We're so pumped that Thunder is tomorrow!! You can still get tickets to our Garage Party online or at the door - $20!
We'll have great prices on food (🍔🌭starting at $3) and drinks (🍻🍷 for $5, 🥤💧 for $3!) and an awesome DJ!
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Louisville’s premier waterfront entertainment venue is inviting Thunder-goers to its KFC Yum! Center Garage Party. Beginning at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 21, patrons can visit the arena’s rear loading dock and purchase food and drinks while enjoying hit music played by a DJ. The space, which....

The KFC Yum! Center Thunder Garage Party is the place to be today! Come and go as you please, enjoy the great weather and awesome prices on food/drink (starting at $3!) while you jam with the DJ! ☀️🎶🍔🌭🍻🍷🍹🥤

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Jamie M. Harrod
· April 8, 2018
Just had the worst experience at the YUM center ever! Disney On Ice was super cute...once we finally found out seats and saw it! We missed the first twenty minutes of the show because there was ZERO s...taff to help find seats and labels were super confusing!! There sure was enough staff around to shoo us out when it was over though! Super rude! #yumcenter #kfcyumcenter #disneyonice See More
Logan Smallwood
· November 17, 2017
Venue was huge. we went to see lady Gaga, I paid way more than any person should for concert tickets and we ended up not being able to see at all so we went to the ticket office to try to upgrade our, which the lady said they only had the $300 tickets left.. lol nope. We get back to our section and the lady working it was really nice, she told us we could stand at the bottom so long as we stayed against the wall so we could see, then she offered to take us to new seats that were a little better than ours, on our way there another super nice lady stopped us and gave us two tickets directly in front of one of the stages. It was an incredible experience to be that close! And most of the employees go above and beyond to make sure you have a great time. See More
Tracy Pearson
· January 7, 2018
Attending the Ladies game today with my 9 year old daughter and went out just 2 minutes into the 3rd quarter to get her food and all stands are closing and not serving. This is disappointing for sure.... So we had to leave. See More
Jodi Helfrich
· October 27, 2017
Went to see The Eagles. They were awesome! Sound was great! The arena wasn't bad, however, for those of us that were sitting up high, our view of the screen was obstructed by a curtain hanging down. I...f it would have been raised just a bit, it would have been much better. See More
Shawna Cox
· April 6, 2018
I wish I could give a zero after what happened tonight. I bought tickets for disney on ice for me and my family. We got there 20 minutes early and found our seats and started enjoying a great show. ... Then about 10 minutes before intermission an usher came up and told me we were in the wrong seats that we were supposed to be one section over and made me get out of the seat with my kids during the show to move. While we were moving intermission hit and the usher walked off pointing me towards a staircase. So I went down the staircase but I could not find any chairs with the seat number I was supposed to be in other than the ones we had been in. So I went and found the usher who had pulled us out of the seats originally and asked her to show us to the seats. She also could not find the seats she said we should be in so she grabbed another usher who took us right back to where we started. Of course now the show had started and another family had been sat incorrectly in our seats by the original usher. They were not at the seats so the usher couldn't make them leave so he just stood there. Even the people in the row behind us at this point are explaining to this usher that we had already been in these seats and we had been told to leave them in the middle of the show. So now the new usher starts taking us back up the aisle and we're missing the show so my husband points to seats 10 rows back from our original seats and says we are sitting there and the usher agrees so we sit. Once my kids are settled and back to watching the show I got up and found an usher and asked if there was a manager or someone like that I could talk to about this because I'm now in seats that are not as good as what I paid for and my kids missed 15 minutes of show plus we missed intermission. This usher says there is no manager to talk to and asks what the problem is. She says oh I was on break what do you want me to do go get the people out of your seats?. I said no the show is on now and I'm not going to ruin the show for the other family now sitting in my seat because your usher is incompetent but I want to talk to someone about refunding me the difference between the cost of the seats I bought and where I am sitting. She actually LAUGHED at me and said they will never refund you all I can do is get you in the correct seats now. I said well I think asking for the difference between what I paid for and what I got is not really a refund and she said all the seats cost the same. Which was a lie direct to my face. I bought my tickets with a seat map so I know the price for the seats I ended up in was 23 and cost of the seats I bought were 28. Obviously this isn't big money but I felt like anyone heading to the Yum center should know to double check your section then stick to your guns because apparently the ushers are idiots and when they ruin a show for your 5 year old daughter and make you waste your time running all over the arena nobody cares.

