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Hey if you can't move out of California, this is pretty awesome.

Posted by Rated Red
Rated Red
April 25

Mean arms MA-Loader range demo

Here is an infographic that shows the top favorite carry locations for women. It's good stuff, and comes to us from our friends at The Well Armed Woman, LLC

One of the most exciting shifts I am seeing is that many more women are carrying concealed and the way they carry their firearms is changing! With the commitment to education&hellip
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The suspect walked down the street and shot at people, killing three.

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- Three people are dead after a man started walking down the street and shooting at people. The incident only stopped when the suspect was looking down the&hellip

BREAKING: The coward, who killed an elderly man in cold blood on the street and posted the video to Facebook, is dead.

To make him even more of a coward, he took his own life when police were chasing him.

ERIE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA -- The man who uploaded a video of himself murdering 74-year-old Robert Godwin in cold blood is dead. The coward, Steve Stevens, wasn't man enough to face&hellip

If someone is walking in your yard at night, do you shoot them? No, no you don't.

FORTH WORTH, TEXAS -- A woman was shot after wandering around a neighborhood and ending up in the wrong man's backyard, reports WFAA. According to WFAA's report, the woman was wandering&hellip
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April 14
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April 13
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You get what you pay for

Sad to see stupidity cause kids to lose their lives, but it was their choice. This ended correctly.

A solid ending to this ongoing story.

23-year-old Zach Peters of Broken Arrow, …
“What gun should I get?”  I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve heard that question.  There is no right answer.   Sure enough, whichever one you get, you’re&hellip

Next open CCW class is Saturday April 8th in Carson City, message for details and to reserve your spot.

We keep saying, "gotta maintain you're situational awareness!" But what does that really mean? Let's get into the details.

You probably hear us talk about situational awareness a whole lot. But, there's a distinct difference between me yammering on and on and actually practicing it in real life. Situational&hellip

Yesterday was Gun Shop Etiquette, and today is Gun RANGE Etiquette.

How are you in this category?

We recently posted an article dealing with gun shop etiquette and felt it would be a nice follow up to write about range etiquette as well. When dealing with firearms,&hellip

Manual Safeties for concealed carry: Good or Bad?

By Luke McCoy via USA Carry One pistol that almost all former military recognize is the Beretta 92, also known as the M-9. The Beretta 92 (M-9) is a single&hellip

Want to get your carry permit? Need to renew?. Reserve your seat in our next Nevada CCW class now. Contact us for more info.