So, we added a new element to our July 4th remembrance. This watermelon is shot with magnum buckshot from a 12 gauge shotgun (15 .32 caliber pellets). The video is taken in slo-mo. Enjoy!
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What did you do today? We made a Cuccinelli slip 'n slide!

A thoughtful consideration of the death penalty and shrinking it instead of expanding it:…/republicans-seek-end-death-pena…/

Conservatives support small, limited government and believe life is precious. We should therefore unequivocally disavow any use of the death penalty.

If you have facebook on your phone, they are listening to you. I wonder if that's true on a laptop? Anyone know?

I've fought against the surveillance state enough, I don't need private sector actors taking their place...…/edward-snowden-faceboo…

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Welcome to annual pi day!

Our "century pi day" was of course three years ago, on 3/14/15.

For the non-mathy among you, you will remember pi from your math classes as 3.1415 and so on to no known end (and it does not repeat).


Thus, March 14th (3.14) is pi day.

For those most curious, pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

It is other things too, but that's the base ratio. Enjoy lobbing that one out at dinner tonight!

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Excellent and in-depth commentary by Gov. Bevin (of Kentucky) on the society-wide problems that factor into mass violence by children. The questioner began by challenging Gov. Bevin on what she called his inconsistency in opposing gun control and protecting children.

It's 7 minutes long. I highly recommend watching and sharing. multimedia/video/news/youtube_ c2674705-960f-52ed-b8d8- 9d2c34d514e4.html

Indictments 22 hrs ago 0 Facebook Twitter Email A man recently released from prison was indicted Friday on new charge by a Christian County grand jury.

March Madness Time.

With full acknowledgement of my UVa bias, I have to say that we got the worst/hardest #4&5 seed combo - by far - of any of the four regions.

If you were a #1 seed, and these were your four choices for 4/5 seeds (the team you'll likely face in the sweet 16 round), which one would be your LAST choice?


Gonzaga/Ohio State
Wichita State/WVU

It's a no-brainer. AZ/Kentucky.

They won the Pac-12 season and tourney (AZ) and they have the best player in the nation (DeAndre Ayton) & Kentucky won the SEC tournament with a talent-stacked team. They were both in the pre-season top-5 as well.

I personally think AZ is a better team than all of the #3 seeds except Michigan State.

Auburn tied for the regular season SEC title and then got one of its best players injured and lost early in the SEC tournament. Clemson tied for 3rd (with three other teams) in the ACC and has one of its best players injured.

Gonzaga has a solid big man and won the WCC (ever heard of it?) & Ohio State has over-performed (as has UVa) but faded late in the season and didn't make the big-10 semis.

Finally, Wichita State didn't win its conference or make it to their tournament title game, and while WVU is one of only two teams to beat UVa during the season, they did it at home and have struggled in the Big-12 since then. They did make their tournament championship game, but lost it.

As the article below notes in satirical fashion, UVa sure wasn't treated like the top seed overall...…/ncaa-tournament-committee-didn…/

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Four of the seven major-conference champions are in the South Region

Shocking, I know, but the WaPo has really stepped in it lately on this topic:…/244c9eba-2306-11e8-badd-7c…

Around the world, many are suffering lethal discrimination.

This is an interesting intellectual issue: If one judge says DACA is legal, but another says it's illegal (and imposes an injunction against ending it), then can the President press ahead and end it? I think a strong argument can be made that the President can go ahead and end the program in reliance on the favorable court ruling - at least until a higher court weighs in against him.

It would be a very aggressive approach, but this President has not shied away from being aggressive in the past.…/trump-obligated-follo…/

Conflicting court opinions on DACA show the absurdity of judicial supremacism.

I cannot describe how moved and happy I was to see this outcome. Justice comes 40 years later...…/article_67f10f15-3d17-56a7-a142-9…

A one-letter change in Virginia's writ of actual innocence law five years ago that was dismissed by some as inconsequential, may have made a big change in the life of

Justice Alito Fries the Minnesota AG's lawyer and has him for dinner... actually, probably just a weasely little snack...

This is a hilarious exchange in a free speech case. Hint: t-shirts that quote the 2nd amendment are bannable political speech, but not t-shirts that quote the 1st amendment - long live free speech!…/justice-alito-hoists-anti-free-…/

Hilarious. It's like "James O'Keefe Does Science Journals"... enjoy!…

“Threshold” is one of the most infamous Star Trek episodes ever. You know what’ we’re talking about—the one with Warp 10 and the weird evolved amphibians. Well, it was also the recent subject of a fake scientific research paper submitted in a test to expose the ever-growing problem of “p...

Here is my write-up on the immigration decisions from this week at SCOTUS. Please read and share!…/376185-supreme-courts-immigration-detention-r…

If the judicial principle holds — that the executive can implement immigration laws as they are written — then the Trump White House is going to be in for a run of wins.

Bye-bye Obamacare? Finally! This lawsuit should end it (really) as of Jan. 1, 2019:…/ag-paxton-and-wisconsin-…

My comments:


In NFIB v. Sebelius (2012), SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the U.S.) upheld Obamacare under Congress’s taxing power due to the financial penalty levied against individuals who do not purchase the mandated healthcare. At the same time, SCOTUS held that Americans could not be ordered to purchase Obamacare’s “minimum essential [healthcare] coverage”, because such a mandate violated the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

Thus, the only thing that saved Obamacare from being found unconstitutional in 2012 was it’s financial penalty for those who do not buy the mandated health insurance coverage, because Congress had the power to enact the legislation under its constitutional taxing power.

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 into law. Among other things, this legislation eliminated the tax penalty of Obamacare, without eliminating the mandate for the purchase of healthcare.

While the health insurance mandate was held unconstitutional in NFIB, the tax penalty is what saved Obamacare from being overturned as unconstitutional.

Now that the tax penalty has been removed from Obamacare, but the health insurance mandate remains, Obamacare is now unconstitutional. That is why the 18 GOP AGs and 2 GOP Governors (Bryant & LePage) have sued to have Obamacare held unconstitutional.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel today led a 20-state coalition lawsuit against the federal government, challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. In the lawsuit, Attorney General Paxton explains that when C...

An online personality test, for fun. I came up ESTP-A. What are you?

Take our Personality Test and get a 'freakishly accurate' description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.

It's time to get off the big government bandwagon!…/…/2648602

With Republicans spending like drunken sailors again, it isn't hard to appreciate why Sen. Rand Paul would launch a filibuster.