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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 is with Fam Abuda Tiu and 8 others.

A clay model of the famous cherry blossom scene from "Lie to Me".
So cute!!!
credit: dc kjh

KJH's cool picture taken last May in Thailand.
credit: Choeun and DC Inside

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 is with Cleo Dela Rosa and 13 others.

Lesson learned from KJH: Do not shake a bottle of soda if you don't want to end up this wet. (Unless of course, you have someone to share a sweet kiss with)
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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 added 8 new photos to the album: KJH INTERVIEW PICTURES FROM DONGA — with Angela Tapsi and 2 others.

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KJH at the Osong Beauty expo today 5/3/13
credit as labeled and DC Kissgall

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 is with Cleo Dela Rosa and 9 others.

translated by: Kiki Hudaku 5/3/13
edited by: pechumori

The recently ...concluded 24 episode SBS weekend drama,
"Incarnation of Money" starring Kang Ji Hwan (36. whose real
name is Jo Tae Gyu) which was filled with laughter and tears
was well received by the audience. Kang Ji Hwan's character,
Lee Cha Don's test was to expose the corruption of the
"righteous" prosecutor, Ji Se Kwang, played by Park Sang Min.
In the course of the fight, he donned a hanbok and a long hair
piece and yelled "I am a mother of the country of Korea!",
laughing in the midst of tears.

I met him in the cafe at Jongno-Gu, Seoul last April 26.2013.
He has portrayed various comic characters in his past work.
He was getting better as his age increases. I asked about the
dog's name which was disclosed on Twitter recently. "Its
name is Luxury. I want it become as good as the richest
celebrity's dog", he was joking with various expressions.
When asked about his former agency, he came back with a serious
look, "The assault incident with the manager of my former agency,
together with the conflicts and controversies have contributed
in producing this great drama."

"During all the controversies, I kept quiet. Before the start
of "Incarnation of Money", I held a press conference to dispel
the issues, but I don't know whether I had the guts to say them.
I was afraid and then I looked up in the sky and began to speak,
but it's so sickening. For 11 years, I was doing drama. I had
sweet memories. And now, once again, I return with the heart of
a rookie and immersed myself in the role."

Regarding the dispute about the contract with his former agency,
there was an assault charge and it almost affected his role in
"Incarnation of Money". In the press conference, he said "the
charges of his former agency had no grounds. The injunction
that the agency filed to stop him from pursuing his entertainment
activities were all done as a form of defamation".

"Incarnation of Money" showed that Lee Cha Don had received
“justice” rather than “personal revenge” for the death of his
parents and for a life that was stolen from him. It was a good
drama that was made even better by the social messages it contained. "Senior actor, Lee Ki Young who played chief prosecutor Kwon in the drama said, ‘There are two kinds of sinners, those who regret and those who are unrepentant. This is why the law exists. For a man who does not hit the right person to get an even punishment for the unrepentant sin so it will come to
mind and reality.”

The interview with Kang Ji Hwan was unique. It contained
Kang Ji Hwan’s IOM days where the shooting scenes, the stills of
the drama, the people in the relationships were all presented
in a large board. In the midst of the interview, he pointed
the picture in the middle of the board and said, “It was my
dramatic first appearance. In the first chapter of the drama,
Lee Cha Don was played by Park Ji Bin. I then jumped into the
scene after many years and faced the mirror, drenched after a
shower. Every time I saw a bathroom mirror at home, I was always practicing. ‘Park Ji bin was too good, better than me, I must
do well!’ I was telling that to myself. (laughs).

Whilst he was doing the drama for three months, he clearly
showed his acting skills and was appreciated. He said “
the shift from action to melodrama to comedy was so hard, but
my performance got good reviews and so I was thrilled."
He further added, "I want to do more action scenes before I get
older, and I want to try to have a lot of comedy while I still

In China, the Incarnation of Money was as popular as its
domestic popularity. Over the past four months, China’s
movie download site “Yukuhashi” ( stated that
IOM had a two or three times difference in rank as compared
with another SBS Drama entitled, “That Winter The Wind Blows”
but it later on hit the no.1 spot. IOM was a solid and fun story
and it was meant to be a satire. As usual, Kang Ji Hwan does not like to see bad reviews while he was filming. "It’s strange to read it, only in the fancafe site (cafe.daum) it turned to be different. I’d
rather look at the bottom of the article that was posted after
doing 48 hours of continuos shooting and tough performance."

“I wake up in the morning, start to clean up and go to the fan
sites. I read articles on the internet and I gain strength.
When people come to my house to play, they said I am a man who
live alone at home, “why is it so clean?’ As a man who live
alone, you know, my hobby is fishing using the vacuum cleaner.
I am a good housekeeper” (laughs)

For the movies like "Runway Cop" and "My Girlfriend is an Agent",
I think of an extrovert with a deadly personality, as he introduced
various comical acting. But it was not just a small adjustment.
He does not need much style to attend a meeting or just to see a friend. He studied Interior Design in the university. The actor still hopes to do something related to interior design. He spends time at home rather than going from one place to another. Home decorating is his hobby. He said “If I get married, I would build a house and I plan to decorate it. I dream of creating a swimming pool, a billiards pool, a golf club, etc and I plan to call it
Kang Ji hwan’s Land.”

