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March 26

Please be in touch if you would like to see any of these pieces or others in my studio.. I know this is a busy time so I am available at your convenience, or pm me and I can even deliver...
Thanks so my friends Sally and Marion for inspiration with the leather and crystals...
What would we do without friends...

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So... I was going to make an evening with wine and chocolates before pesach but realised you are all busy to fix one time would be great for me but not fo...r you... so I decided to make myself available at your convenience.. I will be in my studio from ten to three on Monday and Thursday but otherwise be in touch to fix a personal appointment at YOUR convenience (assuming of course I am available)
Please find some unedited pics of a few of my new pieces.. also available to order in the colors you prefer.. so either come or contact me or even feel free to order and I will deliver to you! Look forward to hearing from you....Chag sameach

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Coming to my studio for wine, chocolates and valentine specials? come park pm me

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I am not in my studio today but happy to make an appointment either there or Ramot if anyone is interested in seeing any of my new pieces...
I also have my new pearl collection so if anyone wants me to bring any of those pieces to ramot or katamon to give as gifts or simply to spoil themselves.. here are some of the pearls