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Q: Who developed the materials? Where there pretests done? Is ...
Completing the CECHLA Community Score Card (CSC): Final session of the year. Nancy Nothando welcomes our guests from Ford Foundation as they sit through a part of her quarterly rating sessions with the community and key population groups alike; sex workers, people living with HIV and AIDS, traditional leaders, the youth, etc.
Pachoto meeting at LGDA in Dande, Mbire

human rights and gender considerations remain critical in HIV/TB programming and indicators in these areas are important in holding governments accountable

“@GlobalFund @theglobalfight @allianceforph @GFadvocates We continue to push for greater work around human rights and gender equality, including how risks in these areas are conceptualized and implemented.”

Panicking. Heard Farai Pad making company faces closure due to forex shortages. They can't import raw materials. Somebody do something! @ureportzim @SexRightsAfrica @Kando103

“Dear U-Reporter, today we ask Girls/Women on a sensitive and important topic. Follow link:

Access to Reproductive Health services means girls can stay healthy, and get a chance to attain their full potential. @IssuesPaneNyaya @amplifyfund @SexRightsAfrica

“Thursday Afternoon Show with @mlauzi_molly 1200-1500hrs Nancy Nothando from Katswe Sistahood says young women should have access to SRHR services without challenges at any health institutions.”

We cannot let this happen. Dai varume vaienda kuPeriod havairega ichivharwa. @IssuesPaneNyaya @pzirima @koliwemajama @NancyNothando04

“#Sanitary pads saga - @WCOZIMBABWE @ZLHRLawyers @ZWRCNZimbabwe @ZimWomenLawyers @Pachoto2014 Can something be done to advocate for more investment in the industry?

Retweeted #PaneNyaya (@IssuesPaneNyaya):

Not to #GBV...lengthy sentences should be given to perpetrators so as to deter others from committing the same...

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What is gender expression? Jessie Gender explains.

Vagina Diaries entry...

#Let's Change the Story .... Our New Campaign....

A few weeks ago the story of Zim's children- mostly girls- being sexually exploited for survival took centre stage.


So much happened. So much is still happening.

But what I cannot get out of my mind was my encounter with that girl. Due to her small body colleagues assumed she was under 18. They asked me to speak to her.

So I said- 'our role is to link underage girls who are selling sex for survival- to support mechanisms-': of course in much lighter language- I was using Shona- and I don't even know what the word for mechanism is in Shona.

So. I spoke about offering HELP.

She chuckled - and said- HEALTH???!!#%?>
How dare you come to me and talk about health...
This late....
I can't even believe you
Anyway...I know I look much younger than I really am
But i'm 23
Our parents died when we were only 5- I had a twin sister
We ate from dustbins...
The only people who assisted here and there were our Step-sisters- but they too were young- in their late teens
I did things I can't even explain now- just to survive- to get some food
People in the community where I grew up can tell you my story-
My twin sister and I had dreams too...but there was no help in sight
She died two months ago- we were both born HIV+
I'm shocked that you are coming to me today- to talk about offering help....
Today! (She kept saying...Nhasi here? Ndipo pamakuuya muchiti Help/health)
I come to the bar- not just to sell sex- but this is the life I know.
Sometimes these women who cook outside the bars are kinder...they let you eat the left overs...
I come here because I am also still mourning the death of my twin sister...
If I stay at home...I may commit suicide...

We were standing in the shadows....behind this truck..because she had insisted she didn't want to be seen talking to me

She didn't have a phone number...but she resides not very far from ...dzimba dzemaCandles....

I know I might never see her again....
But I also know that daily I come across 5-6-7 year olds who may ask me the same question 15 years from now....
I see them especially at traffic lights, shopping centres, on the streets....everywhere....

But you and me still have a chance. #LetsChangeTheSTORY!

Cde Phil Jambaya Sambo Tayson Mudarikiri Nancy Nothando Lia Tavadze Otilia Chinyani Fadziso Fadzisai Mawunganidze Musa Sibindi Roselyn Nyatsanza Rumbidzai Mutsvene Vimbai Nyika Tsitsi M Martha Tholanah

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We are now in November and everyone is so excited because the 16days of activism bt has everyone ever thought of it,,,'what happens to the other 349 days that women exist on this planet and still get to suffer the abuse and torture because of poverty, culture and oppressive laws?' Are we so content that we only have 16 days to exercise our rights as women and 349 days of oppression and abuse? we have achieved a lot but we havent achieved a enough. This shit is real and the game is on....


