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Tommy Haidinger
· December 4, 2017
Vic you are doing great things. Putting the spark back into Bowling in the NKY/Cincy area. We appreciate all you do. Keep up the great work!!!
Jason Winchester
· July 26, 2017
This is a great revitalization of a cincinnati concept we all grew up loving and the bowling community is very pleased to see this effort being put forth. Thank you for all that you do!
Greg Carpenter
· December 2, 2016
Absolutely love seeing the lanes from back in the 80's and 90's, very iconic for some of the centers which are not with us anymore, as are some of the bowlers who made the show. Many memories relived ...watching all the videos. Thanks for bringing back some great history in the town that lives bowling and produced so many great bowlers through the years! See More
Vic Amann
· May 29, 2016
So many great memories were created for my family because of the King of TV. My father brought me along to watch several events when I was young. My true wish is for this show to return to the TriSta...te. This page was created in hopes of gaining the sponsors needed to bring the show back. With everyone's help we can make this happen. So spread the word and lets get the King show back on the air! Love ya Dad, Hope your enjoying these matches as much as I am. See More
Daniel Hawkins
· July 26, 2017
Love the passion and energy that this page has. This will be an comeback for the bowling industry. Nice work so far!!! I will be attending tonight's sweeper.
Theresa McPeek Piron
· July 26, 2017
I am so excited about this page!! I grew up watching The King Of TV Bowling and it changed my life forever!! I wish and pray for great success in bring this back to our community!
Adrian J Guzman
· August 25, 2017
Keep up the good work my friend ! You are doing an amazing job helping bring the sport back into the viewers eyes
Chris Woods
· July 24, 2017
King of TV rules. Rally around Vic Amann, and all the local centers and help all these events grow. Good for everyone involved. Thanks Vic for all your time and effort - much appreciated.
Terry Rose
· December 2, 2016
I can't like this enough. many great memories from this show, watching and participating during the years. thank you Vic Amann for what you do with this.
Michael Welage
· July 25, 2017
I will always remember the stories my DAD Vince Welage told me about the times he made the show....
Steve Spencer
· November 5, 2017
It's nice to see someone trying so hard to get bowling strong in Cincinnati again. Please help support !
Robert Dashley
· February 21, 2017
Would love a comeback so I could see some of these young kids roll, Todd is doing a good job at Northwest with the live feeds but miss the old show.
Nick Harnish
· July 25, 2017
Great Job Vic! Keep the push to make bowling great again!
Tab Boehl
· February 21, 2017
Love every video! It's awesome to see some of the past and present stars and the look of some of the centers. Wish it could find a way to come back!
Bobby Fowler
· July 26, 2017
Highly recommend to everyone who loves bowling .....
Greg Lothian
· February 21, 2017
King of TV was one of if not the greatest bowling tournament in Cincinnati... Some of my best memories of bowling were because of that show!!
Corey Ecton
· March 17, 2017
Miss these days! Thank you for giving us the option to re-live these days! I want these days back for the sport.
David Kerth
· February 21, 2017
I wish this would come back so we could start it again I'd be down to get it a shot
Dale Anderson
· February 21, 2017
It is awesome seeing some of the people I bowled against on the shows. Great memories. Thanks
Dave Sievers
· February 21, 2017
Thank you Vic for doing all this work! It shows the rich history of Cincinnati bowling!
Steve Kuzniczci
· December 2, 2016
Awesome to see the old days back home! Thanks Vic Amann!
Jeffery Goetz
· February 21, 2017
So many mullets! You can't unsee that. Just amazing.
Rick Hitt
· October 25, 2015
Great memories of Classic TV matches.
Had a few of my own in the 80s.
Jason Day
· October 31, 2015
It was a nice like page. Hope the get a lot of likes.
2018 IRON MAN Bowling Tournament!
Heid's Doubles Day #1
Bowler X "I Disagree" That Bowling is a Dying Sport.

