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Robert Julian
· March 5, 2018
The service department here at Keffer VW is a huge rip-off. I took my Passat 1.8T in for service for a coolant leak at the top back of the engine. I researched it online and found it was a pretty comm...on issue with older 1.8T engines leaking from the plastic rear coolant flange VW used on this engine. The flange has a couple of hoses that connect to it and also houses the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor. It is usually recommended that you replace the sensor when you replace the flange even though it is working fine. It has to be removed to replace the flange so it doesn’t generate any extra labor charges or I should say it shouldn’t generate any. To make a long story shorter, I called the day before and asked how much does it cost to get the coolant flanged replaced and was quoted $347. I know that didn’t include the ECT sensor so I knew it would be a little higher. So, I dropped off my Passat the next day, told them what was wrong with the car and I was told they would diagnose and call to confirm repair. Jason Tate called me a few hours later and told me I was correct it was the coolant flange that was leaking and the repair would cost $615 including the ECT sensor. 615 dollars to replace a 25 dollar flange!!! The tech also recommended a coolant flush and fill for an additional $149. Jason told me the price of the flange was $50 or so, I don’t remember exactly, and I told him I had looked it up online and the VW list price is $25.18 and he said it was a pricing mistake and changed it list price. That brought the total down to $580 or $590 something. I told him I didn’t want the flush and fill, but go ahead with the flange repair. When got there to pick it up I started to question why it cost so much to do this repair when the ‘book price’ is $347, Jason just looked bewildered that I knew how much it was supposed to cost. They charged me $80 for the ECT sensor which has a VW list price of $37.96. How can they justify charging someone over double the list price for a part? That is unconscionable!
If you like being RIPPED OFF please take your VW to Keffer for service.
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Lindsay Kreitzman
· December 19, 2017
Just purchased a certified pre-owned VW Golf GTI SE from Marlon at Keffer VW. Marlon knew exactly what I wanted and found the absolute perfect car for me. It drives like a dream and has the Fender s...ound package - I am absolutely in love with my new car! The purchasing process was fairly painless and I got an amazing deal. Sean in F&I was super helpful too. I am a first-time VW buyer and have a feeling I will really like the level of service they provide.

I'm a former Mazda owner and was super unhappy in my car. It is like night and day going from my Mazda to the GTI. Not sure about that other review related to the warranty - they were very up front about how much was left on the warranty given it was a certified pre-owned car. They even pointed out during the purchase process that I could call Mazda to get money back on certain protection plans I had purchased for my prior vehicle (since they purchased the Mazda from me as part of the deal). Overall, I have dealt with several car dealerships in different groups in the Charlotte & surrounding areas and I must say my interaction with Keffer VW so far has been stellar. Definitely ask to see Marlon if you go in to look for a vehicle!
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Jenny Sassman
· February 3, 2018
Justin and Austin are awesome! Justin stood by my side when Valvoline Instant Oil Change ruined my entire engine and I had to sue them. The process took 8 months. They have always taken great care of in the service and sales departments. I just got a new Jetta yesterday and they were so helpful and patient. I will be a customer for life. See More
Jean Anne Sheffield Gant
· October 18, 2017
I DEFINITELY would not recommend. We were led to believe that the extended warranty was good for an additional three years and was like a new car warranty. This is certainly not true. We are trying t...o see if we can cancel this warranty at ANY time like we were told. Praying this was not also a lie. See More
Steven Kanczewski
· September 30, 2017
TERRIBLE - AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Keffer VW is a disgrace to the Volkswagen brand. In metro Charlotte, there are two major VW dealerships: Keffer VW in Huntersville and Carolina VW on Independence Blvd. ...Having taken my vehicle to both dealerships, I can say from experience that the difference is night and day. In June and July 2017, I had a tremendous amount of difficulty with Keffer VW. It took four visits, yet the issue was never resolved.

On Visit #1, I brought my car to Keffer because the “Check Engine” light was on. Keffer concluded that they needed to order a part. I waited more than a week, and when I called to check the status of the part, I was told that it had arrived, but no one inputted the delivery into the computer system, so no one called me to schedule my follow-up appointment.

