Our condolences to the family, friends and listeners of former polka DJ Matt Wasielewski. He hosted Matt's Polka Party on KHB until 2012. RIP.…

Call 412-825-6262 with your party patrol request or post right here on FB!


Party patrol rolls until 7...then the Pens roll...

So many towns checking in during the party patrol....let's hear from yours 412-825-6262

The Rock and Roll Heaven Countdown- Year End Edition is on!

MJD is on the air on this Christmas Eve...with the Life, Love and Peace Countdown....

All bonafide #2 songs

The biggest "try harder" songs of all time!

The Countdown is on again

Ten biggest songs about Summer coming up. All but one have the word "Summer" in the title or the name of the artist.

"The Songs about Summer" countdown rolls on....including some countdown extras: Feel good party songs that just seem to fit for a long summer holiday weekend!

Get ready; by popular demand- It's the "Songs about Summer" countdown starting at 5 p.m.

If you missed some of the songs; a countdown recap is coming up

The first of our 20-song countdown just two minutes away!

First full weekend of Summer...and the Summer Hits Countdown is next on 92.3/94.1/620KHB!

Pregame party patrol is on ...reach out here for your favorite party songs ahead of game 3

First of many feature artists. Roy Orbison plays back to back now!