Coming up June 1st - 3rd, Get your chance to work with the Kegel Training Center greats : Jim Merrell , Del Warren and Randy Stoughton at Eastern Lanes in Middletown, Ohio.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
Jim Merrell

Background history of the Intensive Road Show. Last July, while at Kegel during a lunch break, I explained to Del Warren my idea of the having the best ever bow...ling camp in Middletown, Ohio. Somewhere around 2008 Del and I both worked in the BTM Super School Camp in Middletown, Ohio. At that camp, there were 100 students and the coach to pupil ratio was high (decision of the BTM director).
Fast forward to 2018, my plan, still charge the same amount that was paid in 2008, but the camp coaches would be the Kegel Training center staff. And another important change, the ratio of student to coach would be no greater than 8:1. At the camp, each coach will have four lanes for his eight students.
Short story, at the 2008 camp there was a lady (mid 40’s) in my group who told me she wanted to throw the ball just like a younger woman in my group. However, she said she didn’t want to change a thing in her physical game. Anyone have a magic wand? I didn’t. So, if you’re attitude is that of this woman PLEASE do not sign up for this camp.
If on the other hand, you want to become the best you can be, this camp is your magic wand (just kidding no magic involved). If you are open to change, a hard worker driven to succeed your game will evolve during those three days and beyond. There’s a good chance you will experience an ah-ha moment during the camp.
We will be using competitive lane conditions each day at the camp. That’s because I believe competitive lane conditions both challenge and identify the better athlete. For all you JOG players, this will be a great preparation experience for your game. Let’s not just attend JOG but be competitive and leave feeling good about your performance!
Since this is the first time for an event of this magnitude, we are not sure of the total attendance. As you can see there are two coaches on the flyer, staff from Kegel will be added as enrollment increases.
Enrollment for this event will be maxed out at 32 athletes in order to maintain a productive student to coach ratio. So, if you ever thought about going to Kegel in Florida or would like to understand how to get your game to the next level, don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity in Middletown, Ohio. I will be a camp director for this event, so I hope to see you there. Please share and help spread the word.

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Good Evening King Show Fans!

This week's #TBT match comes to you from LaRu Lanes in Alexandria, KY.

Watch as two local greats duke it out in a classic for the ...
King Show crown.

Its Ron Pollard vs. Bob "The Beef" Schoemer going toe to toe down to the wire.

We hope you enjoy

#KingOfTVBowling #TriStateBowlingHistory

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Hudy Delight BPA King Of TV Bowling Ron Pollard vs Bob Schoemer @ LaRu Lanes

Good Evening King Show Fans!

We have recently updated our YouTube TV URL to make things easier & more accessible.

You can access all this great content via the link below, our Facebook YouTube Tab or by keying in this URL on any smart device browser.


Please be sure to like and subscribe to keep up to date with all of our channel's current content and special features.

Thanks to you the fans, we are continually receiving new content to share with everyone.

Soon to be uploaded to the channel, will be an international collection of material thanks to one local Tri State family.

The great Sport of Bowling (and yes I said sport), can be enjoyed worldwide and is the number one amatuer participation sport in the world!

We truly appreciate the support and will continue to give back to our local fan base as well as our facebook / youtube fans.

Stay tuned for more great things to come.

#KingOfTVBowling #WeLoveOurFans #BowlingWorldwide

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We are proud to bring you these Vintage Telecasts which are rich in Bowling History. This has not only showcased our love for Cincinnati Bowling, but also ha...

Happy Friday King Show Fans!

After hours of editing footage, the Heid's Lanes
2018 IronMan Tournament is now available to view.


We were able to squeeze this weekend's marathon into an hour long episode.

This video features highlights of each of the 3 Qualifying stages and footage from all 7 Final Matches.
Due to the format of the finals bracket we were only able to get one individual camera on each match that was running simultaneously.

However, we were able to go all out on the $1000 finals match
We hope you enjoy those Camera angles.

The final match of the event starts at the 41 Minute Mark of the video and features the crafty veteran Ken Abner vs 1st time IronMan contender Vu Duong.

Special Thanks to this years sponsors and all who participated in this event, making it the best ever in the 14 year IronMan history.

We would also like to say Thank You to this years
IronMan Sponsors:
Superior Janitorial Supply
Michael Crones Transmissions
Hetz Roofing
The King Of TV Bowling Channel

Thanks for all the fan support we truly appreciate it.

Please be sure to Like and Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our future content.

#IronMan #KingOfTVBowling #TriStateBowling

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2018 Heid's Lanes IRONMAN Challenge Bowling Tournament Cincinnati, Ohio : Qualifying - Finals

Good Evening King Show Fans!

Tonight's #TBT comes to you from
Durbin bowl in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.


Two King of TV greats are going toe to toe in this classic.
Watch as Riga Kalfas faces off against George Hensley in a battle for the King Show crown.

We hope you enjoy this footage.

Stay tuned as we are in the final stages of editing for the
Heid's Lanes 2 Day Iron Man event.

