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  • CEO & FounderJuly 9, 2013 to presentTangerang
    Allsunday Addiction is an online shop (for now) which supply all u girls needed in polish haul. We only sale an authentic nail polish (100% quarantee). The highlight polish brand is Ruby Wing and OPI, all the stuffs is ready stock (for Ruby Wing, and some of OPI)

    We also doing home nail salon, which you can make an appointment with us to do your nail at your place (it can be for your birthday party, prewed photoshoot or your wedding day)

    IG: allsundayaddiction
    Phone : 0813-11594664 (key)
    Line: keyallsunday
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  • But the "things" that matter the MOST in this world, they can never be held in our hand..and when time has surrender and earth is no MORE, i'll still cling to the old rugged cross.

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    simple but also complicated...it can't be describe by words. seems like i didn't like pain, but i need it...to make me feel so human...because i think sore made you feel alive...honestly for me, honest is better than hiden' fool...but sometimes knowin' the turth is really-really hard to be accepted when it hurts me, but it doesn't mean that i won't accpt it...i will n i try!

    i'm an independent woman!

    love my best pals also...trust in her n spend a girls time with her to do a girls stuff...hehe...

    i love ice cream so much...addicted to fireworks...i like to do an absurd things, just to make it fun...
    I LIKE spend times to cooking with fer..enjoying the time n the meals!

    in negative---> i'm toooo annoying, fussy, sloppy, obstinate, indolent, riot, trouble, fatty, sentimental, tearful...--"

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  • "Beauty are comes from inside and outside, but true beauty comes from heart"

    "Beauty is How you feel inside and it's reflects in your eyes"- Sophia Loren

    " I decided, very early on, just to accept life unconditionally" - Audrey hepburn