Get 16 of my very best chest & quads shred workouts as part of my transformation series with @muscle_and_fitness_uk 🏆💪🏻 Very grateful to the M & F team for 11 pages in this months mag, dedicated to helping you shape up this summer 😎 Supports a rake of other top class articles & features from the UK’s finest 📝 Awesome panty pics too from Rebecca Andrews 😁 In all major shops & supermarkets now 🙌🏻
Work harder than you talk, results will follow! Today’s chest & extra delts session: Pre w/out 5-10 mins Mobility A1) Incline Barbell Press 4 x 6 reps @4:0:1:0, rest 80 secs B1) Incline D-bell Press 4 x 8 reps @4:1:1:0, rest 80 secs C1) Pec Dec Flyes 4 x 10 reps @4:1:1:1, rest 60 secs D1) Seated Chest Press Machine 3 x 12 reps @3:0:1:0, rest 45 secs E1) D-bell Side Laterals 4 x 10-12 reps @3:0:1:1, rest 45 secs If your time training is precious at the minute with lots of work like me, keep time under tension at the front of your workouts to help build/keep lean muscle & burn lots of calories too. Give it a go, DM or comment below if you any questions! #workhardandsmart #talklessdomore
‘Dumbbell Split Squats’ Dynamite exercise to work your glutes, quads, hammys & core Make sure your lead leg heal doesn’t lift off the floor & keep tension on front leg throughout. Start with your weaker leg leading 1st, & only match the reps completed on your stronger leg. Will help improve muscle symmetry over a longer period of time. Do you struggle with muscle imbalances or proportion? Drop me a DM & let me help you 📝 #trainsmart #lookgreat #feelgreat #liveconfident

Want to get lean whilst eating more food?

Focus on increasing the total load/weight of your sessions....basically increase the use of exercises that really get you strong (big presses, deadlifts, squats, lunges). Then crank up up the volume of these exercises.

Using isolation exercises & some body weight moves of course have their place, but doing multiple sets of big moves will increase energy output more.


If you increase energy output, you will be able to increase the amount of food you can eat to get leaner.

You will enjoy your sessions more...if you enjoy your sessions more you will stay more motivated...the motivated you are, the more results you will get....the better results you see, the more confident & happy you are
= Winning

Finished off yesterday’s session with multiple sets of deadlifts, DM if you want me to send you an epic back session 📝

#trainhardtrainsmart #eatmoremore #lookgreat #feelgreat #beconfident

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Looking to drop body fat quickly?

Then if you want dramatic results, it will require dramatic action.

The year round goal is to be lean, strong, healthy, with a good training/work/social life balance. But for the next 3 weeks I have to go a little more hardcore for an important fitness shoot, as no where near lean enough at the minute.


Goes without saying food has to be very strict in a decent calorie deficit. There is no magic pill that will get you leaner, but if you train a certain way you will 100% drop fat faster, whilst keeping lean muscle...& you will be able to eat more.

The intensity, tension, total load, volume I will train with isn’t sustainable year round especially if you are natural, but needs to be done now. Here is yesterday’s w/out example of how I do it from my best getting shredded training system:

10-15 mins Mobility, glute activation pre work sets
A1) Squats 4 x 6 reps @4:1:1:0, rest 90
B1) Squats 4 x 8 reps @3:0:1:0, rest 75
C1) Pendulum Squats 15 reps @3:0:1:0 into
C2) Leg Press 15 reps @3:0:1:0 into
C3) Leg Extensions 15 reps @2:0:1:0
Rest 60 secs (4 tri sets total)
D1) BW Single Split Squats (glute focus) 4 x 15 reps e/s @3:1:1:1, rest 45 .

The more you give, the more you get. The proof will be in the pudding in 3 weeks.

#turnitup #givemoregetmore #trainhardtrainsmart

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Making memories with my beautiful Mother 🙂

A ‘branding expert’ commented on my picture I posted with parents yesterday, posing the question....

‘What was your idea with this content?’


The idea was to put out a picture that will I look back on in years to come with great memories & bring a feeling of unconditional love to the fore. Plus show that every now & then it’s okay to take a pause on business, working, marketing, studying, DM messages & more.

As much as Instagram is a powerful business tool, lead generator etc.....I will never allow it too completely dominate my page.

I can be very guilty of going weeks, sometimes months not speaking or seeing friends & family, because of work & business goals...but trying to stay true to my word this year to have regular times outs to see my family & friends.

Especially my parents, who will always love & support you more than your hundreds/thousands of followers will.

You may or may not have brand guidelines with your Instagram page, but never that cloud the most real pic you will ever post.

Time, picture or a smile with your mother ❤️

#alwaysreal #neverperfect #onemum #dontbeasheep #beyourself

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Currently working towards this shape again for the summer.

Being honest this is the hardest year yet trying achieve this with moving to London, a growing business, not enough sleep & simply taking too much on sometimes.

If you are struggling a little too, make sure you focus on quality not quantity with your training, especially if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. .


A good sleep is as good as a good session sometimes. Just make sure when you do train, it’s with purpose, structure & intensity. .

Don’t over complicate your food if you are trying to get lean when you are busy. If you train more you get to eat more. If you train less, you will have to eat less. .

Your enjoyment, energy & progress are your feedback.

📸 Rebecca Andrews

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Ate too much food you shouldn’t have at the weekend? too 👀

When I have over indulged I tend to make sure I kick off with strength focus at the start of a workout. The extra calories should come in handy helping you lift bigger numbers.