#KingOfTVBowling #TriStateBowlingFamily

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Hudy Delight BPA King of TV Bowling Riga Kalfas vs George Hensley @ Durbin Bowl

Get out there and Bowl for a great cause on April 20th.
The Ken Anderson Alliance helps to raise funds for adults with developmental disabilities. All the funds raised go to help create live, work, and play opportunities for those in the Greater Cincinnati area.
For more information or to purchase tickets, click the link in this post or Check out the Ken Anderson Alliance on facebook.

Fri 7:00 PM EDTAxis alley on the LeveeNewport, KY
Causes · 153 people

Good Afternoon King Show Fans!

We recently had the pleasure to sit down and interview Bob Katzler.
Bob was one of the four local greats recently voted into the
Greater Cincinnati Bowling hall of fame.

...Continue Reading

Good Evening King Show Fans!

The 2018 IronMan has lived up to its name.

The First of two 4 game qualifying rounds were rolled on a ...
47 foot Statue Of Liberty pattern followed up by a
Brutally short 28 foot 2014 Teen Masters pattern.

Today's final round of qualifying was rolled on the infamous
37 ft. Alcatraz.

After 12 Games the leaders going into matchplay were:

1. Ken Abner 2567
2. Elizabeth Ladyga 2562
3. Vu Duong 2532
4. Danielle Brady 2467
5. RJ Pollard 2459
6. Jeff Fehr 2438
7. Josh Shafer 2371
8. Tim Hartwig 2305

Round one of Match Play

Match One featured:
Ken Abner (1) vs. Tim Hartwig (8)
Abner Moved on winning 268-174

Match Two featured:
Elizabeth Ladyga (2) vs. Josh Shafer (7)
Ladyga moved on winning 187-179

Match Three featured:
Vu Duong (3) vs. Jeff Fehr (6)
Duong moved on winning 227-195

Match Four featured:
Danielle Brady (4) vs. RJ Pollard (5)
Brady moved on winning 231-160

Semi Final rounds of Match Play

Match One featured:
Ken Abner (1) vs. Danielle Brady (4)
Abner moved on to the final winning 248-203

Match Two featured:
Elizabeth Ladyga(2) vs. Vu Duong (3)
Duong moved on to the final winning 243-188

The 2018 Iron Man finals featured the seasoned veteran
Ken Abner vs. newcomer Vu Duong.

The Handicap difference in this final match was 44 pins to Duong.

Abner battled a late charge by Duong and continued his hot streak in match play today winning 270-241!

Ken Abner
2018 IRON MAN Champion!!

Stay Tuned for all the great video coverage of this weekends event.

We have over 12 hours of video to process and will have a compilation of the qualifying and finals match play for you soon.

Thanks to everyone that helped make this years Iron Man event the best ever!

We Look forward to what next year's event will bring.

#IronMan #KingOfTVBowling #TriStateBowling

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Good Evening King Show Fans!

The IronMan Qualifier has lived up to its name today.

It has broken the will of a few and splintered the heart of many.


The First of two 4 game qualifying rounds today were rolled on a 47 foot Statue Of Liberty pattern followed up by a Brutally short 28 foot 2014 Teen Masters pattern.

Who will have enough left in the tank tomorrow to push through and conquer?

The third and final stage of qualifying will begin tomorrow morning at 10AM.
This final stage of qualifying will consist of 4 more games on yet another brutal mystery pattern.

The Top 8 will then move on to Head to Head Matchplay competition.

The Current top ten Leaders after 8 Games :

1. Elizabeth Ladyaga 2055
2. Vu Duong 1812
3. Ken Abner 1783
4. Jeff Fehr 1663
5. Danielle Brady 1651
6. Josh Schafer 1651
7. Will Buck 1641
8. Kevin Bennett 1631
9. Will Mullen 1628
10.RJ Pollard 1614

We also had a free ball giveaway today compliments of
The King Of TV Bowling YouTube Channel

Each participant in today's event got a free entry in to win a
15lb Ebonite MATRIX.

And today's lucky winner was......?

Tom Staudigel!
Congratulations Tom

We appreciate the huge turnout,
Which was the best ever in the Iron Man's 14 year history!

When the Dust settles and the smoke clears we will crown this year's 2018 IronMan Champion!

#KingOfTVBowling #TriStateBowling #IRONMAN

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Good evening again King Show fans

We hope you have enjoyed tonight's HOF coverage of the
2018 GCBA HOF inductees.


Our final #TBT match this evening is an epic HOF battle!
2005 HOF member Nick Vogelgesang faces off against tonight's newest HOF inductee Charlie Standish.