On Visit #2, I showed up as scheduled on a Saturday morning -- only to find out that no Hybrid-certified technicians were on-site to work on my car. Needless to say, I had to return for Visit #3.

On Visit #3, I dropped off my car to get the part replaced.

When I returned on Visit #4, my car was “ready” for pick-up, but as soon as I turned it on I noticed that now the “Hybrid Engine” light was on. (Note: In a VW hybrid, there are separate warning lights for standard vs. hybrid engine components.)

Be warned that Keffer VW has a chronic shortage of loaner cars, which increased the number of days I had to wait between visits. When I called the dealership 48 hours in advance of Visit #2, Lindsey promised me a loaner car, but when I showed up, the dealership had none. I guess I got lucky that there was no Hybrid-certified technician, and I had to come back anyway, right?! It’s been a while, so unfortunately I need to paraphrase, but I would like to highlight the following conversation: When I told Sean Richardson, one of the service representatives, that Lindsey lied to me promising a loaner car, he responded, “It’s her first week on the job; she was only trained last week.” I responded, “I don’t care when she was trained; she needs to be fully prepared on Day 1.”

Throughout this escapade, I dealt with Sean multiple times – both in person and over the phone. He consistently had a bad attitude, and I always felt like he treated me with disrespect. If you walk into the dealership and you are paired with him, do yourself a favor and ask to speak with someone else.

In short, my two-month experience with Keffer was two months too long. Never again.
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Kelly Fillnow
· January 28, 2018
I had a wonderful experience at Keffer VW! The sales associates were phenomenal and very patient throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Keffer VW!
Tara White
· June 13, 2017
About 1 1/2 years ago I bought a 2010 Jetta. I've had nothing but issues from day one. I brought it in several times and got different diagnosis none of which were right. They did not stand behind the... car or even offer to help reduce the costs of repairs even though they knew the issues before it even left the lot. I've had to go to Hendrick VW where I was charged 1/2 the cost. Battery, major electrical issues, fuel filter replacement and now transmission. My sales person was unresponsive once I purchased the car. He saw me in there having it looked at and claimed he didn't get any of my emails, calls or texts even on his cell phone. I would not consider this dealership or a VW Jetta after all the reviews on the same issues I’m having. I would like the amount I owe back so I can purchase a car that is not a money pit! See More
Joseph Grimes
· February 19, 2017
I'm rating them two stars, because the actual shopping experience was good/pleasant - although it took 6 hours to buy the truck I had already settled on before getting there. It was set aside and had... my name on it but took all day.

Moving on - they didn't give me my license plate from my trade - and perhaps this was my responsibility, but I'm fairly certain they told me we'll pull your old plate so you can take it for a refund.

Now two weeks later, I don't have my old license plate - I was told 'its in the mail' a few times, but I live in Asheville - they're in Huntersville - I don't think it would really take that long. And they haven't provided me a tracking number.

Lastly, I haven't received our new license plate and I'm worried our new plate won't arrive during the temporary tag period. I'm sure this part is normal - waiting a few weeks for the new license plate - but my confidence is low.

