The other night was quite the doozy.

The unfortunate events kicked off with being backed into while waiting in line to pay for parking as I was leaving the mall with my 4 year old in the back seat of the car.

Then, later that evening after tucking my babies into bed, I was on the phone with the insurance company for a long and arduous hour and a half. After that, I finally got things organized and settled for the next day, got myself ready for bed... annnnddd the toilet brok...e. So the husband and I were up until 1:30 am fixing that.

I eventually crawled into bed at 2am, but had an off, unsettled feeling. Like something was shifted out of place, and not in the good, uncomfortable but growing, kind of way.

Sometimes when crap like this happens, I can laugh it off, and be fine with it all.

But not this time.

This time all was not well.

But instead of getting myself worked up for feeling worked up, and judging myself for letting relatively minute inconveniences throw me off, I acknowledged and accepted the feelings. Whether or not they were right or wrong, justified or not, the icky feelings were there. And spiraling down into a pity party, or blaming or criticizing myself for having them wasn't going to do much good.

So I noticed them, acknowledged them, created space for them, took some deep breaths, reminded myself I would get through this, and the next day on menial sleep... and that they, like everything else would be temporary.

No, the feelings didn't go away completely that night, but they didn't take over either. .

Some days things are harder than others. But that's just the truth for all of us. So instead of fighting that, or fighting ourselves, we acknowledge and accept ourselves as humans who feel all the feelz, and none of them are permanent. And we're not weird, broken or flawed for having them... Just human. #beinghumanftw

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Are You an Introvert or Extrovert? Many people get this one wrong... but here's how to really know for sure!

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How To Get Through Negative Thoughts WITHOUT Having to 'Just T...
How to Become MORE Self-Accepting Without Getting Skinnier, Ri...
A BIG Mistake I Almost Made #RealTalk

These 3. So grateful for this slow time with them.
It's so easy in life to go bouncing from one thing to the next to the next (in either our actions or our thoughts, because there's always more sh*t that "needs" to get done). But when we're constantly living for what's next, we miss out on what's now. And now is the only thing we actually have.

We can't physically exist in the future- only the present. So instead of our minds being in one time frame and our bodies the o...ther, I've been going for having both in the same place... and so far it's working.
Yes, a lot easier to do when you're in paradise, but all the more reason to do when we're not. #beingpresentftw

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Last night Hadley and I decided to walk the dusk lit seaside path back to our Hawaii home so we could have some quality J&H time.

Along the way she looked up at me with her big brown eyes, and in all earnestness said: "Mama, you're really nice to people. I'm really nice to people too, but sometimes they are not nice back and that makes me sad."

To which I replied:


"You know what? It's important to be nice to people even if they aren't so nice back. But it's also important to tell them how it makes you feel when they aren't, and then tell them how you'd like them to treat you instead."

"What do you mean mama?"

"Well, if you are nice to someone and they are not nice back, you can say to them: I was nice to you, and you weren't nice back. That hurts my feelings and I would like you to be nice to me too please."

"Yes! I can do that."

Kindness, compassion, and boundaries - they come as a package (at least they are meant to). And is there anything more important we can teach our children (or practice ourselves)?

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This guy. My main Maui man. I couldn't have asked for a better human to share my life with. #14yearsdown #atleast50togo #mahuivacay2017

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What is it? Do you have it? And is there anything you can do to overcome it? Watch the full vid here to find out:

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More often than not (read: pretty much always), judgement stems from someone's own insecurities, and trying to figure out how they measures up compared to someone else.

It's this whole belief that there's somehow a possibility that a person can be more or less worthy, valuable, or significant than another.

But the truth is, it just isn't possible to be more or less.


Yours, mine, any of our worthiness depends solely on the fact that we made it into this world.

That's it. That all any of our significance depends on #sorrynotsorry

And as for the ones who really do accept themselves for who they are, right now, imperfections and all? They aren't the ones doing the judging... because it doesn't even occur to them to do so. .

"If I'm okay with being imperfect, why would it bother me whether you are?"

We can only give to others what we can give ourselves.

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Welcome to my page! I'm so happy you stopped by. While you're here, be sure to grab my Free 10 Minute Guided Mindfulness Audio exercise here:

This is such a good one for calming and grounding your mind and body. And do like my page before you go so we can stay connected!

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To Deal with Your Anxiety, Do ONE of These 2 Things.

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Hi friend!

We are closing the 2017 registration for Overcome Anxiety today!

For any of you who are on the fence, let's talk for a second.


In life, there is necessary struggle and unnecessary struggle.

Necessary struggle is when something happens that we can't do anything about.

Unnecessary struggle is struggling when there is something that can be done.

I know many among us are struggling unnecessarily with some kind of anxiety - anywhere from getting stuck in our heads with nagging, destructive, debilitating, or self-doubting thoughts...

To getting stuck in our lives because we are anxious and fearful about what could happen if we showed up as our true selves...

and the rest are somewhere in between.

And coming from someone who struggled with anxiety for way too long, I know how much it SUCKS, and I don't want a single one of you to have to struggle any longer than you have.

It's not necessary.

I believe you are ready to get through the unnecessary struggle.

I hope you believe it too.

Here's the link to register:

Join us - we're excited to welcome you!

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How I'm feeling right now about the incredible humans I get to work with over the next 7 weeks in my Overcome Anxiety program as we kick their biggest struggles with anxiety, stress, worry and overwhelm to the curb.

And the same feeling goes for the rest who will be joining us before registration closes today!

Join us here:


Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? #pinchme #seriously

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Join Coach Glitter and I as we talk boundaries, the big fat lies of social media, and getting ourselves OUT of overwhelm.

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Posted by Coach Glitter
Coach Glitter was live.

You ask, we deliver! Due to the overwhelming response from you and the Pure Joy I had interviewing my amazing friend....SHE'S BACK!! Join me & the brilliant Jul...ia Kristina Counselling, M.A. Psych today at 4pm PDT- Los Angeles Time! We're going to talk more about the Entrepreneur Journey, the rollercoaster of emotions we all face, self sabotage & how to thrive despite it all!
**FYI! Whatever time you see below is magically converted into YOUR time zone! Facebook is super smart like that!

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How to Become MORE SELF-ACCEPTING Without Getting Skinnier, Richer, or More Successful.

Join me and my VERY special guest, and fellow therapist, Megan Bruneau as we talk about the danger of trying so hard, what self-compassion is, and how to just let ourselves be human!

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I have 2 VERY special treats for you today!

At 11:15 AM PT I'm going to be here on my page with my dear friend and fellow not-afraid-to-tell-it-like-it-is therapist, Megan Bruneau. We're going to be talking Mindfulness, self-acceptance and weeding through the BS social media tries to get us to believe.

Then, at 4:00 pm, I'll be with my fierce and amazing friend Tiffany Lee Bymaster who's a booty-kicking biz coach and all around incredible person. We're going to be talking a...bout the negative voices in our heads and why we self-sabotage.

Set your alarms and join us for both! You don't want to miss them.

See you soon!

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A BIG Mistake I Almost Made #RealTalk

Closing soon:

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