Frequently Asked Questions
Couples Counseling: I would like Couples Counseling and live in Los Angeles, but my partner refuses to attend sessions.
If you want couples counseling in the Los Angeles area and you partner refuses to attend, I would encourage you to begin... the sessions on your own at first. Often times, I have seen the hesitant partner change his/her mind after witnessing the positive and powerful changes taking place for the partner who is attending therapy. Beginning therapy by the interested partner often encourages the resistant partner to join later. See More
Couples Therapy: What happens during our free private consultation?
I take great care to ensure that our meeting is comfortable and informative. It is important to me that you have a good ...experience. During our initial consultation, I’ll answer any questions you have about therapy and explore what methods might be appropriate for you given your situation. The most important part of therapy is recognizing that you are making progress. We’ll go over your goals and desires and how to evaluate if you are reaching them. In the process, you’ll experience my style as a therapist and my commitment to helping you reach your personal therapy goals. See More

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