Please get me my old license plate and/or a tracking number - and more than a one sentence response in email. Thanks.
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Khemary McAdams
· December 9, 2016
Three years ago I took my car to get service. Yes I'm writing a review about it because I'm still bitter. The service manager was horrible because he did not do anything about my complaints. After my $1100 thinking all I needed were filters replaced and etc my transmission was still acting up and I had to get the transmission replaced that costed me another $100 plus which The service manager said he would comp after having all that work done for what I assumed was my transmission in the first place. They saw a girl and they took my money thinking I didn't know anything. I took it in and I specifically said that I think my transmission is going out but no he said that all I needed was a few replacements of filters --- lied saying he drove the car and didn't find the transmission faulty... but then after the $1100 I still found my car driving the same way it did when I brought it in... I should have given my money back because they lied! See More
Valerie Roberts
· December 21, 2016
I have had my car about a month. I had a nasty flat Monday evening and had to replace the tire Tuesday morning. They were as busy as I have ever seen a service center. I asked for a loaner because I a busy day at work and they had to wait on my tire, but they had already released all the loaners for the day. So in the middle of a crazy busy morning, they had an employee pick up a tire and bring it back to get me on my way. Plus they have a limited warranty that paid for most of my tire. I am quickly becoming the ultimate VW fan. I love my Jetta! � See More
Brian Ayers
· March 20, 2018
It would be nice if your finance department actually returned my repeated calls
Tom Shields
· September 7, 2016
I shopped at several dealerships in search of a car for my 16 year old daughter. We never really thought about a VW -- we were looking for Hondas, Toyotas, and Fords. We met Joe Matanovic at the VW ...dealership and he made all of the difference. Great service, patience, product knowledge and follow through. Showed us why our Jetta Sport was the best choice for our daughter. Great car buying experiences are hard to come by nowadays, but this one was so good that we leased a Passat for my wife!! And we'll be back in the market next summer when we turn in my son's car. Keffer VW and Joe will be the first - and probably only - place we'll visit! See More
Adri Castañeda
· April 9, 2016
I leased my first car, a VW Jetta 2015 in May last year. As a first time buyer many dealerships took advantage and tried to give me a very high interest rate. I have a good credit but it was kinda new... because I have recently moved to this country. I have had the same job for over 2 years and that was not enough for other dealerships to consider me as a good customer and gave me a 19% rate. I really love my car, it was my second Jetta but of course newer, Rick helped me the first time and I was really happy. Unfortunately, accidents happen and after 6 months somebody hit me and totaled my car but I was not injured at all, just minor things. This car it's completely safe!! Anyway, I was so desperate and stressed out because the other person's insurance that was at fault took more than 15 days to assume liability. I went back to Keffer VW and talked to Sean from the financial area and even though I did not have a check in my hand, he let me choose my next car. Darryl Radford help me this time and he found a nice car for me, yes I got another Jetta 2015 even though there was a recall for VW. I recommended VW and Keffer 100%. See More
Carole Kruger
· May 27, 2016
My husband and I just spent our first day in our newly-leased 2016 VW Jetta. So far so good! This is our first experiment with a lease agreement, though it is our third VW from Keffer in Huntersvill...e. We have never had anything but good luck with the vehicles, and have always been pleased with the work done by the service department. Kudos to Rick Holland for helping us consider the Jetta as a good choice for us at this stage in our lives. (We'd been looking to reduce our monthly car payments, and, on a practical level, to have an easier time getting in and out of the vehicle) And sincere thanks to Cheryl Goode for her thoughtful follow-up. We could not be happier. See More
Alexandra Hubbard
· March 11, 2017
I had a wonderful experience at keffer Volkswagen, Austin did a wonderful job getting me the car I wanted (in the right color), and making it as affordable as possible. Everyone that I came in contact... with that day was extremely friendly and willing to help however they could. I will be survicing my vehicle there for a very long time and will most likely be buying my next VW from them. Thank you so much for a wonderful time! See More
Coty Brayboy-Guerrero
· July 19, 2016
I purchased a new Passat in August of 2015 from this dealership. For several months it has been making a ticking noise when I drive on the interstate or winding roads. I have taken the vehicle in mult...iple times and each time I get a different diagnosis. None of which have been repaired. The mechanics say these noises are "normal function" for this vehicle. I have called the service manager several times, he has not returned my calls. I do not recommended this dealership or a VW.

