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Fancy getting your hands on one of the most exciting recipe books this #Christmas?
We loved 'The Cardamom Trail' by Chetna Makan so much that, as well as including in it our top list of Christmas #gifts for bakers, we want you to have a copy!
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If you've ever had issues with wonky cake layers, try some of these solutions...

Wilton Small Cake Leveler Wilton make the sturdiest cake levellers for light to medium sponges Buy on Amazon – £9.34 Prices correct at time of Publishing As the baking revolution takes over G…

Just been watching Junior Bake off this morning... Those littluns are doing a great job. They could give the adult contestants a run for their money!

Todays Pumpkin recipe...a pumpkin Katsu curry. My local Japanese serves his, and Wagamama used to have this dish on their menus. I always chooses a pumpkin Katsu when I don't fancy eating meat but want something substantial. Swap out the squash in this recipe with edible pumpkin...

My favourite hangover or spicy comfort food! Serve with sticky white rice (or plain Basmati).

Okay, so I can't go a year without making pumpkin pie! Last year I used this recipe but swapped out half the pumpkin for butternut squash, which made it more of an orangy colour

This is Jamie Oliver's twist on a classic American pumpkin pie recipe which uses butternut squash instead; still just as delicious but more accessible.

Nearly Halloween! This year I'm making a real effort to do something interesting with pumpkins. Pumpkin pie is great, but it can get a bit boring year after year. So this year I'm starting with Pumpkin cups...they're sort of like Reese's Cups, and they are yummy!

Ever tried putting parsnips in your bakes...? No?! Why not?! Try this parsnip and white chocolate cake recipe for a lovely moist cake.. (it doesn't taste like roast dinner I promise!)

The sweet white chocolate in this cake works so well with the bitter parsnip, and the addition of a root veg helps to make this cake really moist. The added benefit of the veg is that the cake doesn’t dry out as quickly.
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October 20, 2016

My favourite Selassi has gone. To be fair, his bakes this week weren't great. In fact..none of them were that good. Does anyone else think this years Bake Off contestants are a bit shit at baking?!

Inspired by Bake Off? Check out these Bake off inspired recipe books that will arouse the baker in you!