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It's time for your quarterly journey check up. First up is how you feel - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually? Secondly how is the context of your life, relationship, vocation, pursuits? And, last but not least, how is your level of excitement around your journey? When your answers to the above is satisfactory, then keep doing what you're doing. If not then a Discovery coaching session is recommended to determine what tweaks will get you on track to the fulfilling journey you desire and deserve. Message me to schedule yours. #thecoachisin #itsyourjourney

I love this insight from TUT’s Notes From the Universe. It emphasizes a crucial aspect: Your emotional state influences who you attract into your life, your experiences and what you manifest. While it sounds simple, transitioning into a constant state of optimal emotions can feel like a challenge.
Coaching and energy clearing practices can help bring your emotional state to where you want them to be, opening up the opportunities for the other stuff that matters to you. It all begins with a brief Discovery Session. Aren’t you feeling better already? #thecoachisin

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How is your 2018 unfolding? Is your journey meeting or exceeding your expectations? How clear are you on what you seek to attain or experience? How aware are you of drains / blocks to your energy flow? Or the energetic blocks that may be impeding you? Now is a perfect milestone to evaluate your journey and make any necessary shifts to ensure it continues to unfold in the direction and manner that matters to you. (If you're not enjoying the journey does the destination really ...matter?) I've been doing some inner work recently with coaching, energy clearing / healing and essential oils. I know first hand the transformation that these techniques can bring about and would love to share them with you to assist in shifting your journey into the exciting, fulfilling space you desire. It all starts with a no-obligation discovery session. IM me, or email me at coach@successfultogethercoaching to schedule yours. #thecoachisin #gotcoach #itsyourjourney

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I love this time of year. Although I live in the moment and one day at a time, there’s something magical about the New Year. It’s a powerful marker for a new chapter of your journey. I’m more excited about this New Year than the last. And 2017 turned out to be a pretty amazing year. What can you do if you’re not looking forward to this New Year? Explore what may be impacting your energy or clouding your clarity and resolve them. De clutter your being & field of any toxic, unserving or redundant energy to make space for that which will serve you. And lovingly release the past so you can embrace the now. Not sure how to do this? #thecoachisin #gotcoach

Why your self care matters:

I am a drop in the ocean, and as the content of my drop changes, the ocean changes, and as the ocean changes, I change. ~ R. Gates, Meditations from the Mat

How will you honor you today?

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Today, while cleaning my apartment, I had an interesting observation on the necessity of a regular energy cleansing practice. It's always amazing that amount of grunge that comes up when you sweep, vacuum, clean windows, etc. Especially when you just did it all a week ago.
It's obvious what would happen if you didn't clean on a regular basis – how unhealthy and unfulfilling your environment would become. And, it wouldn't be immediately obvious.
Your energy works the same wa...y. You're constantly exposed to a variety of energies – including those that are toxic or unsserving. When those are allowed to build up, they will cause a variety of things to manifest including lethargy, illness, frustration, irritation, etc.
They key is to have a regular practice of techniques to clear your energy and release that which doesn't serve or is not yours. Regular sessions with a skilled energy worker will give you tools and strategies that will support you in keeping your energy field clean and optimal for you. And, assist in identifying and eliminating any present energetic blocks that may be present and inhibiting you. To experience this process, message me to schedule a no obligation discovery session. #thecoachisin

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Great insight from the Universe

One of the trickiest things about life, Mark, is that, at times, it happens so slowly.

Yet... if... it... happened... any... faster... you'd... already... have... everything... you... ever... wanted... without... learning... to... enjoy... the... ride.


Beep, beep...
The Universe

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Check out this testimonial:
Mark was a friend I had met through work some years ago. I knew he had started coaching but I had never really discussed it with him. But my life was at a critical turning point. I was confused and really needed some insight so I reached out to Mark who graciously agreed. Mark listened and made a few key statements that I really needed to hear regarding the situation with my wife and the emotional pain that I was in. He then took me through a visu...alization exercise. I believe Mark could see that I was enmeshed in the relationship and needed to free myself from the entanglements that were preventing me from seeing clearly my own thoughts and emotions. As we walked through the visualization, Mark had me cut the tentacles and fibers that linked my wife and I. With each one cut I felt a little more free. But then it came to the main artery. This one was much larger and stronger than the others. It was the core connection. I remember getting ready to cut it but I didn't even try. I said to Mark, "That one is not supposed to be cut. It's the main connection uniting us." Mark did not argue or persuade but simply understood where I was at and let it be. Unbeknownst to me, this visualization had planted a seed. A seed that Mark understood needed a little time. We finished the session with some conversation and I went on with my life. Over the next week the visualization kept coming back to me and I finally realized the core connection wasn't supposed to be there. It was the problem. I took a few moments, began the visualization and cut the main connection. It was scary and yet I knew it was the answer. And in doing so, I remember feeling free. Feeling like me again, something I had not felt for years. The coaching with Mark was one of the many keys to getting my life back on the path I needed. Mark has a true heart and his help was critical in helping me see things I could not. I cannot thank him enough.