“I raised a lovely puppy, but I still have no one. I’ve
been imagining to have loved ones and enjoy life in Kang Ji
Hwan’s Land. It is hard to be a “cool Dad” and a “Rich Dad”.
It is the goal that has to be postponed and still needs hard
work to be accomplished. Marriage? Not before I'm 40.”

credit: Kang Joo
Thank you for the translation, Kiki Hudaku

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 is with Kang Ji Hwan.

KJH's second tweet for today, 4/30/13
The board has a curious location.

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 is with Kang Ji Hwan and 3 others.

The new profile picture of KJH at his official twitter account @Kangjihwan_
As you all well know, this is KJH's cute pet dog, Luxury.

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 is with Jean Gimeno Gallaza and 2 others.

The May 2013 issue of 'The Star' Magazine is published
Hallyu star Kang Ji Hwan's pictorial released
translated by: pechumori 2013.04.30

The fifth edition of t...he entertainment magazine covering
fashion styling with the best stars, "THE STAR" was published yesterday, April 29, 2013. The Star Magazine's cover for its latest issue is the "Incarnation of Money" charmer, Kang Ji Hwan.
The popular drama has already ceased recently but Kang Ji Hwan made a pleasantly witty pose in a unique atmosphere that brought out the stylish charm. Kang Ji Hwan talked about the "Incarnation of Money" in an interview conducted after the photo shoot.

The fifth issue of "THE STAR" is available starting April 29,2013
at large bookstores nationwide, metro bookstores, GS25,
CU Convenience Store and subway news stands.
reference: [Money Today Star News Yun, Hye - Jin Reporter]and daum

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 is with Kang Ji Hwan and Xian Vaa.

Kang Ji Hwan's bloody jumpsuit in "Incarnation of Money" shown
translated by pechumori 2013-04-13

An eye-catching still of Kang Ji Hwan from the SBS weekend ...drama
"Incarnation of money" has been publicly disclosed, He is seen
wearing a blue jail jumpsuit with a haggard look, blood oozing through his hand while he's clutching his stomach and spleen, with a painful expression. This heralds an exciting story. The exploding energy through the "Incarnation Of Money" Lee Cha Don's poignant revenge unfolds. The lawyer who was called "The Extortion Master" has transformed and has been struggling. This time, wearing the jail suit, he already spent eventful days, a situation where questions can only be amplified. This photo which was released today with a teary eyed looking Lee Cha Don.
The SBS weekend drama "Incarnation of Money" is being aired
every Saturdays and Sundays at 9:55 KST.

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 is with Kang Ji Hwan and Yuniati HW.

The BTS pictures of Ep. 20's cliffhanger.
credit: DC Kissgall

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 is with Kang Ji Hwan and Graciella Miranda.

Kang Ji Hwan's "Heart shaped hairstyle" for IOM
translated by pechumori 4/9/13

The bangs line has a unique style. It's a dandy cut fashion.
Kang Ji Hwan's hairs...tyle is thoroughly calculated with a good
character and style. Cute, chic and dandy. But time slows down
again because Lee Cha Don in "Incarnation of Money" will change
his character due to revenge. Every now and then, the bangs can
be mounted in many ways. An ever changing hairstyle.

For Kang Ji Hwan's hairstyle, clippers were used, not scissors
to produce a clean cut. His haircut was done at Salon de Shym.
credit: naver

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 added 5 new photos to the album: PICTURES OF KJH TAKEN THIS MORNING.

The filming of IOM started this morning and was located farther from Seoul. credit: dorimuentame

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

Ratings of "Incarnation of Money" went down by 1.5%
by pechumori 4/8/13

According to the audience measurement company Nielsen Korea, the 20th episode of "Incarn...ation' of Money" recorded a 14.6% viewership. As compared to the 19th episode which was shown the other night which had a 16.1 % rating, there was a 1.5 % decrease in its viewership.

Here's the list of the ratings per episode of IOM

Episode 1 - 9,7%
Episode 2 - 9.2%
Episode 3 - 10.2%
Episode 4 - 10.6%
Episode 5 - 14.5%
Episode 6 - 13.1%
Episode 7 - 13.4%
Episode 8 - 13.3%
Episode 9 - 12.2%
Episode 10- 11.4%
Episode 11- 12.4%
Episode 12- 15.1%
Episode 13- 14.5%
Episode 14- 15.3%
Episode 15- 16.4%
Episode 16- 15.3%
Episode 17- 14.7%
Episode 18- 15.6%
Episode 19- 16.1%
Episode 20- 14.6%

reference: Choi Joonyong reporter cjy via naver and
news@tvdaily, enter@xprotsnews/nate
P.S. If you really love IOM like we do, the ratings would not really matter. We just have to post this because it is still considered as news and some viewers are still interested in how the show fared.

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Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 is with Kang Ji Hwan and 4 others.

KJH has changed the profile picture of his official twitter account