Now everyone gets a taste of the Ghost Face Killah Beer...
Fantasy Football Punishment: Ghost Face Killa Beer.
Orchard Fire performing Fleetwood Mac! See them tomorrow at The Blue Note. Get all the details and buy your tickets now:

#MorningShag Daily Dose of Awesomeness: Professor Shags Molding The Minds of Future Conservationists

After the class he was given tenure......????

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What's A Movie Everyone Loves That You Absolutely HATE????

Shags: Field of Dreams

Trevor: Fast and Furious Franchise

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#MorningShag WTF News: Here Are The Best Slang Words From Each US State...

Get to gettin' because it's deadass cold outside, y'all.

1. Alabama: "roll tide"


2. Alaska: "lower 48"

3. Arizona: "snowbirds"

4. Arkansas: "up yonder"

5. California: "dude"

6. Colorado: "fourteener"

7. Connecticut: "packy store"

8. Delaware: "jeet"

9. Florida: "green"

10. Georgia: "get to gettin'"

11. Hawaii: "da kine"

12. Idaho: "rig"

13. Illinois: "gym shoes"

14. Indiana: "sweeper"

15. Iowa: "padiddle"

16. Kansas: "ornery"

17. Kentucky: "coke"

18. Louisiana: "cher"

19. Maine: "ayuh"

20. Maryland: "sice"

21. Massachusetts: "wicked"

22. Michigan: "pop"

23. Minnesota: "ohfer"

24. Mississippi: "bless your heart"

25. Missouri: "hoosier"

26. Montana: "whiskey ditch"

27. Nebraska: "you betcha"

28. Nevada: "for sure"

29. New Hampshire: "wicked"

30. New Jersey: "down the shore"

31. New Mexico: "all"

32. New York: "deadass"

33. North Carolina: "yonder"

34. North Dakota: "uff da"

35. Ohio: "please"

36. Oklahoma: "fixin' to"

37. Oregon: "the coast"

38. Pennsylvania: "jagoff"

39. Rhode Island: "bubbler"

40. South Carolina: "might could"

41. South Dakota: "taverns"

42. Tennessee: "buggy"

43. Texas: "y'all'd've"

44. Utah: "sluff"

45. Vermont: "creemee"

46. Virginia: "brick"

47. Washington: "hella"

48. West Virginia: "holler"

49. Wisconsin: "bubbler"

50. Wyoming: "barking squirrels"

Full Story:…/this-is-what-slang-word-your-sta…

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Is The Movie "Field Of Dreams" Overrated?

What movie is, for you, basically a 10 out of 10?

Shags: The Big Lebowski

Trevor: Shaun of the Dead

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#MorningShag WTF News: Just 2 Drinks Can Turn You Into a Total A-Hole....According to Science!

It might take just two alcoholic drinks to inhibit functioning in your prefrontal cortex...

The region of your brain that regulates things like decision-making and social behavior...


And generally keeps you from lashing out at your perfectly innocent friends.

Alcohol consumption is a factor in about half of all violent crimes

Full Story:…/just-2-drinks-can-turn-you-in…/

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#MorningShag Daily Dose of Awesomeness: Share If You Agree......

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#MorningShag What Should The Mascot Be For The New Capitol City High School in Jeff?

Full Story:…/jefferson-city-public-…/703203108

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When Do You Apply Toothpaste To Your Toothbrush?

Support our neighbors battling cancer and honor those we've lost at Angiepalooza: Winter Luau!

Going on tonight till they force us to leave!

The Day After The Chili Cookoff Be Like.........


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Chili Shooters! Stop by and get yours.....



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Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group added 2 new photos.

Come checkout our “award winning” chili until 6p at Holiday Inn Executive Center - Columbia Mall for Rootin’ Tootin’ Chili Cookoff!

#MorningShag Daily Dose of Awesomeness: This Is Beyond Funny......I don't know how I would react?

Would you still drive your car?

Watch what happens when mum gets dad's car wrapped for Valentines Day...Let's just say, he's not impressed! 😂😂 Here’s last weeks video if you missed it: http...

#MorningShag What's A Song You'll Always Associate With A Movie....????

Shags: "Free Bird" Devils Rejects

Trevor: "Stuck In The Middle With You" Reservoir Dogs

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#MorningShag WTF News: Connecticut Woman Pooped in Cul-De-Sac 3 Times in a Month.....

People can't stop pooping outside in neighborhoods.....

Maybe we're missing out on something???????

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#MorningShag Fantasy Life Draft: Best Avengers....

Who Drafted The Best Team? Vote In The Comments.

Shags: Thor, Wolverine, Black Panther ***WINNER***


Trevor: Hulk, Spider-Man, Vision

Joe: Captain America, Iron Man, Dr. Strange

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