Great sales department but the service department is not very helpful.
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Jerrold Woods
· May 9, 2016
Keffer vw dealership is definitely number one when it comes to buying a car from and that dealership is so professional and classy and they definitely make u feel important and like family. Im definit...ely gonna recommend and send more people to go see keffer vw to get a car from they're awesome and i have nothing but great ratings and reviews about them. Thank u sabrina u was awesome and so professional thank u and keffer vw for treating me like family and a important customer. See More
Jeffrey M. Folk
· January 5, 2018
Best team ever!!! Very friendly environment with knowledgeable staff!!!
Stephanie Hoff
· May 26, 2015
My experience with Keffer Volkswagen was beyond excellent. I was shopping for my first car post-college graduation, and went to Keffer Volkswagen because of their competitive pricing and great communi...cation. Ben surpassed my expectations and helped me through each step of the buying process, from test drive to financing. He was so friendly, understanding, and honest. He was very transparent throughout the whole process, too. I bought a used Subaru, and still, Ben was really knowledgeable about it. The price and service options could not be beat. I never felt pressure to make a decision, which was really important to me. Overall, I was nervous to buy my first car because of what I've heard about the typical experience working with a dealership, but Ben was really easy-going and made me feel right at home. I am so happy with my purchase, and I would work with Ben and Keffer Volkswagen again in a heartbeat. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! See More
Eileen Wolfe
· April 2, 2018
People are so nice very helpful and we would go back again
Gene Scott Smith
· February 5, 2017
After five purchase or lease transactions in the past four years, I have only praise for the people at Keffer. RIck Holland, Austin Floyd, and Sean Bartol are all first class. I've purchased at leas...t 38 new cars in the past 43 years and the experience at Keffer is the best by far. See More
Karen Bolle Wyderski
· September 5, 2016
I went to Keffer to buy an autobahn package GTI for my husband. I drove 1 1/2 hours to this dealership because they had exactly the car he wanted! From the minute I met Rick Holland when I came in the... door, to the trade-in details, to the finance desk with Sean, to the minute I drove off the lot this experience was AMAZING! Everyone was courteous, helpful, and very low key. NO high pressure sales pitches, no never ending negotiations. Just everyone working together WITH me to get him his new car! In fact, the experience was so great I went back two days later and bought another GTI for myself! See More
L Puddn' Patterson
· April 19, 2016
I am very happy with my purchase of my new vehicle, my salesman was Jeffery Hayden who was very helpful,very informative and also taught me the basics of the steering wheel and radio system...I have b...een driving my new car since I left the lot at VW, I have bragged to everyone about my great experience with complaints, everyone was extremely nice!!!!!Thank you!!!! See More
DraKola XyoojTswb
· February 27, 2016
Just went and got a pre-owned 2008 Hyundai from Keffer VW for a really nice deal. Experience was terrific and the sales team there was above and beyond! Great thanks to Eric Cooper who made this purch...ase possible and his tenacity to answer or find the the answer to every question we had for him being first time buyers! Great place and great people, will definitely do business with them again anytime. Thank you Keffer VW!!! See More
Ryan Stevens
· July 10, 2016
John Malone helped me pick out my first car purchase of a 2016 VW Jetta. He understood my needs and helped me find a car that fit my monthly payments. He was very knowledgable about each car and laid ...out all the details for the contract. John made my first buying experience smooth and exceptional. I am so pleased with the purchase! Thank you Mr. Malone! See More
Cole Scoggins
· January 3, 2016
I recently leased a 2016 Tiguan and had a truly positive experience. After having no luck with both of my local VW dealerships, I decided to reach out-of-state and talked with the sales team member, ...Eric, in the morning about what I was looking for and by that evening I was driving home in my new car. It was 100% worth the hour and a half drive to Huntersville for the service I received. See More
Kate Crawford
· January 18, 2016
I bought my first car, a pre-owned Toyota, from Joe. Since I knew exactly which car I wanted he was really quick and helpful, and made sure I got a good deal. There was quite a bit of paperwork since ...I'm a first time car owner and he was patient throughout the process. He made sure I understood the ins and outs of the car before I left the lot, and even made sure it was super clean and had new rubber floor mats. Thanks Joe!! See More
