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has made history. In our interview, we explore the Tutankhamun And The Golden Age Of The Pharaoh’s Exhibition in Melbourne. We also take a look at some of the memorable moments of Kalam TV this season. On the streets we ask the public about which historical place they would most like to visit. In Arabica Hot Seat, it’s the grand final for the gold trophy! Then Mesopotamia sees us out!


has entered the media spotlight! We interview an Arab Australian director about what it takes to make films in Australia. When then take a closer look at some Arabic media personalities who are creating big waves. At the TV Week Gold Logie Awards we interview some media celebrities and get the inside scoop about what really goes on in TV land. In Arabica Hot Seat, the contestants battle it out to discover who the Arab performers are. Then Fahme Barakat sings us some Arabic music hits.

is going on a holiday! In our interview we talk about some interesting Arab holiday spots and what activities people can do there. We then check out the incredible Mill at Malmsbury which is celebrating its 150th anniversary and serves Arabic food in country Victoria. On the streets we ask people what Arabic country they would like to visit the most. In Arabic Hot Seat, it’s all about who’s in the know about Arab monuments. Then Louis Kattoura sets the scene with some Arabic music!

is about the Arabic community this week. In our interview we talk about some of the ways that Arabic people have contributed to Australia. Then we talk to an inspirational guest who is running a marathon from Melbourne to Sydney to raise money for cancer research. We then ask the public what they like most about Australia. In Arabic Hot Seat, the challenge is on to see who knows more about the Arabic community. Then Mesopotamia take to the stage with some Arabic music.

is playing some sport. In our interview we talk to an Essendon football club representative about how the AFL brings people from different cultures together. We also take a closer look at the Pan Arab Games! In the city we ask people “Who is your favourite sports star!’ In Arabica Hot Seat, find out who knows more about their Arab sports. While Fahme Barakat kicks off with some Arabic music!

is listening to some Arabic music. In our interview we talk to the Mesopotamia group about what it takes to make music. We then explore the emerging world of Arabic hip-hop. In our voxpops we find out what kind of music people listen to. Then in Arabica Hot Seat we have a mega talent contest! Then Louis Kattoura and the band play it out with some ace Arabic music.

is getting down to business. We interview a successful Arab business person about what it takes to operate major businesses in Australia. We then look at our top ten inventions from the Arab world which may surprise you. In Arabica Hot Seat, it’s see who can come up with the best invention in 2 minutes. Then it’s time for some Arabic music from Mesopotamia.

series 2 official trailer is out now!

Kalam TV trailer featuring the highlights of season two.

is up for some Arab festivals and celebrations! In this episode we interview the two directors of the Arab Film Festival Australia that keeps getting bigger. We also check out some of the events and films that make this exciting film festival a stand out in the Arab world. On the streets we ask people ‘What is your favourite celebration?’ In Arabica Hot Seat, it’s all about carrying on the tradition of balancing objects on your head without dropping them! Then the Arabic music of Fahme Barakat sees the episode out!

will be having a laugh this week. In our interview we talk to an incredible Arab comedian about people’s sense of humour. Outside the International Comedy Festival, we ask people ‘What makes you laugh?’. Then we have an awesome stand up routine by an Arabic comedian. In Arabica Hot Seat, the challenge is on to see who can tell the most funny jokes! Then Louis Kattoura and his amazing band play the episode out with some interesting Arabic music.

will be playing some Arabic games this week. First up is an interview looking at some popular Arabic games like Tawla (Backgammon). We then have an interesting mini doco on some historical Arabic games. In our voxpops we ask some people ‘What is your favourite game?’ Then witness a huge card game battle in Arabica Hot Seat. The Mesopotamia group see the episode off by bringing some local Arabic music to your ears.

has a taste of Arabic sweets this week! We start off with an interview with some well known Arabic sweet makers and discover their story of success. In our voxpops we ask people ‘What is your favourite dessert?’ We then go behind the scenes at a popular Arabic sweet shop and find out their secret ingredients. In Arabica Hot Seat, it’s guess which Arabic food your eating while blindfolded!!! We then present Fahme Barakat in the studio to give you some ace Arabic music!

In this week’s episode we look at the art of Arabic calligraphy and get a demonstration in the studio. We also have an interview on Henna and its amazing variety. In our voxpops, we find out what people’s favourite colour is and most importantly why. Then on Arabica Hot seat, the competition increases! We also have Louis Kattoura and his incredible band performing some amazing Arabic music to listen too!

is introducing the first episode of season 2! Where we look at the traditional clothes people wear in the Arab world. We also hit the streets and ask people: What is your favourite piece of clothing? We also have a traditional Arabic performance. We also introduce our Arabica Hot Seat game show where it’s game on! Then the Mesopotamia group performs for us to give you some awesome Arabic music!

is returning to Melbourne Channel 31 starting this September 9th to December 2nd every Friday at 2:30pm for Season 2!!!

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