Happiness is feeling like I can fly when I'm scuba diving! Discover Scuba classes teach you some very basic safety skills, talk a little about the equipment you will be using, and what you will experience as you go under water for the first time.
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One-Hour Discover Scuba Class in Holladay

There is nothing better than having a new mani and pedi for the warm weather!
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Gel Polish Mani or Pedi with brow wax.
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Denise Devynck
· December 17, 2017
URGENT: we are still looking for a room for rent ($350-450) close to downtown Salt Lake so Alfonso from Italy can start his new job downtown Monday. Member of LDS church. Church will help $600/mos few months. PM me or call 801-808-4424. He speaks Spanish Italian French learning English. He helped us feed homeless. He starts job at Valtaire Osterio restaurant Monday. He is so sweet and has gotten his immigration work permit for $3,000 which left him with no way to work till now because they made him wait 7 months for permit. Want to come wirh us or donate to those in need this holiday go to FB event "25 Days of Service and Celebration of the Savior's Life pt 2 " please. We pass out coats, winter boots and sleeping bags as Prof photography Craig Pickup, & journalist Caroline Larson Kingsley and I film the stories of those needing rooms, Jobs or just help finding resources. List of resources for homeless, refugees and immigrants I have researched since 2000 going up soon and website of all their beautiful pictures and stories on website soon. For now go to "25 Days of Service and Celebration of the Savior's Life pt 2 " event page and please invite others and share this post with friends. Happy Holidays See More
Lyle Howard
· March 4, 2018
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Mariah Johnston
· May 19, 2014
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