Apparently there is no management at this facility so don't expect anyone to help you.
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John Kiss
· February 5, 2018
Yum center? Sorry I was unable to fine the 1537 N Wilson way Stockton CA
site location to share.
When they said "RATS in the bucket" in Philly, I said "No Way" When Pop[eyes said "cheaper" I said "I don't care" and when Churches said "Taste better" I said "sorry you are in error" Many decades I have relished the fine products across America and around the world.
Tonight I order the 12 pc special a lg Pepsi and choc cake order # 2798, my ticket reads 10 pc 19.49
coup 12 pc -6.50
drink only 2.39
choc cake 4.99
tax drive thru 22.20, the child at the window was very pleasant. She smiled was attentive and listened when I requested condonments. Got my yard bird,, no my way home to a wife I love, man life is good.
Whenn my wife opens the bucket it's only looking about half full so she counts and let's me know there's only 7 pc of chicken. ok inconvenent but not the end of the world, dinner will be a few minutes late, I take the bucket back through the drive thru and give it back to the very nice girl there and let her know it's short, still not mad. I did pause when she said "let me check" over her shoulder she ask "Hey did you put 7 pc in that bucket? and the reply was yes. Question 1 why is it now "That bucket" do I need poison control center or something? Question 2 why did he knowingly put in only 7 pc of chicken? Nice girl at the window ask add the pc or fresh bucket? I told her I don't care ( I'm still thinking about "That bucket"
She's back in a heart beat with fresh bucket, aplogies and a pleasent smile. It's still a good evening, I rush home to my wife with those wonderful smells, mouth watering, humming a little ditty to myself, life is good.
My wife ask any problems as she takes the bucket from me and we set at the table finally. Playfully she starts removing the chicken and counting, she stops smiling and hands me the bucket so I can count... There are 11 pc of chicken in the bucket and I'm not smiling any more.
My only consolation is that transaction happened in cash and not on my credit card, I would toss and turn all night wondering is I should freeze my assets at this point. Please have appropriate actions taken, forgive me I will not be returning to check up on you. Think I'll go to bed now and see what kind of reactions there are to "that bucket"
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Kenny Stribling
· January 13, 2018
Family sitting next to me brought their baby and every baby changing room in the whole place was locked. Why would you do that? The Yum Center is supposed to be a place to take the whole family.
Janet Cain
· November 4, 2017
If you aren’t going to enforce your policies, there is no use in having them. This is a beautiful venue; but, it won’t stay that way if you don’t enforce your rules. I will not be back.
Brandon Adkins
· November 14, 2017
First time visiting and the staff was friendly and very helpful in finding our section. Only had one small misunderstanding with a security guard but other than that it was fine!
Michael Richardson
· October 25, 2017
I liked it a lot went and seen Brantley Gilbert back in February of this year It was nice only thing I didn't like was I couldn't smoke which is understandable besides that awesome place
Paige Reed Alexander
· October 25, 2017
Our group took a shuttle from The Brown Hotel to the center to see the Eagles Tuesday (10/24). Traffic around the venue itself was chaotic at best, despite the EXTREMELY overzealous Louisville polic...e officers doing "traffic control". As we tried to exit the shuttle, we were yelled at like children by the officers to "get back in the vehicle NOW!!" if we were wieding weapons or something! This happened TWICE!! These officers were unprofessional, had NO social skills, and obviously were the village idiots of the group put on traffic detail because they clearly weren't capable of normal behavior. Anyway, we get in with an easy, fast moving ticket check in, are shown our seats ( which were great seats..not cheap...btw), show starts...again...Eagles put on an awesome show. However, we are asked not one or twice, but THREE times to see out tickets during the concert! The people beside us were asked as well. What the hell? At one point, my boyfriend and I went to purchase T shirts, food, and use the restroom. He was standing by the railing waiting on me and one of the ushers asked AGAIN to see a ticket and for him to take a seat as they couldn't let people "stand around." I walked up about that time and finally just had enough and told the old hag that this was the worst venue I had ever been to a concert in...that they were like Nazis and they sucked all the fun out of it. Seriously, Louisville, GET THE HELL OVER IT! You have people that are willing to come to your crappy town to see a show...mostly in an age group that actually HAVE money to spend in your crap hole city...the very LEAST you can do is show a little hospitality and not act like you're a kindergarten teacher trying to keep a class full of 5 yr Olds in line! My advice...DON'T GO TO LOUISVILLE to see your favorite would be more fun anywhere else)!) Oh, and not to mention, security would flash a light in your eyes, blinding you so you couldn't see the show if they caught you taking a photo! These ticket checking, camera grabbing Nazis need to realize that people have paid 100s of dollars for these seats and shouldn't have to be harassed the entire concert! Absolutely ridiculous!!! See More
Scott Blair
· May 29, 2017
