Want to be motivated to succeed in 5min? Watch this video. A really great video will make you think twice about actions you are taking in your business and life. Watch and take proper action to succeed!

The One Thing You Should Know; Before You Die I'm so happy to be working as a Futurologist with Neste on a project called ‪#PreOrderTheFuture. If you have a ...
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Marcin Marczak is with Kamil Migas.

Help Me to Congratulate Kamil Migas and Yuki this massive victory.

This is story from a Hollywood script, story of superhuman determination, hard work, FAITH w...ith capital F.

Honestly speaking, I have not met anyone who's hunger to win, strong will to succeed and unmatched level of action meet that of Kamil's and Yuki's.

To make it even more amazing, they faced unbelievable chain of adversity.

Watch my words, you are watching one of the biggest victories our industry has seen. I hope a move will be made out of your story!

Love you guys, you are a true inspiration.

These stories are my reason for waking up early and staying late. The journey of helping entrepreneurs to win is something I'd not exchange for anything. It's a fight, it's a battle, it's challenging but it worth every minute of it!

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With a Clear Vision, you don't need to have "Advanced Technology" to Wake up. Focus on your goals and you will have enough energy to wake up and take action toward your goals.

There are specific LAWS when it comes to business and life. Those laws were here since the earth was created but people didn't understand them that's why they couldn't use them.

For example, 300 years ago people were able to see birds flying but they didn't understand how birds fly. In 1903 Wright brothers understood the physics of "Flying Bird" and based on that they could create their Flying Machine.

1000 years ago there was already electricity on earth. Come on, 1000 years... ago there were storms and lightning. People saw that a lightning bolt created a Light. But they were not able to understand it. In 1802 Humphrey Davy finally understood this law and was able to create the first electric lamp.
The same thig is a business and breakthrough.

People who are still struggling, who didn't reach their financial goal don't understand the "Law of Business". They might know some facts that a crappy landing page won't generate leads but this is not enough. Successful people, those who create a breakthrough constantly understand how the "Law of Business" works. They know what makes people buy, they know how to attract the right people to their business.

Stop saying that you are a looser or that success is not for you because you failed a couple of times. You simply don't understand the "Law Of Business" on the level that successful people understand it. Instead of giving up, find a mentor. Find someone who you can learn from. It should be a person who already achieved what you want.

If you can learn from that person and model his/hers action soon or later you will start to understand the Law Of Business and you will reach your goals.

I hope this will help you get to move forward. Don't give up. Keep learning and you will succeed!

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We are so #stressed because of the #overwhelming tasks we need to do everyday but often we forget to just #relax. If you are #tired, #stressed or #angry what are your chances to finish the all the tasks?

Take 5 minutes and breathe. Feel your heart and be grateful for what you have. It can be anything! A #relationship, well paying job, #business or the new shoes you bought yesterday. You will see that your body will lose the tension and you will be able to #focus more and finish the tasks faster.

Don't forget to take few minutes to relax every day, even if your schedule is full. Be grateful for what you have and you will receive more things to be grateful for. 

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How to Make Sure Your #Marketing Emails Don't Get Marked as #Spam? Use tips from this post to prevent your #email getting marked as spam.

You’re spending good #money on marketing emails, and the last thing you want is for them to end up in your subscribers’ spam folders. Yet, that’s what happens a lot of the time. The key to avoiding that outcome is to understand why emails get marked as spam and what you can do to prevent that...


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How to Make Sure Your Marketing Emails Don’t Get Marked as Spam? Use tips from this post to prevent your email getting marked as spam|By Kamil Migas

Building backlinks and marketing help you improve search rankings. But, you also need to take a look at your on-page search engine optimization.

On-page SEO is just as critical to your search engine rankings. While you probably already know, to perform keyword research and include these keywords throughout your content. There is more to on-page SEO. You also need to think about the content on your web pages. The content is the top factor in...

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On-page SEO helps to rank your post. Google and Yahoo love the 4 major on-page SEO techniques. Read this post to learn on-page SEO secrets...|By Kamil Migas

Are you starting a #business? Trying to create a strong #brand? These #tips will help you ->

#Entrepreneur #success

If you want to create an attractive brand first you need to understand your audience. These key elements will help you know your audience...

Use this knowledge when #writing a #blogpost. It will help you get people to share your #content on their social media!

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Just saw this beautiful #rainbow

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You can’t count on search engine optimization and PPC advertising for all of your website traffic. You also need to get people to share your content. This doesn’t mean that every blog post that you publish needs to go viral. But, there are steps that you can take to increase the likelihood of gaining additional shares.

The sharing of content is a form of word of mouth advertising. You get people to spread your content without having to spend a dime. There are two main factors... that impact the chances of a visitor sharing your content. This includes the psychological factor and the actual...

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There are 2 powerful ways to make people share your content on social media. Use these tips to make people share your content on social media|By Kamil Migas
Free Marketing or Paid marketing? Both create results but which one is better? Learn more about Free Marketing in this blog post...|By Kamil Migas
Wasting time by trying to come up with a topic for new posts? Old content can be very helpful. Use these old content tips to save your time..

And here is the Part 2 of newest post

Entrepreneurs and sports champions are winning because of Self-Confidence. Use these tips to build strong Self-Confidence in order to succeed

There are a lot of business courses and strategies about growing a business. Some of these courses teach just a little bit or nothing about the mindset and self-confidence which is really one of the major keys to succeeding. You may have great tools, you can learn about marketing, prospecting, how to use social media etc. but if you are not confident about yourself and your actions you will never have a breakthrough or by the chance, you do it will be temporary. How do I kn...ow? Well ...

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Boosting your self-confidence to set yourself for a massive success. The only way to build and keep self-confidence is to realize that ...|By Kamil Migas