KTO Finally Organic Deodorant has literally transformed my life and will transform yours too. I named it "Finally" because I Finally have zero body odor. The day my husband said, "honey come on, you have to create a product to get rid of that smell," I was mortified, so embarrassed and yet totally inspired to make something asap. My husband's comment forced me to formulate a deodorant that gave me back my confidence to never worry about body odor again. I'm literally obsesse...d with this product and if you have body odor, you will be obsessed with this product too.
The 2017 version is even softer and still delivers up to 24 hours of zero body odor, so it's a win win!
Please share this with anyone that you love that might be in need of a transformation! You can use KTO25 at checkout to receive 25% off.

Sent with love,

Kelly T

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Super excited to share a 6 year dream that has come to fruition! Please spread the word. KTO has launched in 29 TARGET stores.

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Could the sunscreen ingredients you've been relying on to protect you from skin cancer actually cause cancer? Get the inside scoop here.

Ty Bollinger is making a difference in Cancer Prevention. He is the one the made the documentary The Quest for the Cure, amazing information. Read this when you get a chance. Sent with love, Kelly T

Do you ever eat these top ten cancer causing foods? Learn what they are and four tips for consuming an anti-cancer diet instead.
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June 4, 2016
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Solutions to so many problems 🌱 #KTO tightening serum is a must! #natural #beauty #organic #skincare #flowers #floral

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A few #KTO favs- you never know which color you'll need! #organic #skincare #natural #beauty #floral #humpday #lipgloss

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Organic products that actually work. Our rose water toner is a must 😁 #kto #organic #skincare #natural #beauty #hygiene #flowers

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Exfoliating at its finest! Try our anti aging goji and pomegranate exfoliant 👌🏼 #kto #organic #skincare #natural #beauty #nature #hygiene

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Happy Mothers Day from #KTO! All of you mothers are so very appreciated 😄 Take care of yourself with KTO! #organic #natural #skincare #beauty #mothersday #gift #essentials

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Trust me, it's worth it. Organic deodorant that actually works- and smells amazing! 😄 #kto #organic #skincare #natural #beauty #hygiene

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