We love November. This month marks the start of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV). We soon will get more news on GBV, we will attend gatherings and commemorations. There will be lot's of outreach meetings, and Violence Against Women will be denounced. It's an important time for the women's rights movement. .....And we continue to say....that should be our way of life. shunning and denouncing different forms of violence. ...always

Katswe Sistahood's Nancy Nothando is passionate about getting young women to access their sexual and reproductive rights!

Tariro Tandi Debra Mwase AmplifyChange Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye Tendaishe Changamire Tino Hondo Daphne T Jena Rumbidzai Mutsvene Martha Tholanah Samuel Matsikure Antonella Bargione Koliwe Majama Kessia Magosha

By Philemon Jambaya A FEMALE sexual rights advocacy group, Katswe Sistahood has implored government to repeal the Termination of Pregnancy Act (ToP) which outlaws abortions saying it should be repl…

Our vision is that every girl can have a secure; loving home; be assured of a meal (without first having to be subjected to rape). Every girl should access good, quality education. Every girl should be supported to achieve her dream. Every girl, every child...should get a be just that...a child. As we celebrate.... Otilia Chinyani Fadziso Fadzisai Mawunganidze Nancy Nothando Xwayani Hope Msipha Siwela WaKumundah Charles Connie Nawaigo Zhuwarara Collen Magobeya Catherine Makoni Roselyn Nyatsanza Robert Tapfumaneyi Koliwe Majama Definate Nhamo Fikelephi Jackson Tomu Peishe Angela Machonesa Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda Tendayi Ndori-Mharadze

Reference is made to a Newsday article titled 'Govt, Katswe rescue 73 girls from sexual exploitation' published October 6, 2017. The article makes interesting r...eading and we would like to commend the GoZ together with Katswe Sistahood for taking action and saving children from being sexually exploited. The ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare issued a statement stating that they had rescued 73 girls, 54 of whom were from Hopley while 19 were from Epworth from being sexually exploited under the guise of selling sex. Following an outcry over social media reports that children were being sexually abused, it is refreshing to note that the GoZ has committed itself to protecting vulnerable children. Rehabilitation of the girls will also be expedited as a matter of urgency. The ministerial statement also indicated that a ministerial taskforce had been set up to continue investigating the cases of sexual exploitation of children. In so doing the GoZ is also fulfilling its obligations under the UNCRC Article 6 which states that: "Children have the right to live. Governments should ensure that children survive and develop healthily." Taylor Nyanhete Kundai Dzinotyiwei Maxim Murungweni Kudz Mwandie Samuel Mandiwana Rumbi Bessie Roo Zii Lyn Tariro Chatara Tafie L Munyaka. Read:

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GOVERNMENT together with Katswe Sistahood have to date rescued 73 children that were being sexually exploited under the guise of selling sex, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira has said.

Success = when if you come across a child in distress; being abused; sexually can confidently support them access a referral pathway that actually works. When the education Minister cares enough to ensure every girl/boy is in school (no ifs or buts). When a nurse in a clinic can treat and refer for further support- a teenage girl made pregnant by some pedophile. When we move swiftly to support 'that one girl'; even if it is not International day of the child. When we do not have to wait for the TV/News crew before we can assist. When we just care enough to realise that....every girl/boy...deserves a chance. That...for me...IS SUCCESS!!

Avail safe Abortion services where legal

Make sure girls and women know the circumstances under which abortion serves should be provided for legally i.e. if a pregnancy is as a result of rape, incest, or if the mother's health is at risk

Legalise abortion- to save lives-


Allow women to make choices- then we can join the Independence celebrations
Anne Alan Sizomu Tendaishe Changamire Fadziso Fadzisai Mawunganidze AmplifyChange UNFPA - Zimbabwe Sex Rights Africa Network Martine Kongshaug Wilhelmsen Otilia Chinyani

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September 28

BACK DOOR ABORTION-The Hidden Killer Part 2

As we commemorate International Day of Action for the decriminalization of Abortion....

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ZimdiTv was live — in Harare, Zimbabwe.
September 28

BACK DOOR ABORTION-The Hidden Killer Part 2