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Hula hooping is fun and fitness! #openstreetsict
Head, heart, hands and health: the four pillars of @ks4h! So many inspiring displays and entries at @kansasstatefair! #healthystatefair #getyourfairon
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Stirling Schmidt
· July 22, 2017
The Kansas 'Health' Foundation is a thinly-disguised organization of bullies who use large sums of money to influence legislators. Their cause is big government, anti-freedom, anti-individual responsibility, and ultimately anti-American. Join me in exposing their fraudulent deeds...
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K-State Sports with Kansas Health Foundation.
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Are you someone that likes to live healthy? If so, submit a photo showing a favorite workout or active activity for your chance to win tickets to a K-State football game, a K-State gym bag, and more! Submit your photo here:

“At times, standing up for change can seem very daunting, particularly when there are powerful voices on the other side.”

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The designs for a memorial honoring the 1958 Dockum Drugstore sit-in have been revealed.