negative imprint in my mind about this company and their employee assholes
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Moises Rodriguez
· September 19, 2017
In past months, I had an experience with LTH, the battery brand of Johnson Control, where, unfortunately, was not changed in the right way and caused a negative impact in my car. Some electrical were damaged and required immediate assistance to not to affect other internal systems. When I reported this case to the appropriate area within JCI, I received not only the coverage and payment to replace the damaged systems, but also a visible concern and a candid treatment that allowed me to fix the car in the way it has to be done. This reflects the values of this company, the concern of the client and the service oriented people that all this time gave me a follow up on this situation, specially to Mr. Armando Garcia Gomez, who always was pending and gave me his support until this was solved. I really congratulate JCI and extend my sincere recognition as a company that reflects not only the quality of the products, but also, the professionalism of its people. MANY MANY THANKS! See More
Juan Pablo AC
· July 20, 2017
I live in mexico. In december my ac unit had a malfunction everything was ok. My warranty was in order they took the compressor and they took almost 3 months to return to me the compressor working i even had to pay almost 120 dollars to the local technician to install the compressor again ( he is an authorized johnson control technician in my state)
The downside i live in state where the temperature is 40 C on the night.
My ac (the same that was repaired months ago) is malfunctioning again.....
The local technician says the compressor that was returned to me its not working and it should be change again (still on warranty)
But when i call the 01 800 in México nobody wants to Hear my case... they havent given me a report number... Irma Villanueva was your Employee that talked to me.... she hasnt given me a solution and i Am very afraid that the solution its going to take 3 months like the last time.
Whats wrong with your post service.... please i need a solution
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Dave Funsch
· August 14, 2017
I have there AC unit put in 8 years ago and on my 4th compressor. They have sent one of there technicians out to evaluate the unit and technician stated I need new Handler and compressor. Now he is no... where to be found and Johnson is stating it was the installers faults!!! I guess there don't trust there own technicians. I have called the HQ and they don't even get back to me. They don't seem to care about a household. I had to but wall units to get buy why I fight them. See More
Michael Harrington
· January 26, 2018
I have a newer high-efficiency York furnace. Within a year of its warranty ending, it won't ignite, the gas valve is shot ($600), and the catchment basin they use for acidic condensate is leaking and ...corroding the furnace. This is the fourth basin tha has needed replacement by the one tech I talked to just this month. What a waste of $5000. Your product is garbage. You should be ashamed. Issue recalls. Take responsibility for the shit you sell people. See More
Bryan Day
· January 22, 2018
They Laying off people in Indianapolis and sending jobs to Mexico!! Not to mention having the people there from Mexico in Indiana. The workers have to train the foreigners on how to do their job!!! Wo...w what a slap in the face!!! They don’t care about their workers or keeping jobs here in America!! See More
Debbie Walker
· August 28, 2017
Johnson Control was the best job my husband every had,but after about 40's yrs he left me and I do thank the company for the job they gave my husband I hope it keeps getting better and helps people work.I miss James Walker if any one every see him please tell him I miss and love him.Thank you Johnson-Control for almost 30 years with my husband working there. See More
Heather Rose
· August 12, 2017
Purchased new construction with a YORK system in 2014. It's now 2017 and we've had nothing but ongoing issues and RUN AROUND from Johnson Controls regarding the product. Last summer the condensation c...oil failed, causing hundreds of dollars in freon replacement and labor. This summer, it's the evaporator coil that failed, causing more money in freon replacement and labor. We are in the THOUSANDS for freon/labor. Our installer doesn't want to accept liability. When making a case to Johnson Controls, I was instructed to contact the dealer. The dealer doesn't want to accept liability either. Both the dealer and installer relay to me that YORK is using cheap parts and as of recently they have overhauled the parts because there have been so many issues. YORK wants a data tech sheet, which the dealer nor installer want to pay for. And I'm sitting here with a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old in the middle of the summer with an AC that doesn't work. YORK has their money, now they do not care. Business won't last much longer. See More
Terrence Rollins
· November 6, 2017
As a former Johnsonite I am thankful to have worked for JCI after my military service obligation was completed. I was assigned to work for Thomas E. Tucker (RIP) (National Project Manager of the Year)... at the Chrysler Technology Center (CTC) with the first extensive METASYS Installation in North America. We had fun. As a Ferris State University graduate those experiences helped when I took an assignment with The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Go JCI! See More
Jonathon Brent
· November 1, 2017
Their drivers in Pensacola seem to have penchant for speeding and road rage, and almost causing accidents while they flip you off and scream obscenities over the first accident they almost caused.
Jonathan Lafforgue
· September 13, 2017
It's a shame I cannot give zero stars. I have never been held hostage to such a useless an inept organisation. If our organisation could walk away from their systems we would. Any Australian business ...considering dealing with Johnson Controls. Please DO NOT! They are terrible! See More
James Hall
· June 1, 2017
I purchased a York hvac system 6 years ago. The evap coil froze over yesterday and the hvac company says it must be replaced. Called JCI customer service and they were less than helpful. Said it's... out of warranty not their problem. The replacement York coil is special order, 3 week wait, over $1500 and only has a 1 year warranty. Why would I spend that much money with a company whose product prematurely failed and they don't care. For a little more money a new air handler from a different company comes with a 10 year warranty and is in stock. It makes no sense. Don't know how York continues to exist.

Contacted them. still waiting for a response.
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Darrel Hill
· April 24, 2017
I work for the DOD specifically the Navy. We have thousands of parts with national stock numbers listed as Johnson controls as the sole supplier. My problem is that every time I try contacting them to... obtain a quote or any information on a part they carry all I get is the run around. I have literally called dozens of numbers for them ,and their suppliers, and got nothing except another non working number. The ones I was able to reach do not apparently deal with Navy related parts. I have sent dozens of emails to the company with no response. I even tried contacting what I was told was their maritime parts department and once again got another recording to call another non existent number.You would think that they would at least support the people who fight to keep us safe. They may call their selves a company but really they just have a nice website that effectively does nothing but look fancy. You have a better chance of solving world hunger than you do of getting a quote from these people. I think that the people who rated them five stars must have been paid by the company to make it look like they really do stuff. I wish there was an option to give them no stars. Bottom-line is if you need parts from these people you are screwed. See More
Robby Cassidy
· December 26, 2017
Run as far away from JCI as possible! Unless you want to pay for work that doesnt get done and upon discovering the neglect they refuse to help without big money!
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