The poorest excuse for venue entry and seat ushering that I've ever seen (and I've been to quite a few venues). Attended Roger Waters concert on 5/28/17 and stood in line for 30 minutes before the lin...e even moved. Security amongst the crowd checking tickets (to see if it was for the correct event) but not telling anyone where to go. After an hour we were finally in with literally nobody telling anyone where to go. Had to get my phone flashlight out and look at seating sections and rows (and even helped quite a few others find the correct seats). As for the venue itself. Seats are small and cramped. Acoustics are good though.
Just a complete clusterf#%k getting in and to your seats. Glad they delayed the start of the show.
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Kirby South
· May 30, 2017
The center was a nice facility; saw Roger Waters, one of the founders of Pink Floyd.
Never again.......never knew he had such a distain a for our country and it's leaders.
We walked out along with hun...dreds of other folks who could not stand his ranting about Trump, portraying portraits of a pig spewing out vomit on giant overhead screens.
His show was about the resistance of conservative values and capitalism (which Trump is a big believer in). He proceeds to sing "Money" hmmmm.....he has made millions from this song. Roger sucks the life from capitalism and free enterprise and at the same time antagonizes the crowd into thinking "Capitalism" is a sin and then he boards his Lear Jet back to the Hamptons.
When you have time, google his home in the Hamptons; capitalism in all its glory.
And that's all I got to say.
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Bonnie Chambers
· May 29, 2017
I've been to Yum at least a dozen times. The first thing I tell people have to be careful where you sit in that place. If you sit up too won't see a thing due to all the crap from the ceiling that will be in your way and you have about 2 inches of foot space which makes it nearly impossible to move.
No lids for 7 dollar sodas!? That's just ridiculous. Whoever made that rule has clearly never tried to carry and keep track of a giant open-top drink through a rock concert.
The bathroom was DARK. and I do mean dark, as can't see what your doing.
The parking is great, seating is decent, the set up is easy to figure out, and there's enough bathrooms to make coming and going easy.
I've been to many, many venues in my day and the Yum Center is definitely in the top 5 of them. Just dont get tickets for the upper levels and you'll be good to go. �
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John Rouck
· May 29, 2017
One point of entry for a concert? A Roger Waters Concert? Hahahahahahaha ha ha h h!
Not that I meant to jump the line, but in the process of checking out the holdup, myself and 2 guest were caught ...up in the mass of people and quickly found ourselves inside the Venue before we could protest.
As far as seating goes, KFC Center is horrible. Unless you have seats in the first 5, 6 sections on both the left and right of the stage 1st level, or floor rows 1 thru 10 u may want to bring binoculars. And if your on the floor and back more than 7 rows and your not very tall, well you know what is going to be the issue.
And anything in 300 level, nothing parallel to the stage neither the first 2 or 3 sections after would I recommend. Then keep in mind the further you go away the farther the view becomes, and I stress that "view" changes quickly in this venue.
Also one note worth mentioning, the rows in sections located in the 300's tend to get very "steep" and can feel extremely "high." so if u have any fears of heights, you definitely don't want seat's in Sec 308 row Q lol.
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Beau Banz
· March 23, 2018
Someone needs to to teach Eric granger how to treat his big contributors. Fire that dude. Rudest person I ever meet.
Melissa Heavrin Wassing
· April 6, 2018
Went to see Disney on Ice. The show was fine but worst arena I have ever been to.
Brandon Slaughter
· December 20, 2017
Had a great time at every event I've been to here and going back to see Jeff dunham is April 2018
Jason David Kahafer
· February 23, 2018
Nice Arena,I always have fun when I come here and enjoy the event.
Evan Lace
· May 29, 2017
To all of my music-loving connoisseurs that I know and love:

Well I'm not exactly one to write reviews on Yelp or Google (or FB in this instance) but this is one case in which I passionately have to... write one. So although the music and performance of Roger Waters was one of the best I've ever seen the one thing I hated was the venue... KFC Yum Center is hands down my least favorite arena I've ever been to for a concert for various reasons:

You weren't allowed to stand up... was the only arena I've ever been to where you weren't allowed to stand up (unless you were on the floor) and the security were overly-enforcing along with a rude and uptight staff who were unhelpful when you asked them questions.. the venue didn't have an outside patio like everywhere else I've been so you weren't allowed to leave and reenter under any circumstance, the place looks big on the outside but is overly crowded on the inside and there was barely any breathing room... all in all the venue is very UPTIGHT (in terms of the staff) and wreaks of all-business in which the dollar is the only priority of the location (that's most arenas though)

Although not a fan of arenas, KFC Yum Center was so bad I even like Nationwide Arena more than it (which I don't like too much).. so folks, don't ever go to a concert at KFC Yum Center... I won't ever be back.
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