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Elizabeth City has a lot to offer!

Today in America TV with Terry Bradshaw is an educational program. This episode talks about Elizabeth City, North Carolina known as the 'Harbor of Hospitalit...

Living on the river makes summer more fun. Visit


Downtown has some neat places to go now. Lived downtown for a while and liked the convenience.

30 year fixed rate loan at 3.625%. I remember when the rates were in the teens. Does that make me old???

Elizabeth City now has a place that makes fresh donuts. The Cupcakery on the corner of Poindexter and Fearing Streets.

ECSU is getting $1.44 million from the state for repairs and updates. WOW!!!

Did you know a record number of walkers walked in the 27th annual walk for hunger? The goal for this year was $36,000.

We had two blimps crash into each other here the other day. Where else could that happen? On crew member was injured. Don't know how badly. Anybody hear more about it?

Thankfully, Hurricane Earl turned out to be no big deal in the waterfront area in Weeksville, just south of Elizabeth City. School was delayed two hours but the school bus just went by.

To keep up with the progress of Earl, go to the following link and click on PSC. You can see the predicted path, wind speed in knotts and the current position.

TCOM, in Elizabeth City, makes 22-meter aerostats used in Afghanistan for surveillance. They will soon deliver dozens of these tethered blimp-like aerostats. See an article with the inside of the hanger at

Raytheon Company, leader in developing defense technologies, is the prime contractor for the program, which uses a 55-foot (17-meter) TCOM-built aerostat that floats 984 feet (300 meters) high to perform surveillance with an electro-optical infrared sensor (with a total weight of 200 pounds). ...

Want to know what your child is eating for lunch at school? You can for only $10/year. I think you can even order the lunch online. Did you know schools in Pasquotank County are really changing how they cook?

Elizabeth City, N.C. A new online service at Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County Schools allows parents to check on what their children are eating for lunch and breakfast as part of an effort to reduce childhood obesity.

I just found something related to the aviation park in Elizabeth City. College of the Albemarle (COA) received over $800,000 in grants to start courses training students for aviation jobs. Looks like this aviation park is really starting to get off the ground.

Telephonics radar service facility is a boost to Elizabeth City's efforts to have an aviation cluster on Consolidated Road adjoining the US Coast Guard base and on property across Consolidated Road. Telephonics has two student interns from ECSU working at the facility.

There are seven Feeding America Food Banks in North Carolina. One of them is in Elizabeth City, NC. These seven food banks provided over 80 million pounds of food during the past year to help feed those who need assistance in getting enough to eat. The first executive director was announced yesterday...Alan Briggs.