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Daniel Mancari
November 4, 2011
My son and I had a very nice lunch

again apologizes that we are no longer open - wishing we could ring in the new year with all our faithful customers!

is very sorry that we are not able to share this holiday season with you - we had lots of fun last year!


is still looking for someone to take over our space at Shoppes at Louviers - message us if you are interested in further info, better yet send a message to Laurie Clark the owner!

is officially closed - thanks again for everyone's support this year, we hope you like the new restaurant (whatever it may be) just as much!

has about 2 hours left so come on over and help us eat this amazing food and have a refreshing cocktail so you can beat the heat!

turned on our open sign for the last time this AM - sad, but true and we will miss all our customers very much!

is looking forward to our last day with all our fun customers - please come and visit us for our final hurrah!

has shrimp and mussels on special this evening as well as crab quesadilla - trust me, you don't want to miss out on this amazing food so bring your friends for a tasty meal!

is going to miss all of our customers - you were the heart of our business and we appreciate you very much!

is open for two more days/nites so be sure to stop in and see us - use your and deal chicken offers now!

in some ways will never be closed - it will live in our hearts forever, good memories here so come and share in those from now til Saturday!

is looking forward to a great last 3 days/nites, James behind the bar Thursday and Geoff will be here on Friday and Saturday so please stop by to visit them!

wants to thank Stacey Glass and family for stopping in this evening - you guys were one of our devoted regulars and we appreciate it!

is in the final countdown - we are open tonight, lunch tomorrow and regular hours on Thursday, Friday, Saturday closing at 7pm!

would like to invite everyone to stop in for a tasty meal this week - sadly, we have to close our doors on 7/7 so def come and visit with us!

wants to remind everyone that we have half price bottles of wine on Tuesdays - yippee!