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Alison Pang
· March 4, 2018
For quite some time, I have been looking for a place where I can continue my hobby - knitting and crocheting.
I’m thrilled when I found Knotty Biscie on Google! Best of all, Betsy the owner is fl...exible as she allows me to bring my own yarns to complete my projects and generously share her pattern books with me!
Betsy is patient, warmth and always smiling. Her studio is very spacious, cosy and immaculate! While working on our projects, there’s soft soothing background music to allow our minds to relax.
Thank you So much Betsy and her Husband for creating such a homely studio.
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Carolyn Yeo Hui Yan
· March 24, 2018
I attended the amigurumi workshop for beginners with totally no background in crochet. Betsy and Jo were very patient and after 5 hours, I finally brought home my very first crochet dog's head! Love t...he venue too, very cosy and feel just like home See More
Ruth Gonzalez
· April 6, 2018
My girls had a wonderful private lesson with Betsy . Where they learn how to knit. She has the patience of a saint. Beautiful studio, supper relaxing and calm. Thank you for the lovely experience.
Su Ling Suah
· April 18, 2018
Being a left hander I had never imagined I could crochet with my right hand but I have till date completed 2 projects under the patient guidance and encouragement of Betsy. Teacher Betsy, you are the best!�
Yann Goh
· January 14, 2018
Great place to pick up crochet skills. Betsy is very friendly n patient.. and with a cozy learning environment, crochet sessions with her are always very enjoyable!
Jannie Lim
· January 19, 2018
Thank you for ur patience to teach me. Ur studio is cosy n nice. The mrt is very conveniently.
Linda Kusumo
· January 14, 2018
Wonderful experience taking a month knitting class. Will be back to learn more. Thank you, Betsy
Christel Goh
· January 15, 2018
Enjoyable experience learning with Betsy (patient and amicable teacher) and the other students :)
Wj Lee
· April 29, 2017
Managed to make my 1st amigurumi today. I'm glad I signed up for the classes, n as a newbie it has been a great learning exp. Thank you so much for your patience and guidance else I wld ve probably interest in picking up crocheting. Great teacher and community! *thumb up See More
Foong Jasmine
· October 15, 2016
just completed the introductory amigurumi workshop at isetan! pikachu done! achievement unlocked! thank you so much for the patience and guidance!!
Lee Chia Min
· October 15, 2016
Had an enjoyable crochet session at Isetan! Really nice to complete a pikachu with the help of the teacher :)
Raina Tay
· October 15, 2016
Attended a 2 hr crochet workshop today. It was fun and rewarding to be able to make something cute....Thank you!
Fanny Tanioes
· November 18, 2015
Great place to pick up crochet & knitting! Cozy, relaxed, stress free environment. Highly recommended for beginners to get started. Great job Betsy 🏼
Melissa Ng
· September 13, 2014
Love to knit and crochet here! The teacher's patient and gives very clear instructions, the friends are jovial and humorous, the projects give me a sense of accomplishment! What more can I ask for?!
Nerissa Gooi
· October 15, 2016
Attended a 2h Amigurumi session at Isetan Scotts to learn how to make Pikachu. Thanks for the patience in teaching. :)
Hazel Teo
· October 15, 2016
It is really fun to do a small project with the Teachers, Betsy, Joanna at Isetan Scotts today. We did Amigurumi - Pikachu
Jeannie Foo
· July 15, 2014
Had a good knit session with Betsy. Patient teacher with clear instructions and some humour thrown in. I would love to come again.
Yanlin Huang
· June 21, 2014
Enjoyable first lesson and nice ambience
Janice Sng
· June 18, 2014
Thank you, Betsy, for your patience. :)
Jun Wei Lay
· December 26, 2013
We have an awesome experience with Knotty Bicsie, well done!
Completed yet another Decoupage Diffuser & I’m loving it!!! Yippee...! Sui bo??? 😝 #knottybicsie #soakinginlifesflavours #decoupage #diffuser #foresttheme #thisissoaddictive #imahappygirl #handmade #diy #fulltimeliving #全职生活
At Knotty Bicsie, it’s not just about learning to knit & crochet, but growing to ENJOY making! PM us to begin your journey of a new lifelong hobby! 😊 #knottybicsie #soakinginlifesflavours #crochet #crochetclasses #crochetworkshop #amigurumi #amigurumiclasses #amigurumiworkshop #robotics via
Finally done up the sample piece for our new workshop on decoupage! I’m loving how Itx turned out! Stay tuned for workshop details... 😊 #knottybicsie #soakinginlifesflavours #newworkshop #workshop #decoupage #decouoageworkshop #decoupageclass #diffuser @marinatesingapore

Thank u for your overwhelming response! 3rd run of Decoupage Diffuser Workshop on 5May is FULL. We have closed registration. However, if u are still keen, do PM us for alternative arrangement 😊

Knotty Bicsie posted 6 photos.

2nd out of 3 runs of Decoupage Diffuser Workshop is huge success! Every single one went home with their very own uniquely beautiful Decoupage Diffuser. Gorgeou...s work, Gals! 😉

3rd run of Decoupage Diffuser Workshop on 5May (Sat) 2-5pm, $78/pax. SMS/WhatsApp 93829488 to register.

#knottybicsie #soakinginlifesflavours #decoupage #diffuser #workshop #diy #decoupageworkshop

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Hi, I’m Betsy, Chief in Knotty Elf at Knotty Bicsie, Singapore. I started knitting & crochet professionally 11years ago. My Crochet baby booties were selling like hot cakes, but I fell in love with Amigurumi! And now, when I’m not making Amigurumi, I’m teaching knitting & crochet at our new studio @marinatesingapore 😊

#artvsartist #artvsartist2018 #knottybicsie #soakinginlifesflavours #amigurumi #crochet #madeinsingapore #singaporecrochetgirl

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