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Aukapha Zharazirhi
· January 18, 2018
In September 2017 my luggage was delayed upon arrival in Vienna from Amsterdam. I filled in the proper reports and was told that if my luggage did not arrive within 24 hours I could buy necessary pers...onal items, I did next day buy for 105 Euro and the suitcase came after a further 2 days. Since then I have tried to get in contact with KLM, filled in the claim reports with all details, But I never received any answers. Being a Flying Blue member I have also tried to get in contact with the office in Australia and still after more than 30 mails NO answer, n
Can somebody advice me?
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Mark Vd G
· October 1, 2017
Very dissapointed..

After the flight was delayed for 1h30m, we took off to Paris to transfer to the flight to Bangkok, i had to run my *ss off to make it just in time for boarding....

Once in the plane there was a guy next to me taking up half my chair and half on the other side, cos of his huge size..

After 12 painfull hours i arrived in Bangkok.. But my suitcase did not..
It should have arrived today, but now they say it will probably be tomorrow (hope so)
My holiday is on a hold right now becos everything i need is in my suitcase, also this forces me to buy cloths and other things i need in daily life..

There was also no choice in meals.
In flight entertainment seemed like it came from the stoneage.

And poor service on board.
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Cosmin Chintoan
· March 24, 2016
I'm posting this so that other people are aware of this unfair practice in the airline industry.

I reported KLM today to the Civil Aviation Authority and Trading Standards in the UK and to the Europ...ean Commission's Online Dispute Resolution service for what are, in my view, very unfair charges. My partner and I flew from Edinburgh to Venice and return at the end of January. My partner could not make it on the outgoing flight and separately travelled two days later. I was unable to change a single ticket online and because it was cheaper than changing the ticket with KLM I bought a ticket for my partner with Brussels Airlines. Then, my partner wasn't able to check in on the return flight and KLM said on the phone that it should be fine to check in at the airport. They omitted to mention that at the airport they would then charge twice the amount of the initial price of the ticket to reissue the return ticket as a single ticket. They also sold the initial seats to someone else so they gained at least three times the initial price for those seats.

It is highly unfair to be charged for the return flight when no changes to the time or route are made and the flights were already paid for. When I complained to KLM's customer service all they had to say was that the charges were correct as per the contract and that this is a commonly applied charge in the air transport industry. Being common does not make a practice or contract fair or ethical - slavery was common practice at one point! They have been unable to provide any logical justification for this charge. In my view, this constitutes a carte amongst airlines that is designed to limit their customer's free choice and maintain high prices. They also said we should have read the contract and it was our fault we chose to infringe it. That is highly condescending of them - we read the contract but they are meaningless as the only option is not to fly if a someone doesn't agree with terms in the contract and that is not a valid choice these days. We did not goose to break the contract, the initial flight was missed due to unforeseen circumstances. And since we had already paid for the flights we should be free to choose to fly with cheaper airlines.
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Eduardo Velez Soto
· June 28, 2017
4 days ago I flew with KLM from Turin Italy to Colombia, my luggage not arrive to the destination together with me, and KLM does not solve the situation, the service customer is very poor, they want t...o play with the client. See More
Maprang Chandong
· November 6, 2016
1 star for reservation team and their service mind. I was dealing with them several times about the double payment for my reservation which was happened due to KLM system error not the Bank card error.... I have to make multiple phone calls between the bank and the airline and it was very annoying since it's not my fault. And the "tone" with attitude of KLM supporting team (+6602-610-0800) is not really helping... See More
Nam Tharinee
· July 5, 2017
There are many passengers who DID NOT get their luggages at Rome airport and the service was not that good as they've claim. For my advice DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE even the price is such a low. It's NO...T WORTH for!! See More
Weenus Chaiseeda
· June 17, 2017
I like the price this airline is the best choice
Jar Poranee Boonnitee
· November 26, 2015
Today I have made reservation tickets to Prague but, I couldn't go t hrough the payment section. After calling the customer support service and lossing phone contact, Mr Chai from the Technical su...pport respond call immedietly. So I could get my booking back. Thank you very much. See More
Yada Intakanok
· July 11, 2015
I booked a flight from Manchester to Dubai. But i can't make it. I want to give the tickets toy friend. Could you please check the transferring fee?
Chanchai Ponchamni
· September 18, 2014
I don't pay any attention on the good or the bad thing on the service. I think it's okay for me.
Tran Van My
· July 31, 2016
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Andy Fidel
· February 18, 2017
Extremely disorganized website. Can I please have a phone number to call KLM now. Thank you.
Noppakao Adnarongkorn VandenBerg
· April 22, 2015
Terrible service even the ticket is so expensive, one two three...... And how many times these gonna happen? Horrible one KLM
Morten Flagstad
· June 14, 2015
Best customer service ever experienced.
The one helping me out yesterday need a raise and a huge hug.
Ka Tay
· January 18, 2016
Best Airline in the World! See you soon again KLM :)
Aom Andersen
· December 20, 2014
I fly first time with KLM but i got cancelled flight without any information!
Sunida Murasee
· October 29, 2015
I liked it! Convenient and good survice.
The Air port is very Lux..
Nongnoot Prapaipornlert
· September 18, 2014
Not only safe but good service. You will impress if you travel with KLM.
Wannar Ruangprad
· September 18, 2014
Very well known airline .
Kanie Sukhum
· September 10, 2015
My next plan with barcelona with sisty 'sara', wishing to get a good news sooooon hehe!!

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