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Ron Lozoff
· January 29, 2018
I live near Katz's and went there recently again. This last visit will probably be my "last visit". My wife ordered a $17.00 Sandwich and a side dish. I ordered the meat loaf dinner that comes with tw...o sides one of which can be a soup. I selected the cup of chili, which is listed as a soup on the menu. After 10 minutes the server came back and said I couldn't have the cup of chili as the soup selection for one of my sides. I went back and looked at the menu and it was clear that a cup of chili is listed as a soup. I told her if she couldn't deliver the dinner with the cup of chili, to cancel my $13.00 dinner and just bring me the $4.45 cup of chili. She eagerly agreed. This is so stupid, especially when the other soups were all $4.99. If they can't live up to their own menu and make decisions like this which, hurt their bottom line and tick off customers, I don't want them preparing my food. The server knew I was not a happy camper and their computer showed the cancelled dinner, however no manager showed up. Think I'll drive the extra distance and go to a real deli K&Z in Galleria. See More
Kristy Laine
· January 21, 2018
I have ventured to Katz’s over a 10 year span. Eating here is always quite interesting.
The hosts was yelling my name at the top of the stairs, I had no clue where she was so i had to follow her voic...e. I understand running up and down stairs can be exhausting but yelling out a potential customer name and having them find you is not ideal restaurant experience. The service lacks mindfulness of checking on their tables and filling drinks,
It seemed as though the wait staff could not handle the volume the restaurant was having at the time. I could tell my waiter was cracking under pressure and lacked simple customer service skills. He couldn’t check on my table in a timely manner, we literally waited to have service 15 plus minutes before our waiter came. He was polite and apologized for the wait but he seemed spaced out and just robotically going through the motions.

Food never disappoints. Fried pickles was plentiful and delicious. Potato cakes scrumptious. Chicken in a pot was overwhelmingly delicious 😋.
I would like to add bringing small plates to the table for people can have something to put their appetizer food on and having actual soup spoons for the Matzo soup and chicken in the pot.

I will continue to eat here.
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Angelina M Konaha
· February 14, 2018
The service was poor. I sat at the bar after they offered for me to sit there because it was just me. The manager and everyone acted like they didn’t want to serve me, I had to get assertive with them.... First they bring me my cup of coffee with two creamers and then I had to ask for more. You would have thought the bartender would have been ahead of the game and bring me sugar then I had to ask for sugar. Then it took them awhile to come back and take my order. I had to ask for everything. There was no rudeness, they just were not attentive like you should be in food service. See More
John H. Risley
· November 30, 2017
I have been here a few times when I worked downtown, but a recent visit reminded me of what I had been missing. First off, the complimentary pickled cabbage and kosher dill pickles. The cabbage was ...awesome as it was still crisp with a great, well-balanced acid content and a couple of bites of a pickle kept me going while waiting for my food.

We were going to share so we ordered the New York size Rueben ($17 and change) Oh my God, it was huge! Two stacks of overstuffed bread with pastrami and a well balanced portion of warm sauerkraut. The sauerkraut was not vinegary and actually complimented the sandwich instead instead of over-powering it. That was enough for both my wife and I, but I wanted to try Mom's meatloaf ($12.99). Meatloaf still tastes great the next day, right? It comes with mashed potatoes and two sides. I must say, this was better than my Mom's meatloaf with a perfect blend of spices and filler. It was meaty and delicious. It was great the next day as we both took a bite and packed it to go.

