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Caroline Petro Boland
· November 3, 2013
Outstanding! Everyone should check this out - a hidden gem tucked into Lehigh! Terrific food, eclectic vibe, great atmosphere, considerate service, top notch all the way! Tell your friends and get ou...t and support the locals! This is not to be missed - can't wait to return and best wishes toward much future success! See More
Emily Shedio
· October 16, 2013
This is a great, safe and fun place in Lehigh Acres of which we have very few. The food is for the most part excellent and creative. The fact that the fat cats at "Rolling Stone" magazine want to ca...use an uproar saying that the restaurant is profiting off their name is sad...I have news for them, a publication that glamorized the Boston bomber on the front cover is not the kind of trash that anyone would want associated with anyway. As Bruce said, Rolling Stone can mean many different things. This is a gem in Lehigh and the execs. and their army of lawyers at "Rolling Stone" magazine need to heed Paul McCartney's words "Let it be....Let it be". And those are words of wisdom. I highly recommend this establishment and hope the doors stay open. See More
Christine Gruber
· August 30, 2013
We had take out lunch at the office today, and it was the most amazing food we had in a long time, just delicious!!!! Definitely is going to be one of our favorite places to eat :)))))
Peggy A Bossio Klein
· October 16, 2013
Haven't been there yet. But I hear good things about your Restaurant. I can only rate you on what people in Lehigh Acres are saying.... I wish you all the luck on keep your Business open. As a Busin...ess owner as well. We will stop in soon. See More
Christine Shawnee Paris Fischer
· October 11, 2013
My favorite place in the whole area. Its like France, Italy and USA (places where I lived) in 1 place with its art, food, live music and hospitality. And no sports there on TV
Dena Marie
· March 1, 2014
By far some of the best food that I've had from a restaurant! Good selection of beer & fair prices. The decorations were unique & the bartender offered awesome service, even running a full house on hi...s own. Definitely impressed. See More
King Cutlass
· September 15, 2013
This place is a gem! Great food, staff and atmosphere you won't find ANYWHERE else in SWFL! On top of that, live music, live art and a killer owner that hangs out and makes sure everyone is having a ...great time. 5 stars! See More
Kimberly Francisco
· February 24, 2014
HAD THE BEST late dinner last night, amazing food, amazing atmosphere and Bruce is the bombbbbb! Katy and I will def make it a weekend tradition ♥ Thank you so much!
Bill Madison
· February 21, 2014
In all my years of playing music, I have never played in a better or more appreciative venue! I just love it!
Ken Freeland
· December 29, 2013
The individualism, character and atmosphere of this place makes you not want to leave! The food is great and the people there make you feel at home. A must visit!
Meghan Knazek
· April 11, 2014
Unique atmosphere, excellent food, service was great! Not to mention the art on the walls.. good music! Looking forward to coming back very soon!
Michelle Buddenberg
· February 23, 2014
Amazing place! The atmosphere, the people, the music, the art...all fabulous. definitely a Lehigh gem!
Liz Gauthier-Acosta
· February 8, 2014
Totally love the vibe of this place. I may or may not be addicted to their homemade chips.
Hidee Redmond
· February 18, 2014
I had a great time here , good food, good music, good company, and the rice wine was awesome too
Chaz Newbury
· November 14, 2013
Cool place to hang if you have $1000 in your pocket. Just too expensive. Its a shame cause live music and the atmosphere is great. $160 for ten beers and a couple shots.....are u kidding me!
Joshua Michael Nahm
· November 22, 2013
Another great night of food and drinks. Bruce is the best
Kelly Bone
· December 7, 2013
The music is great! Lehigh was long over due for a place like this! Great job Bruce!
SusanTim Katz
· October 8, 2013
Best food in Lehigh and atmosphere is like down Town, without the drive!
John Magee
· March 25, 2014
Rolling Stone magazine is only mad because they're not relevant anymore and you still are.
Shannon Adwell
· October 17, 2013
So awesome, really a great place , surprised its in lehigh

'THE OTHERSIDE' @ Maria's Italian Restaurant...

~ Every FRIDAY night LIVE MUSIC 9PM to Midnight ~
~ REX BONGO will be doing his thing for our first FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE ~


ALWAYS HAPPY HOUR!! & Keeping the kitchen open late on the weekends for the Lounge & Bar
Se Ya on 'THE OTHERSIDE' my friends!

