The many faces of the San Francisco March for Science...
A look at the tremendous support shown to the world and our environment as the city of San Francisco marched for Science! Remember: Every Day is Earth Day!
Holy shit. Video footage of surviving a typhoon and not everyone survived!

My Green Valentine...
By: Kim Michele 💚

Love happens all year round, but for the month of St. Valentine, double up on some good karma by giving some hearts to the planet! If you like to combine romance with travel, Northern California should be your go-to destination with its top of the line sustainable luxury hotels, farm-to-table restau

Fascinating how various spices are adapting to our changing climate (or trying to). It is all a matter of survival and is up to us to find balance in our environment to ensure the future of our wildlife and their habitat.

A new study finds "hot spots" where animals that turn white for the winter could thrive in a less snowy world.

These guys and girls are my heroes!

How a group of five activists called the Valve Turners decided to fight global warming by doing whatever it takes.

Comes as no surprise. At least they have the sense to say the right thing.

The director of national intelligence warned Congress that climate change could cause "upheaval" this year.
Kim Michele updated their cover photo.

Be kind to the earth 🌏 this Valentines Day

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Now there is something to chew on...

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These plates are changing the way we look at waste 🍽️

I'm kind of glad that I won't be around to see this. However for the younger generation, I am scared! Is this what we are leaving behind for future generations to deal with? Shame on us!

It can be hard to get too worked up over climate change, even if we know intellectually that it’s a huge problem.

Well worth the swap

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Do you use plastic K-cups every morning for your coffee? There may be another option that's better for the environment, thanks to Lincoln-based San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee.
Brian Hickey, KCRA takes a look at the new single-use pods:

Shifts in Indian and Chinese energy markets mean an American coal revival is looking increasingly unlikely.

"Legislators from the nine participating states — New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington —... have been working together over the past two years to craft legislation and messaging around the idea of a carbon tax that would touch all parts of the state’s economy, from energy to transportation"

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Currently only one state in the country has an economy-wide cap on carbon. These states want to change that.|By Natasha Geiling

Looking to step up your ecotourism? If so, a visit to Vancouver should definitely be on your list. With the title of 'greenest city in Canada', a week in Vancouver will certainly help you get your green on.
By: Kim Michele

Vancouver has many titles: 'Hollywood North', 'Gastown', 'Global City', are just a few monikers it's known by. However, this beautiful city has rapidly gained another exciting title - 'The Greenest City in Canada'. With buzzing hotels to zooming cyclists, this city has developed a uniquely wonderful

Climate change is a tangible effect that people are having to deal with on a daily basis all around the world.

Rising sea levels, floods, erosion, melting glaciers, droughts, water shortages, extreme weather: the effects of climate change are tangible in many parts of the world. Flick trough the gallery to see how.

And now for some good news...

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George Takei

Extra, extra.

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Major cities are crippled due to the harsh effects of climate change as South Africa faces 3 years of the worst drought in the country’s history

One of Africa’s richest cities is threatening to turn off the taps to its four million residents, cutting off homes and most businesses.

Antarctica, the only continent with permanent ice coverage has lost 20,800 square miles (53,872 sq km) of ice on an average, each year, since the late 1970s. The west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most rapidly warming parts of the planet. This has affected the distribution of penguin colonies along the coast as sea ice conditions have changed. Melting snow has seen increased plant coverage. Many glaciers have retreated, and ice shelves have collapsed too.

With Cape Town, South Africa, on track to run out of water soon, here are some other places where climate change is already a reality.

As Trump tries to convince us to pay 25 billion for a wall that most experts agree won't work (and could even make illegal immigration worse), it's good to keep... in mind what else 25 billion could be used for.

Personally --I like #4. Saving the entire Amazon rainforest (which provides much of the oxygen we breathe) sounds like a good use of 25 billion to me.

Although ending homelessness in the US is good too.

BTW: What happened to Mexico paying for the wall?

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Wow, these things seem pretty useful.

The museum needs to put its money where its mouth is and stop taking money from wealthy donors who don’t support their fundamental beliefs. That’s like selling your soul

On Thursday, 116 scientists and researchers signed a public letter urging the American Museum of Natural History to cut ties with Rebekah Mercer ― a right-wing philanthropist and mega-donor to President Donald Trump who has poured millions into think tanks and websites that vilify researchers and ...