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Lauren Hall-Stigerts
· February 7, 2018
My kid loved this place and it’s not far from where we live. There is a diverse array of activities to keep kids busy, and there’s a perfect place for toddlers to play safely.

Unfortunately, this pl...ace is small for how many kids and families are here. We showed up shortly after opening on a Tuesday morning and it was already busy. It’s expensive for a one-time visit but very reasonable if you buy a one-year membership that comes with unlimited visits.

However, I don’t think I’ll be buying the membership because parking is atrocious. There’s a small and perennially full lot that belongs to the museum, another free lot at the park next door that is also full with museum goers and construction worker parking, and then the museum recommends the closest paid parking garages a few blocks away that are pretty expensive.

What a disappointment. I hope the museum figures out a better parking solution.
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Vir Ibar
· April 5, 2018
We really like this place. I think adults shouldn’t pay admission, or in the case of the membership, it should be open to 1 adult + kid (you need to show your id now, so only the person in the members...hip can go with the kid).
My toddlers loves going there, and the space for little kids is amazing.
More clases and workshops for little kids would be great.
Please! Put a vending machine for coffee. We all parents will appreciate �.
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Shawn Falkner-Horine
· February 25, 2018
My 4-yr-old daughter loved everything, from the train landscape to the water toys, the conveyor belts to the book nook, and we didn't even have time to cover everything. Staff stayed mostly out of the... way but was present enough, and most of the other parents were pretty attentive, so the kid control was solid. It was an easy decision to get a membership -- after three more daddy/daughter days there over the next year, we'll have saved money, and I certainly plan on taking those opportunities! See More
Shelbra Brinkman
· February 24, 2018
An annual family membership to KidsQuest has been the big Christmas present to my great-nephew for the past 3 years. He loves KidsQuest. Our family loves going there. There are so many different pl...aces to play and things to experience that my nephew never tires of it. In fact, we just went 2 days in a row, for 2-3 hours both days. We love KidsQuest! I do think, however, t hat the increased pricing is making it harder to maintain a membership. Is there a way to offset the membership cost? Could the member families help with an annual fundraiser, or...? See More
Vandana Kakaraparthy
· March 12, 2018
The place is really amazing for the kids to play. My daughter enjoyed a lot. The place has quite a few choices for her to play. The water play, courier tracking, kitchen space, market are really good.
Maxine Adams Lo
· January 31, 2018
Love the new space! We were there for about 5 hours and my 5 year old spent all that time in just two rooms - we didn’t even cover the whole museum! The space is huge, and the toys really capture the’ attention. See More
Annalisa Conserti-Jones
· October 15, 2017
I got a membership at KidsQuest, in spite of living on the Seattle side based on one visit where my kids were occupied the entire three hours. I've since recouped the price of membership in saved admi...ssion fees, and it was totally worth it. I actually like the downtown Bellevue site better, in spite of the sub optimal parking.

What I like is that every area of the museum is very well thought out, and well maintained in spite of its clientele, unlike similar venues (*cough* SCM *cough*). The water area is superb, as well as the miniature train tables/city, and the area with the model truck (which my son has to be dragged out of to explore the rest of the museum). I love that there is an under 3 area that is very distinct from the rest of the museum, but said rest of the museum is still appealing to the under 3 crowd.

Are there certain parts that could use more space? Yes. But I'd rather have a smaller reading area that might feel too cozy and a larger area to experiment with construction toys and puppet/theater props than a gigantic area full of books that is almost always entirely empty and therefore unused space (*cough* same museum cited above *cough*).

