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Mike Marcelain
· July 13, 2017
I was involved in Junior Achievement in high school from 1965-1969 and did various jobs in My companies. I am currently employed with Caterpillar and between what I learned in JA plus my time in the m...ilitary it has helped me out and I feel its a great program for the young people to learn how business works. See More
Martez Gurley El
· December 15, 2015
Junior Achievement influenced me during my teen years to pursue business; and it is one of my short term goals to join forces with such an amazing organization to help change lives the way that they h...elped change mine. #iesports See More
Jonathan Ante
· April 11, 2014
I spent four years in JA and was one of the three top finalists in JA in the country. I received many awards which I enjoyed. My only gripe is that I won two college scholarships and was unable to us...e them as a result of a car accident. The college refused to recognize the scholarships after I recovered. See More
Anthony King
March 4, 2012
When I was in high school I participated in the Junior Achievement program. It introduced me as a young high school student, how having a business of my own can enhance and improve our lives. I am won...dering how many school kids participate these days. I highly recommend it for anyone in school seeking a better future. We need more young people to become business minded. Junior Achievement is a great way to get started. See More
Brandy Nicole Rosenbeck
· November 3, 2016
The one program I remembered so well as a child that taught me proper ettiqiate on job interviews and about workforce itself love this program I'm glad it's still up and running just wished my kids sc...hool had this program! See More
Montes Juan Luis
March 18, 2013
From Spain with love I want to introduce my new big hit now playing around the world especially in South America where this sweeping, hope you like it and comprartais with your friends, in the brief f...iled in abroad, I'm still studying that country ire I hope everything goes well a greeting
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Alexandra Cristina Toledo
· October 20, 2014
Just had my first teaching experience with Junior achievement and absolutely loved it. Had 26 1st graders that were happy and eager to learn. Will definitely volunteer again and highly recommend it to... everyone! See More
Dominik Klein
· May 7, 2014
Junior Achievement is an economical and practical education not only for young students. I think this organization could do more activities with students at schools ... especially here in Slovakia...
Nicole Rabideau Veno
· May 9, 2014
Enjoy teaching Junior Achievement at my daughters school! It is so inspiring seeing how much the kids enjoy learning about the importance of Work, Community and Government!
Rhancha Trick
November 11, 2011
Junior Achievement is such an amazing organization that educates students on what it means to run their own business as well as how to manage their money successfully! I truly enjoy working with them!
Derrick Roy
· October 22, 2014
This program is so committed to educating young people in financing and everyday business!! (So Valuable) I wish I had this type of education growing up!! Keep up the good work!!
Linet Juma
February 3, 2013
its an organisation that natures young people and gives them an opportunity to view the world in a different perspective...Alumnia 2011
Sapphire Monique Matthews
· January 19, 2015
Junior achievement is a great program to get involved with. I am happy to join and hope to make progress with the, economical, practical and social aspects which will develop my skills and ability to... becoming a successful junior achiever. See More
Lindsay Audd
· May 2, 2014
I am a part of JA in Oklahoma City. It is such a great experience for the kids and me. Glad to be a part of it!
Maka Gigauri
· August 22, 2016
JA is a huge opportunity to learn "making your own success". ♥
Badr Al-Ansari
· October 4, 2014
Words aren't enough to describe the entity that serves the most noble cause ever
Orley J. Pacheco
November 4, 2011
Do you like to Empower and Inspire Youth? Are you looking for a way to "Pay-it-Forward"? Learn more about my personal commitment as Chairman of Junior Achievement New Jersey's Latino Professional JA ...Community Series. See More
Loni Stewart
· October 16, 2013
This nonprofit organization is been around a long time , when I was in school, I remember Junior Achievement came to teach us the importance of finacial managment at a critical junction in our young ...teen life, where these skills are about to become nessasary to live and be able to work a young adult! A lot of parents for whatever reasons dont end up teaching there children these skills! THANK & INVEST IN OUR CITY'S OWN NON PROFITT ORG JUNIOUR ACHIEVMENT!!!!!!!! See More
Heidi Slaybaugh Payne
· September 29, 2015
I love being apart of such a dynamic organization!
Minientreprise Illkirch
· February 15, 2014
We are following the french Junior Achievement and ist really great. Visit us by facebook ata minientreprise.
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Want to know what’s going on with Junior Achievement in 2018? Learn about biztown, finance park, thought-leadership research and more! Learn more.

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