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Amanda Daniel
· November 4, 2017
The Employee's that work here have poor customer service. The guy that got our doughnuts kinda just stood there pacing, Didn't say "what can I get for you" or anything. After a few minutes of bein...g ignored i had to get his attention to get what i wanted. The lady that took the money stood there like a zombie, not saying a word. I didn't get the drinks that I ordered or my receipt until I asked for them. Get it together people, I'm pretty sure you won't get in trouble for speaking. See More
Amy Sims Jenkins
· October 6, 2017
We are staying on Folly Beach and wanted doughnuts for in the morning. We rode by Dunkin Doughnuts to go to Krispy Kreme. The people behind the counter were less than enthusiastic. No blueberry cake, ...pumpkin of any kind, no doughnut holes, etc. The odd thing, they had put doughnuts on trays behind the name but they weren't that flavor. Blueberry glazed were just plain glazed. The employee didn't apologize, "that ain't blueberry". After struggling to find a dozen, I paid with a hundred dollar bill, she just handed me the change in a wad, no counting. I won't return! See More
Ken-Tisha Ward
· February 14, 2018
My 1st time in this store...I drove a good ways to spend 50 bucks on donuts. I get home and was upset at what I saw. Very disappointed. I remember when Krispy Kreme took good care of their customers.... You advertised these Valentines Donut's and that's what I ordered but there was SOMETHING Missing!! 😡
Employees need to be trained in customer service or hire people WITH CS experience. The atmosphere felt like I was in a funeral home...
I bought these for my son and he wouldn't even touch it...I mean, look at it! None of the donut's tasted good at all. They tasted stale!! All that $$ in the TRASH!!!
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Stephanie Walker
· October 9, 2017
Three days either I or a friend has gone by and out of doughnuts holes. This isn't my first time with issues with this store. It seems to be a trend until a promotion of them is going and they have than enough! See More
Cassy Rene Mcgovern
· July 16, 2017
Man I was so mad today I got off work at 7 am and the line was already down Savannah hwy. My kids and I love their donuts we get the same Everytime dozen jelly filled and 1/2 choc. Covered 1/2 glazed.... Yeah I was happy I got to save money today but.... With everyone there I had to go to freaking Dunkin donuts they got my whole order wrong then there donuts are just not the same. Ruined my craving for donuts. But my kids and I love Krispy Kreme and will always be back and y'all are so much more polite than Dunkin donuts. Sent someone from work later that night as I work 3rd shift at waffle House down the road by the round Holiday inn and they got in line at 10:45pm and waited they were to the turn and was redirected by the cop to go around the block and come in that way so up to the red light and take a right and Bam the line is right there from less than 10 cars away to a whole block. So they had to come back to work empty handed on a Friday night sad because we are really busy and typically have a rough night on Friday and all my girls knowing they are about to get some donuts lifted their spirits a little. Again I love Krispy Kreme so I will still be back just wish we could have had some. See More
Amy Campanelli
· October 13, 2017
Came by at 6am to get donuts for a group of local firefighters and were told you were out of glazed donuts. At 6am on a Friday morning?? And it was going to be 2 hours before they were done. How does ...that happen??? Very irritated. See More
Kathy Branham Howard
· February 4, 2018
Sitting at Krispy Kreme enjoying my donuts and was totally shocked a woman spent $34 in Donuts only to be charged $0.50 for a glass of water totally shocked.
Lynette Witcher
· November 17, 2017
Loved their donuts as a kid and still do. My kids love it as well. Can't wait for them to come back to North Charleston!!
Fran Siebert Roberts
· November 18, 2017
Shame on KK - I remember when the donuts were actually big enough to fill the box. Why jack the price up if the donuts keep getting smaller?
RicKelia Poinsette Corley
· August 13, 2017
My husband and I were excited about trying the new Reese's Peanut Butter Doughnut today. He came home with them and we found out there was no filling inside. Truly disappointed. If we lived closer... ...I surely would've took them back. See More
Jason Spurzem
· September 13, 2017
Wouldn't feed this to my dog. Seriously the worst donuts on earth.
Danace Yambao
· September 6, 2016
I'm obsessed with sweets, donuts and fresh baked goods. Krispy kreme checked on all of these. It was fun and cool to see the donuts be prepared and glazed by the machine. The fact that I didn't know t...hey had that many assorted flavors astounded me. It didn't not disappoint even though it was at least a 30 minute drive. Nothing beats fresh made donuts See More
Katie Elizabeth
· December 21, 2016
Drove 30 minutes @
5:57 this morning to get 3 dozen original glazed donuts. To be told " we don't have any glazed donuts and we're only taking cash” as I'm holding a card in my hand. Definitely disapp...ointed!! Krispy Kreme is not close to me and the glaze donuts are why we even camevto krispy Kreme. � See More
Joyce Dangerfield
· March 2, 2015
We grew up on krispy kreme. My mom worked at the krispy kreme on rivers when she was pregnant with me. Now we only have one krispy kreme in our area that is off of Savannah hwy. and I live in summerv...ille I drove all the way over there. I was hoping I would get that red light but I didn't that was ok cause I love there donuts but I was disappointed that it tasted greasy this is the 2nd time this has happened. I don't want to waste another trip, Please come to Summerville with better donuts it cost too much to go all the way over there to get greasy donuts. Thank you! See More
Jennifer Arato
· May 31, 2016
I ordered 10 dozen doughnuts yesterday for my dad to pick up and bring to the school he works for. It was supposed to be a treat for the end of the school year. He gets there and the doors are locked.... Someone comes out and tells him they can't help him because a manager isn't there. How do you run a business that way? Now imagine a school full of kids let down by Krispy Kreme. Thanks for absolutely NOTHING! See More
Allen Kornahrens
· March 16, 2016
It's Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.... What else is there to say really. I mean it's the most heavenly treat in the known universe with your choice of fillings and flavors. Eat it and be enlightened to the p...innacle of pastry perfection. See More
Jamie Birdsong
· November 19, 2015
Usually love going to Krispy Kreme, but cashier at drive up window was really rude, so I left with nothing today and won't be going back. Ordered a dozen glaze, then when I pull up, I noticed a small and said I ordered a dozen glazed. She said, "you don't want these three?" I said no, I want a dozen glaze. She rolled her eyes and huffed and puffed, finally I just opened the window and said give me my card back and drove off. If you don't want to be nice to customers, than quit your job. See More
Neil Enos
· November 20, 2016
The donuts were unbelievable! The cleanliness was outstanding. The employees were not very helpful though and the service could have been much faster. In the end we go there for the donuts and they ...did not disappoint. See More
Mary Hair Langdale
· December 5, 2014
I was heartbroken to see the store closed just now. We came all the way from walterboro to get several dozen of delicious fat juicy snowman and those delicious moist red velvet cake donuts. We came as... a family and was all shattered..what are we supposed to do!!! See More
Natalie Herrington Swiger
· February 22, 2017
Showed up at 10:40PM and lobby doors were locked and no one would assist me at the drive thru. I called at 9:30PM and they said they will be serving hot doughnuts until 11 PM.
Liz Thomas
· January 16, 2017
Beautiful building inside. I've never been in a Krispy Kreme this beautiful. All of the female employees were totally AWESOME. They were very polite, patient, friendly, helpful, and funny. They made a... stressful day a bit better. I had driven over 6 hours and was very tired and a bit cranky when I walked in. When I walked out I was smiling, felt better, and revived. Thanks for making my day brighter. You ladies ROCK! See More
Lori Muschiana
· January 29, 2016
We just came back from a field trip and cannot say enough great things about Lorenzo! We all had such a wonderful time. The entire staff was so nice. We will be back :)
Tim Enlow
· December 28, 2015
It was OK. The coffee tasted sick, not sure if was old or their brand, but not my rate since I didn't eat yet. But was better after I put more sugars in it. Then the drink machine was broke or so was... told then see people with drinks after we sit. Then after everything we see someone supposedly working on it. So not sure if it's fixed but I made sure they knew. See More
Tami Beecher Musgrave
· December 15, 2015
Trying to understand why there is only one Krispy Kreme in all of Charleston and vicinities. Would make sense to have one in the north area, convenient for Goose Creek and Summerville peeps as well.
Richard Randall
· July 2, 2017
Great Donuts. Raspberry,filled in fact all filled very enjoyable
Howard Jones
· April 6, 2016
This is a good location. And the doughnuts are so good, too. But I wonder---shouldn't there be other locations in the Charleston area, i.e., Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Summerville, etc. ?
Kaitlin Kuhn
· February 18, 2015
Service is usually terrible. People aren't friendly and act like they don't want to be there. They never have the doughnuts they advertise when they are supposed to. I'm fed up with this store.
Robert Nolte
· January 7, 2017
No whip creme on a 6 dollar latte. No stars. They don't know how much supplies to order after 30 years of business. And the girl at the window was rude.
Joseph Volpi Sr.
· January 15, 2017
What can I say but excellent doughnuts! Especially when they are hot out of the ove b!
Letha Johnson
· July 26, 2014
Service is usually great. Today I went out of my way to get a cinammon apple filled donut. When I got home and ate it there was no apple filling! Bummer!
April Emerson
· April 13, 2017
We came yesterday.....Absolutely delicious! Y'all need the KFC logo... because it was "Finger licking good"!! �
Tamara Sorrentino
· March 21, 2014
This place was the first and only place in the Charleston area that I found wasn't friendly. Haven't been back since.
Scott Phipps
· August 26, 2016
Krispy Kreme donuts are the secret fuel that keeps the Earth revolving....

