Mmmm hmmmm, almost time to un-hibernate. And, what kinda kick is required to wake up after a six-month-slumber? Just another magical hand dealt by mother nature. From the heart of the Rockies to the mugs of many: the rich, dark chocolate decadence of Grizzly Claw. Welcome back, Spring!

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Kicking Horse Coffee
Food & Beverage Company

Does a light roast coffee mean wimpy coffee? Weak flavour? Less caffeine? Nope. Nope. Nope. Light roasts simply mean the beans have been roasted less. So, lighten up! Become enlightened. Taste the light.

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Kicking Horse Coffee
Food & Beverage Company
How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home
Work it! Bean waiting for you, Monday. Churn on through! 󾮖🏼☕️
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Liz Lena C
· January 26, 2018
What DON’T I love about kicking horse coffee?! It’s Canadian. Fair traded. Organic. Savoury. Deep. Rich. Balanced. Flavourful. Absolutely delicious, the BEST coffee I have ever had, aside from the esp...resso I enjoyed in Italy a few years ago. To be fair though, I’ve not yet tried Kicking Horse’s espresso. So who knows ;)
This coffee is so legit on so many levels: buy it, try it, and you’ll never go back. I remember the first time I opened a bag of Three Sisters blend beans....the aroma was utterly divine. All other coffees pale in comparison now...I French press Three Sisters every morning and positively savour every sip. Thank you Kicking Horse for the best coffee ever!!
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Kandace S. Jackson
· December 28, 2017
Best coffee ever! Started drinking it while I was in college in Alberta and fell in love with the Kick Ass blend... because it is truly kick ass!�And it’s free trade too. Very little comes close to it.... Ever since I came back to Trinidad and Tobago 7 years ago, I have missed it tremendously. The little I’ve gotten sent to be over the years, I have savored. Then I discovered that it’s available for purchase on Amazon and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Now I can really enjoy a cup almost everyday and not save it for special occasions. ���� See More
Candice Hobon
· November 24, 2017
I tried the Three Sisters blend recently, and it was love at first sip. Let me put it this way: I don't drink my coffee black. Ever. However, I tasted this sans sweetener after brewing it in my french... press. This is the first coffee that I can honestly say I would drink black. Now THAT is good coffee! � See More
Bianca Neves
· February 23, 2018
Ever since I moved to Canada I've been searching for the perfect coffee to start my days (as a Brazilian... I'm addicted to good coffee!).
Among disappointing options (that honestly tasted like dirty ...water).... I found Kicking Horse ♥
Uh.... finally!!! An amazing way to start my days! :)
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Raj Nandan
· November 23, 2017
Kicking Horse coffee. (454 Horse power dark)
Coffee never tasted this good. I've been drinking coffee since the 70's always seeking the best tasting coffee with a rich flavor aroma. Kicking Horse c...offee is what I was seeking all these years. In one word "perfection". See More
Travis King
· January 26, 2018
I had seen their products on the shelf for a while now, but never gave it a shot until this year when I was given a bag of smart ass medium roast for Christmas. I have to say, this is hands down some ...the tastiest beans you can buy in the supermarket. Highly recommend to anyone who loves good coffee. See More
Margo Talbot
· December 30, 2017
The coffee itself (Kick Ass) would get a 5 star rating, except for the fact that the bags are not vacuum sealed. I'm not sure why, as every other coffee brand that I have bought has come in a vacuum s...ealed bag to preserve its freshness. See More
Cindy Irwin
· January 17, 2018
After a problem with our initial purchase of "Kick Ass" coffee, we received a replacement and, it is fantastic! Rich, dark and super tasty. Thanks so much for your quick and personal attention, you're... a great bunch of folks selling superb coffee. See More
Lisa Richard
· January 29, 2018
Kickass,Three sisters and every other blend are simply the best coffee on the planet.I have never hoarded coffee until I tasted this stuff !love love it
Brad Wingard
· February 3, 2018
Recently bought this coffee from my local Target store. I got the whole bean Kick Ass blend. I ground some fresh and brewed in my Keurig. EXCELLENT COFFEE!!! I might have to go back to the store a... lot sooner to buy more! Thanks Kicking Horse Coffee for a wonderful coffee experience! See More
Raphael Foucault
· February 5, 2018
Holy Horse, by far the best coffee ever ! I really appreciate and my friends, you should see their faces when they discover it too : ''what the hell is that so damn good ''!! My fav' Grizzly Claw, Sma...rt ass...let's discover all the time and cups !! See More
David Swanson
· August 11, 2017
I've been drinking Kicking Horse coffee for years but since moving to England, I have to count on family or friend travelling home to Canada to buy it. This is my favourite coffee but here in the UK, ...the only way to get it is to pay 6x the Canadian price. Perhaps the new owners will use their distribution channels to share it with the world at a reasonable price. Thankfully, my son just returned from hockey camp in Canada and brought me 2 lbs of whole bean 454! Also love Kick Ass and Three Sisters. Delicious stuff. See More
Steven Vaughn
· December 5, 2017
Like the grizzly claw blend, however didnt see the pebble in the beans and did some damage to my grinder... not faulting kicking horse just letting people know to keep an eye out
Mary Medsker
· October 18, 2017
454 Horse Power! First tried it with a Keurig, then drip style, and then EspressoWorks Machine. All terrific, but EspressoWorks by far the best to bring all flavor notes out. Finally found a delicious..., non bitter, smooth coffee to drink black, and totally enjoy. Thank you Kicking Horse. See More
Kristin Lynn Hladysh
· January 9, 2018
Just bought my first bag of Three Sisters, very good!! Delicious! And the decaf is really good too! Never switching back brands now!
Ashley Barclay
· January 12, 2018
My most favourite coffee!! Not only where it comes from, the taste & the packaging, but the names of the flavours as well. Love, love, love!! You guys rock!
Tara Tøpping
· February 23, 2018
The Three Sisters blend is my absolute fave coffee. So much so, I prefer making my own coffee at home rather than buying from any well liked coffee shops �
Andrew Cooper
· September 2, 2017
I was a huge death wish coffee drinker. but having to order it from the state's is a pain. I found your brand of coffee in Waterton. And been a hug fan ever since and my wife even became a coffee dri...nker. Needless to say I haven't ordered from death wish on nearly 2 years See More
Brenda L. Leake
· February 25, 2018
having a cup right now! tried it for the first time, it was on sale at my local supermarket so I said "I will try this!"
Colin Fitzgerald
· November 30, 2017
Best coffee ever. I won't buy any other brand now. Tim Hortons and Starbucks is child's play compared to your coffee. Cliffhanger and Smart Ass are easily my favourites. Keep up the amazing work!

