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God had already chosen the leaders...He is just waiting for them to mature...including myself.

This is the lesson for all of us. We must wait for God's timing (Kairos) and embrace wherever we are in the it a relationship, a career or choosing the right time to enter the perfect storm.

When we find contentment combined with the right amount of challenge in that place, we begin to experience God in ways we never thought possible. He is our success, our future, our, our everything.

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Kairos is heightened time, a significant time, a fulfilled time, time bursting forth with meaning, it is a moment, pregnant with possibilities, a unique moment in time, a predestined era, an opportune or seasonable time, fullness of time, a special time of harvest, pregnant time, a definite period or season.

Kairos could be described as a God-given moment of destiny not to be shied away from but seized with decisiveness; the floodtide of opportunity and demand in which the unseen waters of the future surge down to the present.

It’s a time when heaven touches earth in a way that will never be forgotten.
Kairos is a particular moment, out of all the ordinary moments in time that has the capability to forever change the outcome of time itself. Kairos is the moment of decision, the moment of action, the moment of change. It can be a moment that will change your life...forever.

Matthew Adams

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