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Karen Johnson Kitchen
· November 10, 2014
I was very pleased with my reading and must say shocked by the things that he told me! Shocked that he knew these things mostly because I wasn't sure what I believed he could tell me with only my name... on a piece of paper and date of birth. Would go again to a show to have him read me again. See More

I want to thank all the visitors who come by. Feel free to leave comments. I understand I don't come here much, and when I do, it usually has more to do with stone related messages or pics of things referring to my Shamanic work.
I currently have my web page store closed down for longer term designing. So it is here today I am posting the latest Medicine Rattle.
This is a Crow skull adorned with the colors of the 4 races of people and associative to the 4 winds. All the ori...fices are sealed with Deer skin. This is cut. Shaped and molded to the sockets being covered.
The inner sides of skull have been reinforced with deer skin as well, as all inner bone fragment is carefully removed for area and percussion. The percussion inside rattle are 22 small Pyrite nuggets. Working with power numbers.
The rattle straps to the wrist, so that she can dance freely shaking rattle while drumming around the fire, calling upon the spirit or general ceremony. When rattle not in use, it is made to hang around the neck and stations on chest area.
Because the rattle straps to the wrist, it sits on 2 half moon's melted freeform together. This allows for the percussion not to be absorbed by the skin of arm/body.
Adorned around the eye's with its talon nail coverings, this Crow is powerful medicine.
Dangled with 9 of the Crow feathers, symbolic of the numerological value to the mystery/magic associated with Crow.
In this Crow has an open beak. This allows for area for percussion, as well, Crow is speaking. The place of skin meeting there is reinforced on outer side with sterling silver.
Peace to she who sought the mystery and pecked upon her shadow till the shadow came alive and consumed her.
Crow crosses the thresholds of this world and Spirit. Crow is magical and closely related with Raven mojo.
To inquire on your personal totem rattle, call Kris at 315 483 0074. Utmost ethical and highest standard for both the seeker and that which is saught.
peace krisfaso.compeace

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On the subject of a rise in the frequency of Spirit activity.

The summer 1982 / Location - Chula Vista, Ca.
Little did I know when two other friends and I rented a three bedroom house on quiet suburbun street, that it would be the beginning of my work assisting individual entities, (dead folks), detach from the emotional anchors and physical places they once lived.
I did however know why the house came furnished with every detail of a home fully and completely ready to live i...n. I was aware the former owner had died in the house. And I knew it was very recent.
I am sure I even knew when we signed the papers at the dining room table with the former owners cousin, the spirit in the house felt ominously present.
The point of this isn't to tell a story, although this one is a really good one. The point is about the rising frequency of activity on the whole. Especially over the last 3-5 years, as the veil between our world's becomes thinner, the activity is becoming more often intense. And certainly it has a synergy with the raising of human consciousness in all facets of living.
This last two weeks I have had 4 calls with two of them being rather unpleasent for the families.
If it is happening in your home or with someone you know, l encourge you, like any caller to understand the power of word. Along with burning of herbs for cleansing the enviornment, after which herbs are burnt to invite the sweet spirits return, ones power of conviction/command will be utmost important.
And depending on the level or frequency of activity within the house, would certainly call for ones best judjment of tone.
One must let the spirit know they are not physically in the home any longer. That you will help them in any way that you possibly can. You must let the spirit know however that you are inhabiting the home now and that they need to act accordingly or leave.
In general cases of lower level activity, spirit and humans can and do share common ground.
However, there are many cases where the spirit is, as I have stated earlier, ominously present.
It this case, I would say a strong desire to claim the space must be prepared for. Understanding that the power of word (is) to have power, and spoken solomnly with the purpose to persuade the spirit out, is required for the fulfillment of the command.
In the more imminent cases a statement such as...

I summon the spirit within these halls -
Of body you have run its course -
I cleans the space within these walls -
and coomand your return to the source.

When one is burning the herbs in all the spaces, closets, draws, corners and nooks. With windows and doorways open, continue this statement. The Creator gave us the power of voice. Use your voice. Words have power.
And in any case of continuing activity where you would seek the services of Kris Faso, Google me. Go to my site and contact me or feel free to give me a call

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Kris Faso

From the book of Testimony.
Dear Kris, I had a reading done by you about a year and half ago. At the time you gave me allot of information. ..I was puzzled beca...use none of it seemed to be anything familiar. Well a few weeks later all this stuff started happen. I decided to listen to the recording of the reading, and oh my goodness... There it was. You had seen it all. I was shocked. You were so on the money with details of events. Even the names!! Thank you Kris, it helped me to further prepare for some challenging events.
C. F.
Kris Faso will be set up this weekend at the Rochester Radisson Hotel. 175 Jefferson Road. For Experience Psychic Fairs event. If you would like to sit with Kris for an appointment, call ahead to pre-book the time and receive a discount.
315 483 0074.