Then gradually increase the time under tension, extended sets & volume, as well as shorten rest periods as the session progresses.


Combination of two will give you a great start & refocus for the week ahead🔥


Warm up 5-10 mins Mobility
A1) Incline Barbell Chest Press 6 x 6 reps @2:0:1:0, rest 90-120 secs
B1) Incline Dumbbell Press 3-4 8 reps @3:1:1:1, 80 secs rest
C1) Seated Chest Machine 10 reps @4:0:1:1 into
C2) Pec Dec Flyes 10 reps @4:1:1:1
60 secs rest (4 super sets total)
D1) Standing D-Bell Side Lateral Raises 12 reps @2:1:1:1 into
D2) High Rope Cable Face Pulls 12 reps @2:1:1:1
30 secs rest (4 to 6 super sets total)
E1) Bosu Press Ups 1 x Failure @2:0:1:0

45-60 mins done, including warm up 📝

#trainhardtrainsmart #chestmondays #movebetter #liftbetter #lookbetter #feelbetter

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Invaluable advice from my man Eddie Hall ’The BEAST’ in my quest to break his world deadlift record! 📝😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

#eddiehall #thebeastvsmiller #porkscratchingspower #legend #strongman #feedme #easywork #millertime #moveovereddie

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Epic day watching @thorbjornsson aka ‘The Mountain’ win his 4th European Strongman title in Leeds 💪🏻🏆

What a down to earth man..I desperately tried to out angle him, but will give you this one bigman 👀

Awesome to catch up again with friend & legend @terryhollandswsm who is currently leaner than me too & looks dangerous on all fronts 😎🙄😁


Wrapped up a great time with the one & only Cheryl Chapman ❤️

A great event that will be a yearly fixture for sure!

#europesstrongestman #thor #mountain #mustliftheavier #andeatmore 🙄😂

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No matter how bad something may seem, or how stressful your work week has been, there are always, always many things to be grateful for.

I admit I can get ahead of myself sometimes, & be hard on myself in pursuit of goals. If this is you too, take a moment to focus on things that went right, get some fresh air & enjoy your weekend!

📸 Rebecca Andrews

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Peak time, gym is rammed, hard to plan your ideal session & you are short on time?

Sound familiar?...this was me & diego sechi last night.

So rather than stress, try this workout. Ideally start with glute Bridges to activate them first, but jump on each exercise as & when it’s free if you have too.



A1) Barbell Glute Bridges
3 x 10 reps @ 3:1:1:1
Rest 60 secs

B1) Leg Extensions
3 x 15 reps @ 3:0:1:0
Rest 60 secs

C1) Leg Press
3 x 20 reps @3:0:1:0
Rest 60 secs

D1) Squats
3-4 x 15 reps
3:0:1:0 @3:0:1:0
Rest 80 secs

E1) Lying Hamstring Curls
3 x 15 reps @3:0:1:0
Rest 60 secs

Build up to your heaviest weight for each target rep range by your last set. You won’t be breaking PB’s but it’s a great all round leg workout done & dusted in 45 minutes max.

#trainhardtrainsmart #feelbetter #getitdone

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Do you always have tight chest, shoulders or traps from lifting, working or stress?

Do these band dislocations daily, especially before all weights workouts 10 to 20 times minimum.

Alongside the correct posterior chain focus resistance exercises you will see a huge improvement in your active range of movement on your pushing you will back squat & deadlift a lot smoother with less protracted (forward) shoulders.

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To all the men out there who can’t grow calves...just make your quads bigger & paint some abs on 😁

📸 Rebecca Andrews


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Super sore chest, shoulders & hips today from lots of training & couple of hours boxing over the made my debut on the Pilates Cadillac. Amazing stretch for the hips and chest.

This was after doing a multitude of other exercises before to stretch and open up my tight chest/delts, hip flexors, & working on correct alignment through the whole body.

After walking in a tad aggravated & stiff, this set me up nicely to hit today’s weight session.


Grateful again to Gaby at @exhalepilateslondon for a great session 🙌🏻 If you struggle with persistence stiffness, aches & pains follow her for more tips on how to maintain training & your daily lifestyle pain free.

#pilatespower #movebetter #feelbetter

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Today’s session fuelled by a great evening with loved ones....eating my favourite hearty Italian, pistachio ice cream, Malteser egg & 3 supporting chocolate bunnies 🐣🍫😋🤙🏻


Happy Easter 😁

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Ready to dismantle some Easter Eggs this weekend?? 🐣😁

Then make sure you earn them with a big workout. Pick 1 big movement for each body part, 3-4 sets on each, 6-8 reps all with slower negatives, 45-60 secs rest max. Here were my exercises:

Warm up 5-10 mins Mobility ...
1) Incline Bench Press
2) Pull ups
3) Standing Viking Press (shown)
4) Dumbbell Stiff Deadlifts
5) Dips
6) Bent Over Rows (underhand grip)
7) Dumbbell Goblet Squats
😎 Hanging Knee Raises

Chocolate tastes sweeter earnt! 😋

#eastersession #trainhardtrainsmart

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Whether it’s 10 mins or 1 hour you can train for, make every set count.

To get to a sustainable lean, strong place with your body & training, there has to be an element of sacrifice & discomfort.

A good example here of how to get more bang for your buck with a minute of exercise.


Whether you have fancy machines or use your body weight, if feel it more, you change more...& quicker!

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A sustainable work, train, life balance is always the goal 😎

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