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💜 The Low Light LP has officially dropped 💜

This LP symbolizes a lot for me in my life, I wrote it in a time of great confusion and change. When I first started writing this LP I felt completely lost as an artist and as a person. Over the course of writing this my path as an artist and as a human became more and more clear, coming out the other side stronger and more determined than ever. The writing process was very similar as well. Lost Boy was the first track I wrote on th...e LP and was also the first house tune I had ever written. When I first wrote it I was so excited by the new style, so much so that I just kept writing house music. I fell so in love with it that one song turned into two turned into three turned into an LP and a whole whack of unreleased music. Now I feel more clear in my style and path than ever. The year ahead looks bright, but first let's start with this, Low Light!

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Today I’m thrilled to drop my Low Light LP Live Set! Digital Motion Events and I worked together to plan an epic LP release opening up for Mr. Bill and Au5 at the Red Room in downtown Vancouver. This live set not only showcases the new record, but also the future sound and direction of this project.
Much Love,
-Kermode ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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