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Please don't forget to come out and support this benefit concert!

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Sat 7:30 PM EDT1583 Macon Hwy, Warrenton, GA 30828-4311, United States
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Please help us support Heidi as she battles terminal cancer. Every dollar raised will go towards medical bills and the care of her two children.

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day.

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Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make the 15th and Final Kelsi Long Memorial Ride a success! We battled weather and other circumstances Saturday but our prayers were answered and we finally were able to ride about 1:00. We had 24 motorcycles and raised about $1,100.00. The ironic part of all this is these are almost the same exact numbers from our first ride in 2003. In the words of Brian Long (Kelsi's dad) "We went out the same way we came in." ...We've had many dedicated supporters for 15 years and we appreciate each and every one of you! As Mike told you at the ride Saturday you will always have a special place with us and will receive discounts and special attention at every function the KEL Foundation hosts from now on. Y'all stay tuned... we might have had our last ride but the KEL Foundation is far from finished!

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There is still time to register for the ride.. The sky is clearing up so come on out!!!

ATTENTION BIKERS!!!! There is rain delay.. Kickstands up 12:45. We are waiting out the rain!!

Registration is in full swing!!! Come on out!!

On January 22, 2002 Kelsi Elizabeth Long was born. She weighed 5 lbs and was 18 inches long. She was a beautiful baby girl. There was only one thing that wasn’t absolutely perfect about her you see, she was stillborn. Her heart stopped before she was born because of a complication from Down Syndrome. She never took one single breath or opened her eyes to see the loving family that surrounded her. When Kelsi was born she was already at home with Jesus. Her entire family... was devastated to say the least. For a long time everyone wondered “why” even though we knew we weren’t supposed to question the greater plan. It was just so hard to believe that something so tragic and painful could have a purpose. Kelsi’s family did the best we could to lift each other up and try to heal from the hurt but the question remained, “why?” In March of 2003, the first annual Kelsi Long Memorial Ride was held in her memory and $1,500.00 was donated to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. For the first time in over a year Kelsi’s family felt a little bit of hope so we decided we would make it an annual event. This year will be the 15th annual Kelsi Long Memorial Ride and to date we’ve been able to donate over $100,000.00 to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. And the answer to “why” is becoming more clear to me everyday. If Kelsi had lived she would’ve been a sick little girl and would probably have required frequent medical care. Instead, Kelsi never had to be sick one day. She was able to go straight from her Mommy to Jesus. What a blessing! She never endured any suffering or even had to feel one moment of sadness. Since Kelsi was so blessed I believe she wanted to return those blessings to those of us still here. Because of Kelsi we’ve been able to help children with various illnesses from Proteus Syndrome to cancer. Our family has been blessed to meet some of the most precious children over the years and see them heal right before our eyes! Wow! Thank you to everyone who has supported the Kelsi Long Memorial Foundation all these years. You may not even realize what a blessing you’ve been to a child you’ve never even met but we know.

In preparing for this year’s ride I’d like to ask that everyone involved please remember why we’re here. We are not just a motorcycle ride. We are a family who pulled together in our own time of need and ended up helping others in the process. When you see the name “Kelsi Long Memorial Foundation” please remember that’s not just another organization asking for handouts, that’s a little girl’s name and memory. Just take a moment and picture a beautiful little blue eyed, auburn haired girl named Kelsi thanking you for helping all the kids like her!

Thank you,
Kelly Usry, KEL Foundation Secretary and Kelsi’s aunt

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Come eat wings with us today! Beginning 11:00am until close at Buffalo Wild Wings. A portion of all meal tickets will be donated to us! Please come out and help us help the Children's Hospital of Georgia!

Mike Maddox will be on the old time radio hour Saturday. Tune into WTHO 101.7 Saturday morning to here Mike talk about the foundation and Kelsi Ride.

Please share our flyer with your friends and ask them to share with their friends. Will you help us get 1,500 followers before March 18 since it's our 15th and final ride? Thanks for all your support and prayers!