Friday evening weather discussion - live!
Finally, some real autumn weather! What do you think? Love or nah?
Halloween Storm Forecast!

Looks like they're going to build a massive wall along the beach here.

Were our emotions exploited after Hurricane Harvey, in order to land a multi-billion dollar project?

83°! This will be the pattern this weekend, with a mix of clouds and sun with passing sprinkles and thundershowers. Catch my live TV update just after 4pm, after the game, on KHOU 11 News to see when we return to the nice weather we had earlier this week.

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At noon, tracking a couple of showers and thunder showers drifting eastward… Nothing severe anticipated, just some Friday afternoon rain. Most of the action as well south/east of Houston.

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Don't be fooled! Beware of fake weather.

Fake news is the buzz phrase of the year. It describes news that may not be coming from an honorable source or news that's completely made up. Unfortunately, this is now happening in the weather world and it could have serious impacts.

Spectacular weather right now in Houston, but it's not going to last. My 9pm update profiles an unsettled weekend and some extreme weather around the world. Tonight we look at Ireland and Kenya for hot spots experiencing flooding. My live TV update tonight -- late -- after the Buffalo vs Arizona basketball game, on KHOU 11 News.

Houston 9PM 3/15/18 weather update, Brooks Garner

Beware of fake weather news on social media. “Official looking maps" pop up on viral feeds, but often they don't hold water. Please vet your sources. This one claims we're in for a disastrous 2018 hurricane season with details of landfall possibilities. The problem? It causes panic and it's not based on anything real. The fact remains there is no way make a detailed predication like this so far out based on any science we have available to us today. At best they're throwing s...paghetti at the wall to see if it sticks, and at worst are doing this for page clicks. **Even when seasonal forecasts are issued by recognized organizations like Colorado State University and NOAA later in the spring, they are far less detailed because any kind of accuracy when getting this specific is impossible.** Further, this page's, "about" section has no info on forecaster names or their credentials. Inquiries I've made to this organization about their credentials and methods have so far gone unanswered. I also spoke to a very notable friend (you all know from the national news), at one the aforementioned credible forecasting organizations and he agreed that this post is baseless. Unfortunately, my warning here will get far less than 20,000 shares. (I do love their choice of Star Trek font!)

**UPDATE: The, "Lone Star Hurricane Center" finally replied to my inquiry stating, "We've operated this page with 100% accurate information in tropical tracking and forecasting. None of it fake, false, or made up." Judge that one for yourself. By the way, they still won't reveal their name or background, but claimed their people have a combined, "20 years experience". (That's not much.) Plus, they added that I, "[obviously] have no knowledge whatsoever of weather forecasting or how the industry works..." THEN THEY BLOCKED ME! Cheers! -Brooks

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It's Pi Day and it brings up an important point. My blog-->

Today, March 14th is, "Pi Day" (3.14). It's a science nerd holiday and it's a great excuse to bring up a serious matter and advocate equality in education and opportunities in the sciences among genders.

Tonight, I take a look at extreme weather in Ireland, India and Australia and look ahead to a warm weekend with a few storms here in Houston. See my 8:45pm update, then catch the newscast at 10pm.

Brooks Garner 3.14.18 Houston Weather Update

I’m joining meteorologists all over the country today, wearing purple on this Pi day, 3.14, to encourage girls to pursue careers in #STEM. (Science, technology, engineering and math) I’ll certainly encourage mine so that she has the opportunity should she choose. Today only 8% of TV chief mets are female. (Source: AMS).

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Lots of weather to track this weekend! My update now on KHOU 11 News. -Brooks

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Happy Pi day! 3.14 (Does Pizza Pi count too? If so, count me in...)

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Remembering Stephen Hawking. One of the most important scientists of our time.

The visionary physicist died in his home near Cambridge University, where he did much of his ground-breaking work.

Don't panic. To quote Douglas Adams, "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", there have been rumors of solar devastation tomorrow perpetuated by inaccurate, but major publications. This is not true. It's only a minor, "G1" level disturbance having no impacts here, and few impacts near the Earth's poles. There may be an aurora visible tomorrow night north of the US/Canada border. There is a 1% chance that radio comms up that way may be interrupted. That's it. Cheers!
WRONG--> (The article link below.)

The storm was created by a solar flare - a large explosion in the sun's atmosphere - which generated charged particles, according to the Washington, DC-based NOAA.

Live weather Q and A - Tuesday night, March 13, 2018

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Before you place your child or pet in that perfect patch of Bluebonnets this spring, for that, "rite of [Texas] passage" photo, be sure to look around carefully. Everything bites here in Texas and everything that bites has awakened after a long, cold winter. My blog-->

The sun's out, the temperatures are rising and the gators are basking! That means it's the time of year when you've got to keep an eye on the water when you're walking near bayous and ponds.

Now THIS is some excitement! My 8pm video update -->

Tue, March 13, 2018 Houston weather update, Brooks Garner