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I'm excited and grateful to announce the wait list for my full, in-depth, research based course, Overcome Anxiety is NOW OPEN!

Join the wait list and get ready to be the first to know when this life transforming course is ready for you to dive in.


I can't wait to get you past your anxiety and in to feeling Calm, Confident and In-Control.

It's time.
Join the wait list here:

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Join us today, Friday May 26th at 3:30 pm PST in our Good For Me Facebook group for our live Q&A:

You can post your mindset or mental wellness questions here, or email them to me directly:

See you soon!

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My Top 5 Favourite Foods that Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety
You've Got To Be Willing to SUCK!!
Self Care is Not a 4 Letter Word!

If you would have told me that within a few months there would would be thousands of men and women on YouTube brave enough to let me join and guide them on this journey of getting past the fear, the shame, and the self-doubt that tries to keep us down and hold us back, I would have said you were off your rocker.

5000 subscribers and 309,303 views means there are that many real life eyes, ears, and hearts courageous and willing.

Thank you James Wedmore for convincing me to up, Coach Glitter for clearing the path and Sunny Lenarduzzi for guiding me along the way #beyondgrateful

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I've been so looking forward to sharing this information with all of you -

Fearing a relapse of a mental health struggle is a real thing for most people. You work so hard to get through it and to the other side and then all of a sudden start to feel those uncomfortably familiar feelings and symptoms creeping up again...

What does this mean? Was it too good to be true? Are you on your way back down the rabbit hole again? And the answer is no - especially if you have the tools... to prevent it and pull yourself back out asap.

In this video, I joined forces with an INCREDIBLE young peer mental health YouTuber - LikeKristen - to have this conversation about a real fear many of us have and what to do to keep it from becoming a reality.

I hope you like it. Kristen is amazing

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This is my favourite breathing exercise because it works so quickly to help calm, relax and ground us when we're feeling anxious, worked up, stressed out, or overwhelmed. Here's the link:

It's also a really effective one for those times when you're laying in bed and can't turn your brain off and go to sleep! (I definitely use this one regularly).

What's even more interesting is it's the same breathing exercise used in the military for stress mana...gement and there it's called "Tactical Breathing."

After you watch the video and do the exercise with me, let me know how it went and how you're feeling! (even if you're not particularly stressed out right now, it will also take you to a new level of feeling relaxed and grounded.

Here's the link to the exercise:

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No matter where you are or what you're doing, what's one thing you are grateful for in this moment?

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Do you know what DOESN'T feel good? Sneaking a bite of chocolate cupcake while doing the supper dishes, and then immediately after, without thinking, grabbing the last bite of fish from you child's abandoned bowl so it doesn't go to waste, and also shoving it into your mouth. #grossisanunderstatement

God bless whoever it was that first introduced me to the power of proper deep breathing. My body, my mind, my seriously reduced feelings of guilt and regret, and my 2 spirited toddlers thank you for it.

On Wednesday, I'm releasing my newest YouTube video teaching about how a lack of proper breathing can exacerbate any feelings of anger, frustration, stress or anxiety we may be having, and how proper breathing can really take the edge off in even the most intense situations. ...

In the video, I also teach and guide you through my favoruite breathing exercise that has this powerful little way of taking me from zero to hero when I need it most.

Here's the link to my YouTube Channel:

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Join us today, Friday May 19th at 3:30 pm PST in our Good For Me Facebook group for our live Q&A:

You can post your questions here, or email them to me directly:

See you soon!

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Have you ever noticed that the harder you try to "JUST CALM DOWN!" when you're in the height of anxiety or panic the worse it gets?

Well, there's a good reason for that - and no, it's not that you're weak or pathetic.

In this short video ( I teach about why this happens, and show you a simple exercise that actually does work to help you feel immediately more grounded when your stress, anxiety, panic or overwhelm feel out of control.


Here's the link to the video:

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Yesterday was definitely one of those days.

After a night of minimal sleep because of 2 little ones having a rough go, followed by a rejection, a disappointment, a frustration, and a let down, this girl was done.

So after lots of deep breaths, some accepting of feelings, a little cry, a lot of self talk and helpful reminders, a time to vent, and many more deep breaths we got through it and are now feeling more than grateful for a new day.


That was a tough one - but I guess those are to be expected from time to time.

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How to Deal with Rejection⭐️ (one of the toughest feelings to deal with in my opinion)

Overcome Anxiety Waitlist:


To be fully honest with how I'd explain my experience as a mama: There are moments I can't wait to get away and moments I want nothing more than to be as close as humanly possible to these 2. But regardless of what each moment brings, there's not a single one that goes by where I wouldn't lay my life down for either one of these little beings.

Highest highs and lowest lows... often all within a matter of minutes. They weren't lying about that one.

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers, the mother figures, and all the other unsung superheroes of the world.

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Sometimes it's more complicated than this, but most of the time we just make it that way.

No, it's not always that easy, but yes, it is often that simple. #determinationftw

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Join us at 3:30 pm PST today, Friday May 12th, for our Friday live Q&A in Our Good For Me Facebook group.

I'll be full on answering your relationship and mental health and wellness questions.

You can email your questions to: or just put them in this thread.


See you there!

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Does the word mindfulness every wigg you out? Is it one of those things you think is "way too out there" for you?

If you've ever thought that, I have to tell you something: There's actually nothing weird, wiggy, or woo woo about it.

Mindfulness is not new, it's not religious and you don't have to sit in silence for hours on end in order to become more mindful.


Mindfulness is just a fancy way of saying "be present" or "live in the now."

And in this short talk, I explain exactly what it's all about in the most simple, straightforward way, and share why so much empirical research has been coming out recently showing the big impact mindfulness has on helping people manage their anxiety, depression, panic, stress...(just to name a few)

Here's the talk - and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one in the comments section under the video. Enjoy!

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What is Mindfulness? Is it all about doing mindfulness meditations and mindfulness exercises? Or is it a way of being. A general attitude or outlook on life?...