We accepted the challenge from North Pole Babes in Toyland and Sitka Sound Slayers to participate in the Ice Bucket (sans bucket!) Challenge to help raise awareness and money for ALS. We challenge Rage City, Fairbanks Rollergirls (derby with a heart of cold, afterall), and the Yukon Roller Girls!
Season's Beatings from Juneau Rollergirls
Juneau Rollergirls are so excited about this weekend's All-Star bout... here's why!

Looking for a new challenge or a chance to take your Roller Skating 101 skills to the next level? Learn how to play roller derby! The goal of this course is to help aspiring skaters develop the competencies needed to safely and effectively play the sport. Sessions will provide an overview of the rules and strategies of the game with an emphasis on non-contact skill development, teamwork, communication and safety. Ideal for new league recruits, recreational skaters, junior players or anyone that feels adventurous and wants to try out the basics of roller derby in a fun and supportive environment!

Learn how roller derby is played and get hands-on coaching by trainers from the Juneau Rollergirls All-Stars and Attitude 58 Junior Roller Derby. No roller derby experience necessary! Enrollment in the Roller Skating 101 class is strongly recommended for newer skaters participating in this course, however skaters of all levels are welcome to dual enroll in both of these skill- and confidence-building courses to get the maximum benefit from the training program. Everyone starts somewhere and we want you to start with us!

Required gear: Roller skates, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and mouth guard.
There is a limited supply of skates and protective equipment that new skaters may try on or make arrangements to borrow for the duration of the course. Please contact the instructor for more information about sizes and availability.

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Juneau Rollergirls and Community Schools are teaming up again to offer you an excellent primer course covering everything a new skater needs to know to roll into a derby training program with confidence! No experience necessary – all you need is roller skates, protective gear, a can-do attitude and the desire to learn.

The Roller Skating 101 sessions are a fusion of fun and fitness. Weekly classes provide a great workout that develops the non-contact skating skills required t...o begin training to safely and effectively play roller derby.

This is a great introduction to a variety of skating skills with the special training needs of newer skaters in mind, but classes are open to skaters of all ages and skill levels. Perfect for new league recruits, recreational skaters or anyone that wants to get a little taste of the roller derby experience before considering a long-term training commitment. Let’s have some fun skating together!

Required gear: Roller skates, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Don’t own gear or aren’t sure what you need: Contact about borrowing gear or trying on some skates!

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