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Behold! The Three Sisters. Pay homage to this trio of towering Canadian Rocky Mountains by getting to know their namesake: a triple-punch blend of light, medium and dark roasts. Smooth, savoury and more than a little seductive.

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Kicking Horse Coffee
Food & Beverage Company

Double spout? Or is that a bow-legged cowpoke keepin' spurs a-janglin' with a double shot of Z-Wrangler? Bold, sweet, courageous. Whoopie ti yi yo! Git along, little donkey.

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Kicking Horse Coffee
Food & Beverage Company

Who loves you a latte? (We do, bucko. We do.)

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Welcome the week with a bag of bold, beautiful bring-it on beans. Some of the finest, hands-down. All beans are 100% certified Organic, Fairtrade, shade-grown Arabica, Canadian Rocky-Mountain roasted coffee. Huzzah! Take that, Monday.

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Staying awake into the wee hours to cheer? (You know what we’re talkin’ about). Here’s to kicking ass!

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Pony up. Rein it in. Buck up. What's the best prep for that first morning cup?

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Kicking Horse Coffee
Food & Beverage Company

Go on, fuss up the kick. Plunk a dollop of cream into the morning (or evening) shot. No judgement here. These beans aren't shy about sharing a room.

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Sundays are for slow mornings, strong coffee & serious relaxation. Easier said than done? Here's a few tips on how to wake up and kick back (while still kicking ass, of course).

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Grindhog those beans! Fine, coarse or medium? Grind it right and mmmmm hmmmmm that's how to get deep, dark & delicious. Might even be a shadow of smoky magic in there, too. #GroundhogDay

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From there to here, from here to there, coffee mugs are everywhere!

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My cups, my cups, my lovely coffee cups.

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Nothing is so painful to the human mind as an empty cup of coffee.

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