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Tiffany Florence
· March 18, 2018
We ate at food truck wensday. The fries were hard as rocks. Mac and cheese tasted watery ... but the pulled pork was ok...
Angus Baltimore
· October 7, 2017
All of your food is mad dank,I was at Charm city CX today and got the porky fries and the Chernobyl and was in heaven
Tracy Murray Mayer
· June 13, 2017
The Chernobyl is pork on pork on pork madness!!! Hubster loved the spicy pulled chicken-even said it truly was spicy. High praise coming from him. It's not spicy unless you sweat 😜 I'll definitely... keep up with where you're parking so I can come get more of your deliciousness. 😊 See More
Mark Doroshkin
· June 30, 2017
I was expecting my food ration, but the KGB took it away. I hate communism now.

...are those two burly dudes coming at me? ......

Update: in Gulag now. Not my favorite food truck experience, gotta be honest.

Edit: not KGB, SJW, whatever that is... must be some new agency.

Update: escaped from gulag, given sandwich. I promised to give it to a guard, he tells me it's pretty good. I'm starving to death tho.
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Lauren Watley
· October 21, 2016
I ordered the KP Reuben at the Fall Fest today in Towson. The sandwich was delicious, however, I was pretty disappointed in my experience. I waited in line and eventually ordered. Through the duration... of the time I waited for my sandwich, I observed the two men in the food truck throw back liquid in shot glasses—two shots each (presumably of liquor). The man taking the orders, appearing to have a Russian accent, was noticeably intoxicated—you could tell in his eyes, his slurred speech, and lack of productivity in the truck. This was a family event and the man yelled multiple obscenities rhyming with "duck" and "punt" throughout my wait. There was a very long line and neither man had any sense of urgency to deliver anyone their food. After twenty minutes of waiting and growing increasingly impatient, I finally stepped up and asked for my money back because I needed to leave. The man asked what I ordered. Once I told him, he looked down and saw the sandwich had been sitting at the window all along. There was no organization and I noticed everyone else waiting was also annoyed. On top of all of that, I also noticed that the man preparing the food was not wearing gloves—he was putting together peoples' sandwiches with his bare hands. This sandwich was SO good and it's a shame the men manning the truck hurt the experience so much. See More
Calynne Street
· July 18, 2017
The pulled pork platter (with mac and cheese and hand cut fries) was awesome! Thank you for the food coma!
Lindsay Johnson
· September 27, 2017
My family and I go to Arbutus firehouse every Wednesday just to eat at Kommie!!
Jen Martin
· September 27, 2017
My favorite pulled pork sandwich...sides are delicious too.
Aaron Schwartz
· April 17, 2016
I ordered the Chernobyl today, it was hands down one of, if not the best pulled pork sandwiches I've had. It's definitely worth the drive from Pasadena to order food from the KP. Kudo's gentlemen!!!! ...I'll will most certainly be a returning customer. See More
Nolan Oliver
· April 20, 2016
The food isn't bad for the value and the fact that it's hard to find some good BBQ in Baltimore makes that fact even more important. The issue is that you can never find the truck.

I first tried the...m when they randomly appeared outside University of Baltimore, presumably for an event. They messed my order up and gave me completely something different, which I didn't discover until I had walked back home. I walked back and they corrected it with a "give me that food back and I'll give you what you bought". As I said the food was good when I finally got it. Enough that I didn't want to judge them by one bad encounter.

Subsequently when I've been in the mood for BBQ I've looked at their schedule to see if they were going to be anywhere near me that I could grab lunch from. Three different times I've seen that they should be somewhere, walked all the way over to where they said they'd be, and the truck was nowhere to be found even after checking nearby areas.

