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There is going to come a day - and I'm sure it'll arrive sooner than I'll ever be ready for😭- where she'll choose (hunky California) boys over me, but for now I'm going to relish in, and savour every moment that I'm still her number one. #aspresentaspossible

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ALL About Managing Anxiety
This is The ONE QUESTION You Need to Ask Yourself When Trying ...
This week I'm in Cape Cod attending a workshop on trauma treatment, but have also had some free time to some exploring. Here are some outtakes from yesterday. I hope you love it!

I you had exactly 1 hour to do whatever you wanted right now, what would you do?

Monday's often get a bit of a bad wrap, and one thing that can make a Monday really crappy is expecting it will be.

So in a good effort to make Mondays a little better, what's one thing you like (or even LOVE) about them?

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Did you know there are certain foods that can help reduce anxiety? Do you know what 5 of the best ones are? In this video I talk about all 5 and why they are so helpful in reducing anxiety - sometimes almost immediately. Here's the link to the vid:


Do you ever have days or even times in your day when you just want to disconnect from all devices?

Although you may have emails to reply to, texts to check, or messages to acknowledge, you just want to leave your phone and go out and look at real live people.

To sit and notice what it feels like to eat, or walk or sit without being glued to a screen, or compelled to check every bing, ding, or beep.


To walk while looking up, to take a moment to look around, to connect with yourself and what is, and just be quiet in your mind. Do you ever feel like that?

I do. And when I listen to that feeling, respect that need, and allow myself to leave my phone and go out just as me, I momentarily feel naked, but I soon start to notice how much more grounded, calm and at peace I feel.

Do you ever have device free times in your day? And if so, how do you feel about it?

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From Aragorn's speech at the Black Gate (a Lord of The Rings thing for all of you scratching your heads).

This was the mantra- or mission statement, if you will, a dear client of mine took on in the midst of her struggle with depression.

On one of her bad days when all she wanted to do was pull the covers over her head, and stay in bed all day (which she had done many a time), this phrase came to her mind out of nowhere.


'Not this day!!! Depression will not keep me in bed and stop me from getting up and participating in life.'

And for those among us not struggling with depression - NOT THIS DAY will fear, anxiety, or self-doubt keep us from stepping up, stepping out, showing up and facing life with all that we are.

'There may come a day when fear, anxiety, depression, or self-doubt hold us back or keep us down. But not this day. This day is ours.'

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What was the best part of your day today? (It doesn't have to be fancy... usually the best stuff isn't

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Celebrating my brave, strong, resourceful and darn resilient students who just went through my Healing from Trauma seminar.

Grateful everyday to get to do the work I do with the incredible men and women I get to do it with.

It's almost impossible not to love people when you see them in their authentic and raw realness, and I literally love my clients and students - how many people get to say that??? #gratefulalldayerrday

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This is my Cape Cod tide pool walking Mindfulness Meditation from today. I think it's my new favourite way. How do you like to meditate?


This week I'm in Cape Cod attending a workshop on trauma treatment, but have also had some free time to some exploring.

Here are some outtakes from yesterday.

I hope you love it!


An article I contributed to on PsychCentral about something we all experience sometimes: Loneliness.

You are home on a Friday night without any plans. You feel so lonely. Or you're sitting in a restaurant with a group of friends, and yet you still feel lonely. Or you're sitting on the subway, on your way to work, and the feeling of loneliness sneaks into that space, too. Or you're perusing social m...

We just had this exact conversation in one of my mini courses today, and then this quote popped up right in font of me.

The question was, and often is: 'Am I going to get through this? Am I going to get there? Am I going to reach my goals?' And the answer is always, yes...

All that's required is 1. Awareness 2. Intention 3. At least some effort 4. A willingness to be flexible with where 'there' even is 5. Present with the goodness of where you are now. (#5 is necessary, because if we can't be 'here', we will never get 'there').

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Friday evening bumper to bumper traffic. Super grateful right now that my commute only requires legs, a backpack and runners.

What typically overlooked thing are you grateful for right now? #itsalwaysthelittlethings

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