Pinky Bunny & Friends Say "Happy Spring"

#FreeBook: Pinky Bunny's First Day of Kindergarten (#eBook) is #Free on (@AmazonKindle). #Promo ends November 15.

It's Pinky's first day of Kindergarten, and she's nervous! When she gets there, it seems kind of scary, but after a while, Pinky feels good about Kindergarten because she meets a new friend and has fun playing with him. Later, she meets Hops, the class bully, and he's bullying Pinky and her new f...

Fresh Voices 10/19/13 @greenelibrary Greene County Public Library

Fairborn Community Library hosted a reception featuring current local authors on Saturday, October 19.
Kristina Cardoza (Children's Author) added 6 new photos to the album: Fresh Voices Author Event — with Kristina Cardoza and Daniella Butler-Cardoza.
October 19, 2013

I had fun today at the Fresh Voices Author event.

Pinky Bunny's Crazy Halloween! by Kristina Cardoza (Children's Author)

~Pinky Bunny Series

Pinky Bunny's Crazy Halloween is about not judging someone by the way they look. Look beyond someone's outer appearance and get to know the person inside. Learn some opposites while you read. Happy Halloween!

Fresh Voices: Local Authors Reading and Book Signing program at Fairborn Community Library.

Come join your favorite child author, Kristina Cardoza (Children's Author), at this event.

The camera deleted most of the pictures.
I had fun reading my books and signing autographs to the Kindergarten students!

Come join Kristina at Lange School's Kindergarten Book Fair. She will be reading her books for the kindergarten class. A personalized autographed copy of her books will be available for sale during the event.

Hi everyone,

I decided not to publish Unsecret Secrets. It's not my best work so I don't feel comfortable releasing it. Thank you for being patient with me. I hope you're not too disappointed.

Thank you,...

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My brother & I competed in the Mile High Karate & Meng's Martial Arts of Centerville #tournament yesterday! @KungFuGuyJeremy. My parents thought our Sifu made a mistake because he placed me in a higher division instead of the one they signed me up for. He did it on purpose . I got to fight a black belt I respect for the 1st and 2nd place positions. After 4 rounds, we ended with a tie, so our Sifu gave us both 2nd place--no one got 1st place. I surprised my mom the most because she thinks I'm too nice. She was also worried I would get hurt going up against a black belt. My brother won 1st place in his division! It was an awesome tournament and we can't wait to do it again!!

Guess what movie we watched. (Hint: It was made in 1956.)

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