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Hello Everyone,

Please note that classes will be cancelled tonight and will resume on Thursday.


Last night was our first class of 2018! Looking forward to a great year! Remember senior class examinations are fast approaching so for those challenging the next level in 2018, make sure you are working on your material!

Happy New Year Everyone! Classes resume on Tuesday January 9th, 2018!

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Upcoming Officials Clinic

Karate Nova Scotia is pleased to host a Regional Officials Clinic. There will be an Atlantic Regional Officials Clinic on Sunday, January 21st at the Windsor Karate Club at 4404 Highway #1, Three M…

For those who will be testing in the new year (especially for the next belt colour), please work on your material every chance you have. If you have any questions or wish to have extra training in preparation, let us know and we'll set aside time for extra training.

Future dates for additional dojo examinations are as follows:

1) Thursday February 1st 2018 (Juniors class only - stripe examinations). ...
2) Thursday March 1st, 2018 (Adult class only - Green & Blue Belt Examinations).

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Hello Everyone,

A friendly reminder that Thursday December 21st will be our Christmas pizza party! There has been a change in location and we'll now be having the party at Sensei Blank's home starting at 6:30 pm. If anyone needs directions, please contact us!

Please note that classes will resume on Tuesday January 9th, 2018. For upcoming events in 2018 through the NSCRA and Karate NS, please check out the calendars posted on the respective websites. We hope to Ken Sen Kan at many events in the new year!

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Hello Everyone,

Please note that classes for this evening, Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 will be cancelled. As a result, we will be having a make-up class on Sunday December 17th from 6:30 pm until 8:00 Pm for all ages.

For those who made equipment orders, everything will be ready for pick-up at Thursdays class.


Our last class before Christmas will be on Thursday December 21st, 2017. We will be having a pizza party at the dojo that night! Classes will resume on Thursday January 4th, 2017.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Nova Scotia Chito-Ryu Association

Next Karate NS tournament is January 20, 2018 in Windsor. Mark your calendars now!

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Atlantic Karate Club

Thank you to our Chito Ryu family for making yesterday such a great day. We really enjoyed seeing everyone giving it their best.

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Nova Scotia Chito-Ryu Association is with Randall MacLean and 2 others.

A great weekend at the Canadian Chito-Ryu Association AGM in Toronto on November 3 - 5, 2017.

It was an extra special event with Sensei Higashi being awarded hi...s 10th dan and the formal creation of the World Chito-Ryu Federation of which he is the Supreme Instructor.

The weekend included lots of clinics and fun times with Chito-Ryu karate-ka from across Canada with special guests from World Chito-Ryu members from Norway and Japan.

From l-r, Sensei Chris Golz, Sensei Higashi, Sensei Randall MacLean, Sensei Aaron Wright, and Sensei Andrew Swiber.

Photo: Sensei David Chong.

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This is the photograph taken on August 18, 1955.
The left-hand side is Sensei Gichin Fnakoshi of Shoto-Kan.
And right-hand side is Sensei Tsuyoshi Chitose of ...the founder of Chito-Ryu.
Two teachers' exchange was intimate, and Sensei Chitose was often teaching at the time of Shoto-Kan foundation.
There are some persons who are the founder of each style in the exercise students at that time.
This is one of the precious data in which old-time teachers' friendship is illustrated.

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