The many faces of the San Francisco March for Science...
A look at the tremendous support shown to the world and our environment as the city of San Francisco marched for Science! Remember: Every Day is Earth Day!
Holy shit. Video footage of surviving a typhoon and not everyone survived!

Wherever you are in the world tonight, be sure to show your support for the protection of our planet by turning off the lights and all electricity for 1 hour starting at 8:30 PM local time.

Biodiversity – the rich variety of life on Earth – continues to decline year on year. We must urgently prioritise our planet’s biodiversity and nature. #Connect2Earth was created to organise our efforts, allowing us to shed light on topics impacting our planet’s well-being.

It is just a matter of time until we no longer need fossil fuels for transportation purposes. Won't that be a great day?

Norway—home to the world's highest per capita number of all-electric cars—is also planning to go emission-free in the friendly skies. The Scandinavian country aims to be the first in the world to switch to electric air transport.

With Sudan’s death, the Northern White Rhinos are effectively extinct. The only two remaining rhinos are his daughters.

Sudan's death at the age of 45 leaves only two females of his subspecies alive in the world.
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Is he the only voice of reason in our current administration?

"Climate failure and dark money are two sides of the same coin."

It’s about time. Thank you Gov. Inslee. He has done a lot to protect the environment, our wildlife and the future of Washington state’s environmental issues.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed an executive order this week to aid the recovery of critically endangered southern resident killer whales

Creative way to make a difference as concrete jungles dominate big cities. Installing green space in any city makes a huge difference

Cities may not be able to lessen their 'concrete footprint', but perhaps more city spaces can use porous surfacing.

There are just TWELVE of these dolphins left - are you ready to say goodbye?

The International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita reported in 2017 that there were just 30 vaquita left in the Upper Gulf of California, the species’ only known habitat. The…

Tomorrow I'm setting out on great adventure and very important trip to the one and only continent that I have yet to step foot on: Antarctica! Yup, you heard me right. I am joining the great explorer Robert Swan, the Climate Force team and 100 climate explorers on a 2 week climate change expedition to Antarctica. I will be covering the expedition as an environmental journalist as well as being an ambassador for Al Gore's Climate Reality Project. I am inviting you all to follow my journey through the Tipping Point FB page. We will be posting regular updates when possible. The expedition officially starts on Wednesday 28th.

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We are entering a new world, a world in which we have to take our changing climate into consideration when choosing a safe place to live.

Jeff Goodell reports: Extreme weather due to climate change displaced more than a million people from their homes last year and could reshape nation.

When are we going to realize that we are destroying everything keeps us alive. Without A healthy sustainable environment, we have no hope of survival

This latest temperature spike is another striking indicator of the Arctic's rapidly changing climate.
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India, China and the USA are the biggest coal burning counties while coal is single-handedly the most detrimental to our environment

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Into the Light with David Letterman: Chapter 1
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India is on the verge of becoming the most populous country on Earth. How this nation of 1.3 billion people gets its energy will determine the future of our planet.

David Letterman heads there to find out what that future holds. #YEARSproject

Take note!

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The reasons why you shouldn't use a straw! #refusethestraw

Fascinating how various spices are adapting to our changing climate (or trying to). It is all a matter of survival and is up to us to find balance in our environment to ensure the future of our wildlife and their habitat.

A new study finds "hot spots" where animals that turn white for the winter could thrive in a less snowy world.

These guys and girls are my heroes!

How a group of five activists called the Valve Turners decided to fight global warming by doing whatever it takes.

Comes as no surprise. At least they have the sense to say the right thing.

The director of national intelligence warned Congress that climate change could cause "upheaval" this year.