I will definitely be making the trip from Cypress to come here again. Certainly a great experience.
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John Griesbacker
· December 14, 2017
Three stars is generous. Our second time here, and this will be the last visit for a while. First, the hosts wanted to seat us right next to the kitchen even with at least eight empty tables available... - I had to ask to sit elsewhere. Next, the sandwiches - $13.95 for a pastrami sandwich on what looked like cocktail bread - at best a half sandwich size. I ordered the tongue sandwich, and the meat was still refrigerator cold - and again, not a big sandwich. The potato pancakes were crispy and tasty and with the four dollars (order of two). We also ordered the side of macaroni salad, and it was a tiny order which wouldn't have filled a saucer - again it was tasty but not a lot. Also, it was Thursday night and it appeared that there wasn't anyone busing tables- at least three tables hasn't been cleaned off in the hour we were there. At the end of the day, sixty dollars for two people eating deli is a bit excessive. Maybe since we're originally from New York we are just being critical, but we work hard for the money we spend. See More
Virginia A. Hoffman
· November 20, 2017
Even at midnight it was very crowded but service was good. As always the sandwiches are delicious, however since they are mile high very difficult to eat. Had to open and eat with knife and fork. D...elicious. The slaw and pickles that they bring out while waiting for the meal are very good. I had corn beef, excellent. Will go back again the next time we are in the area. See More
Ku Murrell
· November 14, 2017
No other place in Houston where I’ve been that I can pick anything on the menu to eat and not worry about something being cooked with or beside some pork! Great food and service every time. I believe ...I’ve been served by at least all the male servers because I have been there different times and different days of the week. Whether it was a busy 2am in the morning or a slow weekday afternoon after rush hour. The bacon on my club for me to chew when I had braces other than that I would have given it a 5 star rating. That reminds me I may one to go back and try it again since my braces are off 😋.....Btw my longest review I’ve EVER written 😂 See More
Rita Marks
· November 20, 2017
Met some friends there on Sunday 11.18.17
The food was good, but our waiter Carlos was Not! He was not attentive at all, we had to ask for everything. He brought our check, never asked if we would lik...e some desert.
So we paid, left and went elsewhere for coffee and desert. It's not what it used to be!!
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Akaycia Sobrandnew Addison
· January 1, 2018
Just picked up my togo order. Added a black and white cookie at check out that didn't make it into my bag smh. I stay 20mins away and it's freezing cold out. I'm not driving back for a $3 cookie but that I'll drive back for a meal either. Sandwich was good though. See More
Richard Williams
· December 19, 2017
The food is just simply awesome . The cheesecake shake is the best in town in my opinion. One of the few places in Houston open 24/7 . If you get one of them sandwiches bring your appetite. Huge sect...ion of New York sandwiches. See More
Michel Hurtado
· February 11, 2018
I never have any complaints about eating here I've always loved it and the fried pickles are always amazing but last night my husband and I took my brother out for his birthday and the service was dis...appointing. Our waiter took forever to come and take our drink order, and we had to ask other wait staff to bring us napkins, cutlery, to-go boxes, AND our check only to automatically get $10 gratuity charge added to our bill. Had it just been my husband and I I would have asked for a manager immediately to have the gratuity removed, we literally would see him dancing not doing anything in a hallway while other people brought us our food. The food was good but our waiter's nonchalant attitude and laziness really got under our skin. See More
Charles Raymond Bullard
· March 18, 2018
Food was amazing as always and our waiter Alexis was on point and very attentive! We had fried pickles and breaded chicken cutlets and it all was so good! Never disappointed with Katz!
Mark Anthony Balleza
· February 19, 2018
I have gone sporadically over a decade now.
The food has always been good and portions are generous.
I do wish that I could remember the server's name because she was very patient and attentive. She offered guidance and her knowledge regarding the menu to this indecisive person here. We were never rushed.

I tried the loaded potato chip appetizer for once and was pleasantly surprised.

If you have not tried it, you should.
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Linda Eagleson
· March 15, 2018
Great place, great ambience, great staff, chicken parmigiana not so good. I should have had a sandwich, they are always delicious. Stop in great place otherwise.
Mark Munoz
· March 4, 2018
Took my mom here for the first time. Everything went well except when the person who brought out our food didnt seem to know english and attempted to hand us the wrong food repeating what it was over ...and over. Other than that our waiter Alan was attentive and made us feel comfortable. Ive been to the Galleria location a couple of times and its always been a awesome experience. See More
Harry Stenvall
· December 26, 2017
Server brought waters took order never cane back for bar order. Someone else brought meals and side was to be large was small. Had to stop waiter after table cleared for 15 minutes to get check. Worst... service ever
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Naz Dreyer Guido
· January 7, 2018
Had the Reuben, Potato Skins, and Vanilla Shake with the slice of cheese cake. The Reuben was cold, I asked for it to be warmed, the potato skins have 1-2 pieces of the beef bacon each, and they were ...mediocre. The cheesecake shake was gross. Overall the food here is gross. I’d rather go to Kenny And Ziggy’s, food is way better and they don’t hire goys. See More
Rachel Cid
· March 8, 2018
This was the first time I had been Katz's and it was so good. The service was amazing, our waiter entertaining, and our food was so delicious. Will definitely eat there again when I'm in Houston
Rose Magluilo Wild-Woods
· December 27, 2017
I just love this place! They serve the best stuffed cabbage I've ever had! Don't forget to ask for your complimentary sauerkraut and pickles!
Sherry Marchant
· December 2, 2017
The food was good but there were a couple of hiccups. 1. My husband had to send his sandwich back twice before it was done correctly. 2. My matzah ball had eggshells in it. Everything else was fine.... We would like to come back. Hopefully things will go more smoothly. See More

As you may know, we're making huge changes to our Westheimer location and we're looking for fabulous new servers! If you or someone you know would be a great fit, come by and fill out an application today.

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