Make sure you check their location before you go to find them every time.
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Erin Klein
· April 6, 2017
Kommie pig I LOVE YOU! I just happened to be driving by and saw a group of food trucks and standing in line in the rain was so worth the amazing food my husband and I devoured! I will now be going to... the Arbutus volunteer fire station EVERY single Wednesday that I am able to. Amazing job guys!!! See More
Christina Nicole
· August 30, 2017
Excellent service, Excellent food, Excellent people, and they love dogs :)
Brandy Fefel Darcey
· April 12, 2017
I am overly picky with pulled pork but their pulled pork was amazing, super juicy and flavorful. My husband had the Cuban and very much enjoyed it. Hand cut fries were amazing!! Will be going back
Stephen Bauer
· February 13, 2017
Best BBQ ribs I have had for years. I booked the Kommie Pig for our office event, and I have to say, they were prompt, professional, and the food was awesome. We will be booking them for our next event.
Kate Burdalski
· May 19, 2017
Pulled pork was amazing. They even put some crispy end pieces in. Collards are a little spicy and a whole lot of wonderful.
Hanna Creekmore
· February 28, 2017
We brought Kommie Pig out for an event this past weekend at Bob's BMW Motorcycles and the food was amazing and service was fast! Highly recommend!
Jason Hawk
· August 30, 2017
Love the KP Ruben. I enjoy one every chance I get.
Theresa Brennan
· October 5, 2016
❤❤ Love love love the pulled pork!!❤❤ Sides are very good too! Owners are always entertaining as well. Guaranteed to make you smile! "T-bone" in White Marsh
Cambria Kilganon
· March 14, 2017
My niece loves the fries and hot dogs! I love the potato salad and everyone LOVES the ribs. not to mention you can get pulled pork or chicken on anything including thr fires and hot dogs.
Mike McGown
· October 4, 2016
Just checked it out for the first time today. Got the Red Stacker (spicy bbq chicken on a Nathan's hot dog). Delicious. I'll definitely stop by again. Go Caps!
Good morning fb friends. We are parked at our usual spot on the corner of Baltimore and Charles. A little chilly today , so don't forget your jackets. Open from 11-2. #bbq #lunchtime #smokedmeats #happyfriday #foodtruckfriday #foodtruck

Hey peeps come on out!!! This should be fun!

Sat 2:00 PM EDTPrestige Wheel HouseElkridge, MD
Party · 1,577 people

Our apologies to Baltimore and Charles St friends, but today we are helping out at St.Agnes Hospital. See you next week!


Apologies to our Exelon friends. we will not be able to serve you today, generator issues... just won't keep running...

Good Morning friends! Lunch at MICA 11-2, and then Arbutus volunteer Fire Department 5-8PM, lets do it!!!

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Food Truck Wednesdays

Hey Arbutus...We're Back! Food Truck Wednesdays returns to the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department on March 14th at 5pm! We will kick off the season with a Pub Ni...te to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Guinness Blonde and Killian's Irish Red on Tap. This season we will have 12 trucks each week and there will be two completely different sets of trucks that will rotate each week to bring you even more variety! Here is the truck list for our first week:

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Morning Friends! Want some BBQ? Then stop by Baltimore and Charles 11-2... You know what's up...

Kommie Pig BBQ is feeling hopeful.

Good Morning Baltimore! Lunch at Exelon Tower, Harbor Point, 11-2, come on over!

Good morning friends! Today we are at JHU, Wolfe and Monument St, 11-2 stop by!

Good morning Baltimore! Today we are serving at Exelon Tower in Fells Point, 11-2, stop by!

Morning friends! Lunch at MICA, Mt. Royal and Lanvale St, 11-2, stop by!

Good morning Baltimore! Today we are serving at JHU, Wolfe and Monument St, 11-2, your BBQ is ready!

Thanks for having us guys! We’ll be ready!

BattleGang to Battlegang Season Opener

Kommie Pig BBQ staying with us 🤘 we hope your ready for some amazing BBQ

TGIF people! Lunch at Baltimore and Charles 11-2, you might need a raincoat, see you!