It can get quite crowded on summer afternoons, as I often have seen entire summer camp groups wandering around on field trips. But if that's an issue for you, I'd consider a membership. It gets you access to extra hours just for members, so you can visit without dealing with crowds (something I appreciate, having a child on the spectrum).
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Briar Dutton
· February 1, 2018
The price to get in his high, I get paying to see the zoo. But to get into a playland? You are basically paying to watch your kid. It was also really crowded, we only lasted two hours. I dealt with a ...few super rude parents. The only staff I saw was at the counter, I didn’t know that you needed a bunch at the counter. The water area was fun, and the climbing thing looked like it would be fun. It felt cleaner then the place downtown. It was a one time thing though since we are not From Washington. See More
Yanin Reyes
· January 26, 2018
Took my two year old on her birthday, she had lots of fun! Although I do think there should be a little more for kids under 3 to do, I will be returning again. The art room would feel more welcoming w...ith brighter colors or more things for kids to do other than just color but my girl still enjoyed it. Definitely waiting a little longer before we return so she can enjoy more of the activities there See More
Marty Steinberg
· March 4, 2018
We went with our grandkids, they had a great time and we enjoyed watching them very much. It can be busy, I think parking is more of a challenge then the crowds inside. Get there early, only stay fo a... little while, then go get lunch somewhere. See More
Barb Miller
· January 15, 2018
Worth the price of admission if you live on Bainbridge, but factor in ferry...pricey for an hours enjoyment for a family of four. Geared to the pre-school crowd
Anya Sannikova
· October 10, 2017
Museum is great for kids until age of 11. Full admission for adults though? That's a rip off, kids can't be without supervision of an adult so it's kind of frustrating that they would charge full admi...ssion price for adults.
Otherwise pretty fun area for kids.
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Archana Neeraj Joshi
· February 2, 2018
It is really awesome place for kids.My son enjoyed here. There are lots of games and activities specially water area and Thomas train section is so good. I Love this place.
Kelly Smith
· August 4, 2017
I have many friends who love this place so I was excited to finally make it there. I was disappointed though when we got there.
I had two kids with me ages 3 and 4.
They loved the water area but was pretty much it for us.
The art space only had colored pencils and stencils on two tables and clay on two other tables. You weren't allowed to use anything else. It didn't feel like the creative space it could be. There was another room using recyclable materials to make thongs but there were only certain things you were allowed to do, again this was not very creative. The snack areas were in the middle of the stairwell on a landing. The reading area had lots of books but not really any quiet comfy spaces to sit and read.
It was small which would have been fine if it weren't so expensive.
We also had to park several blocks away which make me even less likely to want to go back.
Lastly, there was a group of older kids who looked way too big for everything. They didn't seem to want to explore but rather they were running up and down stairs and through halls. My kiddos and myself nearly got nocked down several times.
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Ashlei Stewart
· October 13, 2017
My almost 4 year old had a wonderful time, so much so we bought a membership. Arriving at 9am helped him have a less crowded experience and we were able to park in the main lot. We will definitely be back.
Akma Prasevic Gerzic
· January 15, 2018
Plece for kids is great but charging full admission for adults it is rip off
I just sit there also parking is bad I had to pay for parking at 929. Ridiculous
Trevor Hall
· November 23, 2017
Engaging, clean exhibits, but limited and expensive. $24 is a bit much for the few activities they have.

(Updated 11/29/17: Having been to a few more museums in the area, $24 doesn't seem that expens...ive anymore) See More
Robb Ginter
· July 30, 2017
Small, but fantastic! We have a three-year-old, and there was plenty for him to do. It was our first time, but will be back again. It's a lovely place, well-equipped, and a bunch of activities for l...ittle ones. Super clean, and really fantastic staff. If you're ever in Seattle, it's worth the drive to Bellevue, you won't be disappointed! Wooden train, little grocery store, toddler play area, reading nook, huge climbing area, and super family and toddler friendly bathrooms. See More
Sean Smith
· July 2, 2017
I love taking my son there on Saturday mornings. He's one year old and the Tot Orchard is perfect for him. He can practice his walking and stairs all in a safe fun place. Plus the locks/knobs area is ...super fun for him to explore. It's just nice to have something geared for his age. The other areas are a little grown up for him but he loves to watch the boxes move in the On the Go room and the water area is just fun. We will have many fun years here. In just a few months the membership has paid for itself. Easily. Thanks KQ!! See More
Raymond Haynes
· November 5, 2017
Awesome place I will return one small opinion I don't think it's enough for handicapped kids to do there
Cheers to a fun Recess on the Rocks last night. Thanks to everyone that came out. Washington Beer, THE ULTIMATE MELT. #recessontherocks #hoopsandhops
Go Seattle Seahawks! #WeAre12 #KidsQuestStaff #seahawks #12thman
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