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Kris Faso

Dear Kris,
I wrote this letter in truth and honesty. I have so much faith in you and your connection with Spirit. I wanted you to know how happy I felt after s...itting with you this year in May.
My husband passed in 2014. In the reading you mentioned a spirit man with an "S" name was with me and that he wanted me to know he liked the changes at the house. ***(A question I had wrote down the night before coming).
You also mentioned the term "Dimples"...This was a name I had written on a piece of paper and had with me in my pocket at the time of our reading.***(Another reference of my prep before coming to see you).
As if that wasn't enough, the clincher for me was when you brought up the Teddy Bear!!! ***(a third reference on my paper)
My husband - (S name), had given me a teddy bear with "I Love You" written on it before he passed. I was shocked... Much to my suprise you brought up the three things I had refered to the prior night of seeing you. Not to mention several other things of a lesser importance.
Kris, I have always been skeptical of psychics and mediums. You have helped me earse that. I don't have to think about seeing anyone else! From now on it's you.
Thank you for the blessing of helping me.

Once again Kris will be taking appointments this weekend, July 15/16 (at the) 2017 Gem/Mineral World Metaphysical Fair at SRC Arean, Onondaga Communty College, Syracuse NY.
To book an appointment ahead of the show and receive a discount, call Kris @ 315-483-0074.
Kris will also be setting up and balancing rock sculptures again this year as well as lecturing at 4:00pm Saturday - title of this lecture... Voices of the Stone.
Lectures are free with admission to show.

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Kris Faso

For those of you who see these posts of mine on the stones and are curious as to where you can obtain them... Well! Right here at Kris Faso's Stone Room and caf...e, (you will have to let me know you like coffee, i will put a pot on).
I have been collecting these local specimens for 50 years. I am a vehicle for the Stones as well. Perhaps you are the destination for one.
315 483 0074 - The Stoneman

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Kris Faso updated his status.

It is
P ractical
E xceptional
A ppropriate
C onscientious ...
E volutionary
it is a choice.
7th Annual 24 Hour Drums for Unity/Peace Summer Solstice June 23/24 2017

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Kris Faso

When I sat with you, you mentioned I would be most likely making a job change in the near future. I loved my job and have been happily there for many, so I was somewhat skeptical.
You might imagine my shock when just weeks later, I was offered a supervisory position in a very busy office. I love my new job, it was an offer I coud not refuse.
I asked about the health for someone too, that you clearly stated the specific medical condition and the treatment for which this individual would be safe. I was amazed at the accuracy of information that had been confirmed by the Dr. The treatment has been a success.
For anyone reading this... Kris has amazing powers of insight and his spirituality allows him to see wonderful parts of our lives.
Thank you Kris, S.H.

*Kris Faso will be at the Syracuse Psychic Festival this weekend in Syracuse at the Holiday Inn. Come in and see Kris. To ensure you get a time, (this is a very busy fair), you may book in advance of the show.Pre-booked appointments receive a discount. Please call Kris at 315-483-0074

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Testimonial, please share:
I'm ready to let go of someone who has left a dark mark in my heart and space. It's taken me awhile to be ready to release this. I knew I needed to spiritually clear my space and mind. But how? I didn't want to perform some haphazard prayer or ritual. So what do I do? What do I say? I was at a loss for words & that's when I turned to Kris Faso for guidance. He found the words I lost. He gave me a gift today. Authentic Words of power, ritual and blessings. I keep reading the prayer he wrote for me. And the more I read it the more empowered I feel. I am ready, it's time to let this go and I have KRIS to thank for helping me. I don't know how he does it, but he knows what your heart needs even when your mind isn't listening.
Thank you for all you do!
Tessa Stokes

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Kris Faso added 2 new photos.

Remember folks, if your looking for that unique gift for the unique individual, I Keep an in house shop for most all your Spiritual/Shamanic needs.
Shown here an altar piece for burning Sage, incense, or any herb you use to connect in meditation/spirit. This is a marriage of root wood, natural local stone bowl , 4 wire weave copper votive stand.
Call or pm me for appoiintment to see others or purchase.
315-483-0074 Peace

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Kris I get you. You know I come to you for clarity and most people probably do. To feel better about something. To know something better. You have helped me know something better and feel better about it. That's priceless. You rock Kris.
J. Buffalo, NY.

Kris Faso

Peace is my creed.
I don't protest for it.
I plant seeds.
Peace, Kris

Kris Faso updated his status.

Three days ago, upon receiving this request from a long time client for a lost item, I began the remote viewing. after three days of my typical "asking the" and peering from here over the miles, here is her question and my response. Then her latest communication.

I am desperately hoping that you can help me find a pair of sunglasses/glasses that I lost. I wear these glasses a lot but I can't wear them to work since I have to wear plastic protective wear. I'm not sure how you do it, but if you can help me, it would be awesome. Even if I knew they were just somewhere in my house it would be better than what I have now. They are a pair of Cazals and they have really unique lenses. Hopefully you can help!
Thanks. Jaela

My reply after remote viewing and asking to see the glasses...
I see car and carpet- they are against something soft verses hard areas. So like, if they are in a car for instance, Check all floors. I feel I would just check under any furniture as well where there is carpets beneath, however Spirit shows me the car first and foremost.

The received reply.
You've done it again, they were on the floor of the passenger side of my car, right on top of the carpet. Amazing. As always, thank you so much.

Thanks J. Happy to help

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