Hello Knitters for Newtown:
Thank you for the response to finish the last of the blankets.
Our list of volunteers include:
Jennie Cauwels
Casey Mazzio...
Mary Ann Sherry
Danielle Chidiac
Kathy Fisher
Amina Shabani
Amy Sessions
Mackenzie Cooper
Jean Ramsey

Good Luck Volunteers!

It was also asked for you all to take some photos and send them to us of the finished blankets as many are curious to see how they turned out.

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Hello Knitters for Newtown-

Despite the blur of these past few months, we have made this project a priority. It has never been far from our minds that these blankets deserve to be in the hands of those in need. So, we wanted to give you an update on the progress.

By mid-October we had six blankets completed. Our friends at Darn Knit Anyway in Stillwater, Minnesota held a seaming party/trunk show and from that we were able to complete fifteen blankets! These have been sent... to the Linus Project, a non-profit organization that provides blankets to children in need. Just imagine all of the children who will be comforted by each square that you all so lovingly made.

Our second event brought out nearly thirty knitters to the studio. People from near and far came to help, and we even had some local children that were motivated enough to stay and help all day. We were able to complete three more blankets, and have two more nearly completed. Each event was a great sight to see, as our craft is what always brings us together in friendship. It truly warms our hearts to see such dedication for a near and dear cause such as this one.

At this point we want to use each square sent to us and that means there are more squares than blankets needed for each life lost in Sandy Hook. As of today we have:
24 completed
2 in progress
2 bundles out being seamed together
8 more bundles yet to be seamed together

Here is what Kelly and I propose: the first eight people to contact us will be shipped a blanket bundle at our expense. Once the blanket is completed, it’s up to the volunteer to donate the blanket to their favorite charity. We only ask that you let us know where it was donated. We feel the final step of the project is to compile a letter to the families of Sandy Hook to let them know what we have done in the memories of their lost loved ones.

You can email us at with your mailing information. We will post the names of the first eight volunteers so you know if you can be expecting a package in the mail.

Thank you so much for all of your help – you are truly a great community of knitters and crocheters!

Love, Erin and Kelly

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If you haven't heard-
Three Irish Girls Yarn Inc is opening its doors this Saturday for a Seaming party and Private tour of our dying studio-

Bring your darning needles and Crochet hooks and join us


October 26th, from 9a.m. to 5 p.m.

Food and refreshments provided for our volunteers

Contact us at threeirishgirlsyarnincATgmailDOTcom for directions to the studio

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Hello Knitters:

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on this project.


On October 19th, Darn Knit Anyway in Stillwater, MN has kindly offered to host a trunk show with an added “knitters are awesome people” bonus - there will be Newtown blankets available at the event to stitch together. We’re hoping to have 11 completed blankets by the end of the event!!
Here is a link with more information:

If you are unable to come to Darn Knit Anyway, on
Saturday, October 26th we will be hosting a
Knitting Bee for Newtown!!!!!!

9 a.m. - 5p.m at our studio (please email for directions).

No amount of stitching is too small- stay as long as you want. An added bonus is that you will be able to take a tour of our studio!!!!!

Snacks and meals provided for our volunteer knitters.

We invite you to pack up your crochet hooks/darning needles and head to our studio on October 26th.

Please email any questions to:

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. We’re sure you do. It’s been a while since we’ve been lucky enough to have this beautiful yarn in our store. A lot has been going on in the world of that little yarn company. The company was sold by Sharon to Erin and Kelly. Two long time employees and friends.. Anyway…a while back, tons of ama...

Two amazing blankets so far, and more to come. Our love and gratitude to you all

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(We apologize for any confusion earlier - we were having some technical difficulties!)

Hello Knitters for Newtown-
As promised, here I am in hopes to convey the sincerest apologies for the lack of communication in this project and give an honest update on what is happening.
First, I would like to express how amazing you all are. I were there as the squares were pouring in from all over and saw how deeply you all cared for the families of this tragedy. It brought tears to eyes to read the letters and see meaning put into each square in efforts to connect to those suffering and to convey that they were not alone in their grief. Our deepest gratitude goes out to you all.

It is true that Kelly and I have had to wade through a lot this summer and are making progress. This project was inherited and these are my intentions at this point:
from what I researched in the past few days, Newtown donation sites are re-donating all donations to other organizations. This means there is no guarantee the blankets will even get to them at this point. I feel that out of respect for all of the hard work put into these squares, it should be up to you all to decide where these blankets should go, if not to the families.

What I am trying to start up is a regional effort to get these put together. Despite our efforts this past spring we did not receive the response we had hoped for for people to donate their time to stitch these 70 square blankets together. 5 have gone out and one finished blanket has been returned at this point. I envision creating knitting bee type events across the region where we as a knitting community can come together and tackle this collectively. I am open to suggestions at this point and welcome feedback.

We have a desire to get everyone talking again on this forum in a positive manner. We hear and acknowledge the previous frustration. Moving forward, we will do our utmost to provide better communication.

We genuinely wish to move forward with this, and see it through to its fruition. We want to make this right for you all, who gave so selflessly beyond any expectation on behalf of this company.

We hope that this is helpful and will continue to give progress reports as we get this going again.
Best Regards,

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Squares have been collected and sorted, and are now ready for seaming! If you're interested in helping Knitters for Newtown assemble blankets, please drop us an email! We're specifically looking for people who can pick up squares in the Duluth/Superior area. Email us if that's you!

Still have squares you were hoping to send our way? Pop them in the mail!
Three Irish Girls
Attn: Knitters for Newtown
PO Box 161165
Duluth, MN 55816

OK, it's just about time to start wrapping up your square knitting! As a reminder, please send your 8x8 squares to:
Three Irish Girls
Attn: Knitters for Newtown
PO Box 161165
Duluth, MN 55816


Thank you!

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Dear Amazing Knitters,

If you could please plan on sending your squares to us by the end of March, that would be appreciated! We have many, but need many more!

PO Box 161165...
Duluth, MN 55816

Thank you!

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We still need lots more squares, friends! We've gotten a ton of them in, but 26 blankets is a lot to put together.

Thank you all so much for sending in your squares -- we are enjoying seeing where everything is coming from, and what colors you've chosen. We've also been touched by your lovely notes.

Keep them coming -- you still have time!

Local friends: if you have squares you prefer not to mail, Yarn Harbor has agreed to be a drop off site. You can pop by, drop them off, and take a peek at the lovely yarns they have instock!

Just picked up a big load of squares! Hooray! Keep 'em comin'!

Squares are arriving daily -- thank you SO much! It's fun to see what everyone is coming up with.

Gentle reminder: Please do your best to make sure they measure 8x8.

Squares are arriving daily -- thank you SO much! It's fun to see what everyone is coming up with.

Gentle reminder: Please do your best to make sure they measure 8x8.

If anyone is planning on attending my talk at the Duluth Fiber & Handcrafters Guild this evening, I would be happy to pick up blanket squares from you!