Zuki approves of how my new work is progressing. Such a critic! At least my seat is warm.

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I work in little time spurts, so I always cover my acrylic palette with plastic wrap so my paints don't dry out! I've been lucky to be able to use painting as my therapy as I focus on healing. I've had to shift a lot of my work practices to accommodate my new skills, and I'm feeling productive again as a human.
How does your creative practice support your health and well being?

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Behind the scenes on set today for Dallas Power House of Dance's "Angered Spirits" filming! Thank you so much! Best compliment ever "You made my vision come to life!" Video by Matthew Ky Powers
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Congratulations and thank you to Maria Andersen who adopted "Curiosity"! Maria is a badass entrepreneur in Utah. If you work in edtech, you should go see her product Coursetune. Seriously genius level design smarts there. I'm so honored to know so many amazing people working hard to change the world in positive ways!

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This Friday in Gainesville! Come to GFAA and see my work!

Fri 6:00 PM ESTGFAAGainesville, FL

Nothing makes my heart sore more than seeing my art up on the wall with my dad's work in the GFAA gallery! Reception for the Mixed Media show is this Friday February 23rd 6-9pm during Art Walk.

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Enjoying the process, not focusing on the final product. These mixed media pieces have really freed me up a bit to explore ideas I hadn't touched in a long time.📖🖌

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I get up for one second, and I lose my chair! Zuchinni likes to oversee my art making and occasionally lend a fur to the very special paintings. 😃
I'm about to hit 5000 likes and it's blowing my mind. I'm making art and I'm just so grateful. Thank YOU!

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Hello world. Can you do me a favor? If you happen to own a piece of my art from any period of time, can you post a photo of you with it? I am feeling this emptiness that I think will be filled with happy faces who have my art. Please and thank you!

"The Moment She Told Me Where She Hid Her Pearl" 2018, 12"x12"
For the GFAA Tioga Art Fair March 3-4th

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Working on a few small pieces for the GFAA Tioga Art Fair March 3-4
Never enough color!

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I had a great therapy breakthrough I thought would be nice to share. My task for the last few months was to answer, "who are you?" And limited by the rule that who I am cannot be something that changes. I answered this week confidently. I AM A CREATOR. In every sense, in every way, from birth to this very second- I create. Who are you? #iamacreator #thrillistomakeitup #creator #whoareyou #selfportrait #portrait #selfie

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Every. Damn. Day.
I am a work in progress, just like this piece 😘

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I recently was asked about my painting inspiration. I look to nature and I see a never-ending curious wellspring of creativity. Those shapes! The texture! Here are some pictures I took today after so many mushrooms enjoyed a nice rain (heck, I loves the rain too!). What inspires you?

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Working on some new pieces for the next GFAA show on Mixed Media. These are digital collages I made by scanning books and ink on a scanner and digitally layering the image with self portraits. Now, I'm painting on them! I'm excited to see where they end up! #workinprogress #gainesvilleartist #gainesvillearts #artist #painter #art

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Friday in Gainesville! Come bid on some beautiful art and support elementary arts in Alachua county!

Fri 6:00 PM ESTGFAAGainesville, FL
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