Now for the real question...
When will the reese's donuts be released?
Randy Smith
· September 25, 2016
only thing wrong with Krispy Kreme is it's in West Ashley. We need one in Summerville
David Ian Colón
· November 10, 2016
GREAT Company!! (+5)
GREAT Donuts!!! (+5)
Pretty Good counter service (+3)...
...but where's the Kreme??? (-5)

But it's been AGES since I actually received a Kreme filled donut that was ACTUALLY FILLED WITH KREME!!!!!

Come on folks!?!?! Isn't that your namesake donut?!?! I used to get Kreme overflowing with every nothing till the last 1/4 is left.

It's just such a shame that quantity has taken precedence over quality.

See More
Earl Nickerson
· November 19, 2016
I love this place, unfortunately I can't go very often because I live in Summerville. Ya'll need to build one in Summerville.
Camille Dionne Hamilton
· August 28, 2015
I loveeee glazed doughnuts so much I wish that I could own a Krispy Kreme of my own so I can eat all of the glazed doughnuts I want.
Chelsea Hulet-Hewlett
· January 17, 2017
Staff is beyond friendly and the donuts are delicious as usual. My 2 year old and I had a wonderful experience here today
Kelvin Funches
· November 6, 2016
Made a donu-run with FAM last night and service was great!
Palmetto Handyman
December 2, 2013
Stopped by last night and the service was ridiculous! The young lady didn't know what artificial sweetener was, I had to repeat my order 4 times and she still didn't get it right!
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