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We are in some interesting times energetically right now, both in the USA and around the world. How are you doing? How are you managing to maintain your space & your energy and continuing to live in a manner that serves your greatest good and highest purpose? Being peaceful at times like these is not acquiescing. It's not being silent while atrocities are being performed or condoning any actions or events. Maintaining a space of peace allows you to stay in your center and respond from a space congruent with your values & beliefs and not just react in kind. How would it feel for you to be able to hold that space? I have some openings in my schedule this week. If you would like a no-obligation discovery session with me to gain insights into holding your preferred space, message me. #thecoachisin #peaceandlovenow

What would you like clarity on ? Or support getting unstuck from? I have some openings in my schedule this week. If you're ready to move forward, message me to schedule your discovery session. #thecoachisin

I've been asked some questions recently about the coaching process. If you would like a better understanding of what coaching is and what I do as a coach, please read the below. Then, message me to schedule your discover session. #gotcoach? #thecoachisin

Life coaching is a process of transformation and achievement. It allows you to shift your limiting beliefs and break free from patterns that are holding you back. It guides you in gaining clarity on that which is important to... you, what actions you need to take to achieve it and holds you accountable to that action.

A coach is an agent of change who uses their skills and intuition to establish the clarity, identity where any blocks are and establish a means to either eliminate or circumvent them.

When someone wants coaching there is some aspect of their life that is not where they want it. It could be life, business, career, relationship, money, spirituality, etc. Most coaches specialize in a certain area, albeit a block in one aspect often has impact to other areas.

A session is a guided process where a grounding is performed to align the energy, the intention for that particular session is declared and the flow then begins to determine the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Bridging that gap is the coaching opportunity.

Breakthroughs in a session are when the client has the realization of what the right action is and when they are able to see with clarity and purpose whereas before they had confusion and doubts. Simply, I guide people in the most effective strategy of getting from where they are to where they want to be. In a way that is fulfilling and empowering to them.

How can I support your journey?

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What is that missing piece that is between you and your fulfillment, success, accomplishment? It can be frustrating to put a lot of time, effort and money into something, feel like you're on the verge of a breakthrough and there is that little something that is eluding you. How would it feel to get clarity on it and bring it home? What difference would it make in your life to be where you aspire to be? This is what the coaching process is all about. To bring clarity on what may be missing. To clear energy blocks and perspective impediments. To reveal the next steps on your journey. And, it all begins with a discovery session. I have a few openings in my coaching schedule and would love to make one of them yours. If you are ready to find your missing piece, message me and schedule your session today. #thecoachisin

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How was 2016 for you? So many folks are keen for it to be over as it felt like a quirky year with all kinds of funky things happening. To say they're excited for 2017 would be an understatement. Yet, a New Year alone is not going to be the panacea. 2016 is a 9 year – a year of completion. Thus, it's crucial that this year be concluded in an appropriate fashion to set the stage for 2017 to start out as the wonderful new beginning it could be. It's essential that anything that ready to be released this year is cleared and completed before the year ends, to allow this new 1 year to start out with the cleanest possible space. If you have a feeling there is some unfinished business, a hard-to-put-your-finger-on feeling of funkiness, or something that just doesn't make sense, then you probably have something to clear before the New Years Party. A discovery session with me will bring clarity on what needs to be cleared or completed and will support you in doing this essential activity to welcome 2017 with open arms. Message me to schedule yours. #thecoachisin #candidatecoachoftheyear2016

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Mark Semple

Lesson from the racetrack: When a racecar is sliding out of control and is heading towards a wall, the driver has the greatest chance of saving the car and in the race by looking in the direction that he wants the car to be going in. If he looks at the wall, he will hit it.

Focusing your attention on what you desire is not denying the problem, it is optimizing your probability of achieving your preferred outcome.

It is true that energy flows where attention goes. Keep your eyes on the prize. #thecoachisin

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