See More
Bruce Keisling

If you dug The Rolling Stone Libation Company...or Norma Jeans, Runabouts Roadside Grille, Merlins, Club Oasis, The Captains Cabin, The Tipsey Seagull, The Indi...go Room, Orbit Night Club, Gotham Hall, Foxboro Sports Tavern, Rodeo Bar & Grill, The Chamber, etc...come see me at 'The Otherside' at Marias Italian Restaurant in Lehigh...great RSLC art and furnishings, you'll dig the vibe & love the food...ALWAYS happy hour!
See ya on 'The Otherside' peeps

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Unfortunately The Rolling Stone Libation Company will not be reopening. I would like to thank all of you who supported The RSLC and me. You guys are the greatest! And I would especially like to thank all of the musicians and artists who were a part of something awesome for a moment in time.
Although this is a sad time, as this has been a lifelong dream of mine. I am very proud of what The RSLC was and will always be... Amazing Art, Incredible Music, Delicious Food & Ser...ious Hospitality! We were a gathering place like no other.
So I post this with tears in my eyes and my head held high, knowing we gave it everything we had and then some.

Thank you SWFL, much love and peace to all of you!!
~ the end of something great will be the beginning of something greater ~

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~ will post soon ~
~ new prices are crazy good ~ our food is crazy great ~

Join us Tues thru Fri from 11am til 2pm for ...
'The LUCKY $7 LUNCH' at The Stone!
1/2 of one of our 6 amazing burgers or other sammiches
AND a side soup or salad for 7 beans man!

1/2 price drinks, beers & wines
3pm-6pm Tue - Fri
4pm-6pm Sat & Sun

See Ya at 'The Stone'

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It's KEITH CLANTON...LIVE at The Stone kids!!
~ get here & SUPPORT local Live Music ~
AND fill your bellies

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Keith Clanton is with Chris Delozier and Bruce Keisling.
Image may contain: text
Ken Freeland

Eric & Kenny with special guest Towely

SAT - 6pm til 8pm - BILL MADISON


See ya at 'The Stone'

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SAT - 6pm til 8pm - BILL MADISON


'The RSLC' would like to wish DIXIE a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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The Rolling Stone Libation Company updated their cover photo.
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LIVE MUSIC at 'The Stone' tonight & every Friday & Saturday

Tonight 9pm til 1am 'The RSLC' welcomes one of Lehigh's own...


Come out and help us make Jimmy feel at home and get his 'Stone' on with YOU!

And....SUPPORT David in the battle versus Goliath!

Thank you SWFL and See Ya at 'The Stone'!

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TUNE IN to the 6pm & 11pm newscast from NBC 2 & ABC 7 here in SWFL for Christina Lusby's interview with me on the DAVID versus GOLIATH situation.

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The Rolling Stone Libation Company

'The Daily Stone'

How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home...
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?
~ Bob Dylan

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FOX-4 NEWS from last night & this morning.
~ thanks for keeping it real!

* you should share this because the "hackers/haters" will delete it soon.


Peace & Thank You friends!

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A business in Lehigh Acres has been told to change it's name or shut down for good! The owner used his whole life savings to open the business, but now a famous magazine is telling him to change the name or else!

10pm, 11pm tonight & their Morning Newscast FOX 4 WFTX-TV
will be airing the interview they did today about the DAVID & GOLIATH situation with RollingStone mag.

Tune in and please "share" the online link to the video they will be posting on their website


Thank you Dave, Dave & FOX 4 for keeping it real and helping to inform the public of this injustice and bully tactics!!

Much LOVE from 'The RSLC'

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Thanks for the LOVE Lehigh Acres Gazette!

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Lehigh Acres Gazette

David vs Goliath — The Rolling Stone Libation Company vs Rolling Stone Magazine…/david-vs-goliath-the-rol…/…

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Bruce Keisling added 4 new photos — with Tammie Whitbeck-Ory.

RollingStone magazine is taking The Rolling Stone Libation Company/Bruce Keisling to U.S. District Court because the LITTLE KID wouldn't give THE BULLY his lunc...h money.

ONLY 144 Likes for The Rolling Stone Libation Company facebook page out of my 738 facebook(personal page)"friends".Thats freakin' pathetic (really sad face).

GUYS I'm "ALL IN" and need SWFL to support us OR another independant local restaurant(w/critically acclaimed food) & local live music/art venue WONT MAKE IT!

** If YOU can't AT LEAST click "LIKE" & "SHARE" for a friend...then shame on you. ** just sayin
Come out to 'The Stone' (The Rolling Stone Libation Company), say you saw THIS post...
And I will f$c%*ng HOOK YOU UP.

Seriously, unless your in another kinda SAD about you not checking us out in 6 months

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