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Hello, I'm posting this for my daughter Cassidy. My daughter has been invited to play on a very competitive trav...eling volleyball team! This had happen so fast.The opportunities for her to get seen by college coaches have been tripled due to this opportunity. Of course this all comes at a price.My financial situation isn't perfect right now,so I'm reaching out and asking for help today! She has one more year until she graduates,so time is very valuable to her AND I! 😍
Your contribution will make an impact on her, whether you donate $5 or$500,anything you can do is greatly appreciated and will put her one step closer to her goal!! Funds will be going towards(tournament's, hotel cost, training, uniform,warm-ups,food and gas.) Cassidy and I, are really excited for her future!! She or I. will add information about volleyball club, and would be happy to keep you updated on game schedules as well as with pictures.
She has made Salem -NPJ 17/black Team💙😊In the meantime, I will continue to work hard at my new job/career and also helping her do some fundraising.
Thank you for taking the time reading about my daughter and her goals and hopefully you will be apart of her adventure.
Please share with others.
Melissa ❤and❤ Cassidy.

FYI, this is a tax write off as well. EVEN if it's $5.00. 😉
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Got is bike & wallet back early in the week...

So for the most part it nice to have it back, it a step closer to having closure on the whole ordeal...

At some point we most likely going to donate the bike to someone...

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In June 2015 it was requested that we delete this page as the State of Oregon was filing new charges of murder and first-degree manslaughter against Jesse Jimenez and Trevin King and did not want defence counsel to use this site. Not wanting these two scumbags to get away with murder...we complied...sort of, we deactivated it.

Not unexpectedly...the wheels of justice grind slowly...very slowly in cases involving murder/manslaughter.

In May 2016 Jesse Jimenez pled guilty to... first-degree manslaughter; the charge of murder was dismissed at a part of the negotiated settlement. In September, Jimenez was sentenced to more than 12 years. Some of time will be served concurrently; all told Jimenez will serve 20 years. Justice...has been served.

As for King, as we found out this day that justice...has only partially been served.

We knew that the new charges had been dismissed in December 2015; the same Judge who later ruled in Jimenez's case, ruled that the homicide prosecution was a violation of King's plea agreement. The prosecution appealed and the case went before the (Oregon) Supreme Court in June 2016. On July 2017, the Supreme Court affirmed (agreed with) the judgement of the Circuit Court.

What the ****!?!?!?!

All the legal eagle beagle bullshit aside...what it comes down to is that the prosecution screwed up. They dotted their 'i's, but forget to cross ALL of the 't's. Specifically, even though, friends, doctors, nurses, police, attorneys, etc...knew that Ron's prognoses was not good and there was the possibility he could die from his injuries (which he did), said "possibility" was NOT included included in plea discussions or in the final agreement.

Here's the part of the plea negotiation process, you are supposed to be informed of the ALL of the consequences of your choices should you face trial so you can make an informed decision because part of getting a deal is that you confess to having committed the crime. When King 'confessed' to the assault and robbery, he didn't know that if Ron died, he was also be confessing to murder...manslaughter because when he testified in Jimenez's trial, he took full responsibility for the assault and robbery.

It sucks yeah...we were hoping that King would fully be held accountable, but we also knew what if he took one plea, he would take another so no real harm or foul.

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In case you haven't heard.....

Jesse Jimenez, 21, and Trevin King, 19, were each arraigned on charges of murder and first-degree manslaughter Thursday regarding the death of Ronald Whitehead, a 50-year-old mentally disabled Lebanon man.

Jim Wise/Alan Wise/Jerry Whitehead/Dick Wise/Loydine Whitehead/Averie

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Jesse Jimenez Prison Photo

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Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Ron's life. As noted by Alan Wise, Ron's oldest was exactly the kind of party that he would have liked. Good food, family and friends, and of course...classic cars.