REMINDER: I no longer have a personal Facebook page. I did not block you. If you'll give me a moment of your time...

For those of you that friended me after the launch of the 69 Eyes and Cradle of Filth comics, I appreciate it. And it's been fantastic getting to know some of you personally. But, it's time to unplug a bit. I've got too much going on to allocate the energy, resources, and, again, time to be on Facebook to that degree. You can reach me here, and if you had me on... Facebook messenger you can still get me there. I can also reached at

I can "like" pages through this page, so if you have a band, business, or film that you're interested in bringing to my attention, feel free to send me the link here.

And you can reach me at...

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Cradle of Filth: The Curse of Venus Aversa. The official graphic novel by Dani Filth and Kurt Amacker. Art by Monty Borror with cover by Jamie Huntley.

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