Ann Lampron
· December 7, 2016
Thanks, Darryl and David! My recent purchase of a new Passat was almost too easy with your help and support. This is my second purchase here and I wanted to come back because to the support I've had a...ll along. Service is great, quick, and nearly painless! I feel better on the road knowing that Keffer will be there for me. I do enjoy driving a VW! See More
Brooke Harrington
· March 29, 2017
Loving my new Passat! Thanks to Rick Holland for making my second lease with him super easy and quick! I was in and out under and hour with my new car and couldn't be happier. Thanks again, Rick!!
Logan Corrai
· June 11, 2016
Joe was the best salesman. We worked with him for our new gti back in December and when we were looking to add another gti to the family he was super helpful with finding the perfect one. He's patient and doesn't bs you. The whole staff here is awesome, they put up with us and our two dogs for hours on end :) See More
Aaron Thomas Cameron
· December 10, 2015
These guys are good if your in person but they need help with the phone. When calling nobody had my answer and no one knows where to transfer me. I got left at two mailboxes that were "full" so I coul...dn't leave a message. Finally I had a person to leave a note for someone to call me when they get off the phone. 8 Hours later I am still waiting for a call back. See More
Carolyn Hamilton
· January 12, 2016
As a current Chapter 13 client with 10 more remaining months, searching for a dependable pre-owned vehicle was becoming stressful. I met Joe Matanovic and Cheryl Goode in October of 2015 in the proc...ess of seaching for a pre-owned car. I contacted Joe again this month (January 2016) and explained the status of my car search. Joe worked unstoppable on locating a low mileage dependable car for me to purchase with the assistance of Cheryl Goode. In 3 days I was approved for a vehicle, which I thought would be impossible because of my current financial situation. I am highly recommending the sales consultant services of Joe Matanovic and Cheryl Goode to everyone seaching for a new or pre-owned vehicle. Especially Chapter 13 participants that are about to be discharged or has been discharged from Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I am eternally grateful. Thanks to Sean Bartol for finalizing the car buying process. C. Hamilton See More
Frank Guida
· August 28, 2017
Great experience! My salesman, Rick Holland, was super nice and took time to make sure I knew all the features of my new VW Jetta and how to access/operate them! Everyone at the dealership was and made sure I was taken care of. See More
Rosalie Natoli
· April 14, 2016
By far one of the best buying experiencing we have had, our salesperson Seeram Kirpaul, was knowledgeable, professional and went the extra mile in his service. We are already looking into purchasing o...ur next vehicle for our daughter! See More
David Reynolds
· February 24, 2015
I made a huge mistake and purchased my VW from Carolina VW and ended up getting screwed when they told me they would take care of the registration and switching my insurance. That was a mistake, I ended up being harassed by police officers and was told a handful of empty promises. DO NOT GO TO CAROLINA VW! They will royally screw you and enjoy doing so, then admit fault and do nothing to help customer relations and in fact, lie about multiple things they were going to do. Give Keffer a chance. See More
Jennifer Preston Grenn
· November 27, 2015
I had the best experience, yet again with this dealer. This was my fourth car from them. Joe helped my and had everything ready when I got there. It wasn't a hassle, just went in for a car and got e...xactly what I needed! Thanks! See More
Keely Nocifora
· July 28, 2016
I dealt with Sean Richardson recently in the service department. I was very impressed by the way he made sure my car was fixed right and i was taken care of, its nice to have a trustworthy place i can... bring my car to. See More
Mike Hadrick
· June 28, 2016
Searching online for a specific used car, I found one at Keffer VW. I had some questions so phoned the dealership and spoke with Jeff H. He called me back in 10 minutes with the answers, and 90 minute...s later I was buying the car. Super smooth experience, and Jeff H was very good. See More
Holly Brittner
· July 20, 2016
John Malone was such a fantastic help today! Not only was everyone very friendly, but the dealership is very nice with great benefits for their customers AND it is dog friendly!
Matthew Bingham
· December 18, 2015
These guys are awesome! They are the first people who actually tried to help me with my questionable credit. They got me approved and now I'm on the way to credit freedom. I love this place! Talk to M...ark, Joe, or Dwayne in sales & they'll set you up with a new ride! See More
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