We hope you have enjoyed tonight's footage

Stay tuned for video coverage this weekend of the 14th Annual Heid's Lanes IRON MAN tournament.

#KingOfTVBowling #TriStateBowling

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Hudy Delight BPA King Of TV Bowling Charlie Standish vs Nick Vogelgesang at Holly Lanes

Good Evening Again King Show Fans!

Tonight's second featured #TBT match features two of our local HOF members.

Watch as 1984 HOF Great Bill Heflin faces off against tonight's inductee Greg Lothian.


Stay Tuned for tonight's final #TBT match!

#KingOfTVBowling #TriStateBowlingHistory

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Hudepohl BPA King of TV Bowling Bill Heflin vs Greg Lothian

Good Evening King Show Fans!

We apologize about the late start on the #TBT posts.
As we were patiently waiting for the announcement for the
2018 HOF Inductees.


Let's start out tonight with an Epic Match between two local greats!

This match features HOF inductee
Mike Ackermann vs. Don Hughes .

We hope you enjoy

Stay Tuned!

#KingOfTVBowling #TriStateBowlingHistory

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Hudy Delight King of TV Bowling Mike Ackermann vs Don Hughes at Glenn Schmidt's in Newport Kentucky

Good Evening King Show fans!
Tonights #TBT will feature this years HOF inductees.

Congratulations to the following:


Greg Lothian
Michael Ackermann
Charlie Standish
Bob "Strikeline" Katzler .

Stay Tuned for those matches, stories and much more to come!

#KingOfTVBowling #TriStateBowlingHistory #HOF

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Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor
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Vic Amann added 4 new photos.

Congratulations to the 2018
GCBA USBC HOF inductees :

Bob Katzler
Greg Lothian...
Michael Ackermann
Charlie Standish

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Coming up this Weekend!

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
King Of TV Bowling

Mark your calendars!!
The 14th Annual IRON MAN Bowling Tournament at Heid's Lanes is coming up March 3rd and 4th!
Entries are Limited, so get yours reserved! Only a few spots remain.
$1000.00 Will be guaranteed for the 1st place prize.
1 in 5 bowlers will cash.
For a $75 dollar entry you will receive 3 Mystery Jackpot entries and a chance to win a free bowling ball compliments of The King Of TV Bowling & .
Brackets and Additional Jackpots will be available.
Participants will bowl 12 games over 2 Days on 3 different grueling conditions.
Finals and StepLadder match play will be held on
March 4th with video coverage of the event to be recorded and aired on YouTube via
The King Of TV Bowling channel.

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Good Morning King Show Fans!

This Up and Coming Weekend will be a true test to see what our local bowlers are made of!

An Absolute Marathon of bowling will be held for those that are brave enough to endure it.


Now is your chance to take a crack at over $2,000 in singles 1st place prize money.

We have 2 Great Events with Guaranteed Cash!

The Heid's Lanes
14th Annual $1000 IRON MAN Tournament
Sponsored by : & The King Of TV Bowling Channel

Begins Saturday March 3rd, with check in at 8AM.
Participants will roll 12 Games over a 2 day period on 3 different patterns.
8 Games on two patterns Saturday, then bowlers will return Sunday Morning for 4 More Games!
The Top 8 participants in total pins will move on to Elimination Match Play for the $1000 1st Place Prize

This event is currently full with a waiting list now being formed.
For more info contact:

Heid's Lanes
Tina Staudigel
6341 Cheviot Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45247

If you have the stamina,
Northwest Lanes will be hosting their
1st Annual $1000 MidNight Madness Event
Sponsored By : Protection Plus

Check in starts at 11:00pm on Saturday, March 3rd.
Practice starts at MIDNIGHT!

FORMAT : 4 games of qualifying
The field will be cut in half
2 more games ( pins carry over )
This format until the top 8

Round robin ( everyone bowls everyone )
Winner of the match will get 30 bonus pins
Ties will result in each bowler getting 15 pins
The total pinfall of the the tournament including bonus pins will be the champion!

For more info, contact Northwest Lanes:
Tab Boehl, Zach Doran or Ric McCormick
(513) 829-4444
1765 Happy Valley Dr, Fairfield, Ohio 45014

Brackets & Jackpots will be available at Both Events~!!

Folks Eat your Wheaties and Stock up on the Gatorade!
When the Dust Settles & the smoke clears,
Sunday we will have 2 Tried and True Marathon Champions!

#MarathonBowling #TriStateBowling #MyArmAlreadyHurts
#IronMan #MidnightMadness

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