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Els HJ
· January 17, 2018
I want to take a moment and say that regardless of the fact that you do not get a rating of 4.8 from 96 reviews by sheer chance or luck, the interesting part of the LCC experience is that the more tim...e pases (hence the more you look at different communities around the world, and LCC students know something about it) the more you come to realize how special this place is. Words would be meaningless in such occassion, I think. See More
Sergiu Rusu
· November 3, 2017
LCC can be compared to a good wine. With time it just gets better!
From my side the more time goes by the more I understand that it was a great place and a blessing to so many.
Please keep it up and ...add more distinct alumni to the list! See More
Agate Legzdiņa Hide
· November 4, 2017
I am forever grateful for this unique place and the people devoted to it. My life and myself would have never turned out the same if it was not for LCC. I am proud to have been a part of this amazing and I feel incredebly blessed to have had the chance to learn and grow in this place. Thank you LCC for changing my life and the lives of so many others. See More
Dalia Elena Novotny
· September 16, 2017
they are simply VERY SMART! I allways enjoy a lot meeting them in the buses or in our city. Intelligent young people - mon chapeau! and best wishes for all of the LCC!
Andrejs Zavaruhins
· March 29, 2016
I'm not prone to nostalgia, but looking back and jumping through some pages of the Lcc website and Google maps brought a weird feeling as if it was a distant past. Almost the same one I had while my fingers over school exercise books with my own handwriting in it. As if it was a half-erased memory, when you get that magic surprise feeling, and the memory reconstructs. See More
Eliyahu Pavlov
· October 17, 2015
LCC is made of caring professors and staff, fun students, leadership opportunities and all kind of events. Choosing to study at LCC was one of the best decisions in my life.
Atika Barjamaj
· September 12, 2016
LCC provides not only preparation from the academic part to students, but most importantly a quite vision for the real life. LCC allowes us to know how to live in peace in a diversity of cultures. Love it!
Gytis Gytukas
· December 24, 2017
Lcc cool LIFE e fil my LIFE i Love you and i wona fla lalala
Ia Abuashvili
· September 13, 2017
Love is... LCC 🎓🌍🏡🏠🏫⏰✈🌟🌠🌈🔔🎤💻📕📚📌📎📆🔐🚭✉💠📊🎃🍏🍎🍹☕🎂🌅
Rebecca Luttrell Briley
· June 8, 2016
I love LCC and look forward to every opportunity to teach there. I have had several wonderful experiences over the years and met such unforgettable people. May you go from strength to strength! God... bless! Becky Briley See More
Sanna Karosas
· September 1, 2014
My alma mater and my current work. Would not want to have it any other way.
Edward Andreev
· March 31, 2017
My sincere congratulations to LCC International University with 25th Anniversary! May God bless all the team abundantly!
Vilija Gedvilaite
· February 13, 2015
On Wednesday LCC’s Innovation Lab hosted the biggest Inspirational Breakfast of the year. LCC alumna Ieva Pikžirnytė attracted a number of students who were willing to come even at 7:30 in the morning just to spend their time in the company of such an inspiring person. Ieva Pikžirnytė, a local and regional food and drink expert as well as food editor, graduated from LCC International University in 2011 with a degree in International Business Administration. Since her graduation Ieva has followed her passion for cooking and worked in many well-recognized companies and magazines. Now she is a food editor at “Beatos virtuvėje“ (Eng. “In Beata’s Kitchen”), for magazines, new books and TV programs. Ieva also leads traditional Lithuanian food classes for foreigners (“Taste Lithuania”). Current LCC student Ana Litnevscaia said that it was her first Inspirational Breakfast and she found it very interesting, "I liked how Ieva emphasized the importance of seeking a Master‘s degree in something that you truly like and want to tie your career with." Ieva, thank you for such a warm visit!
Interview with Alma Čenkuvienė
Community Multicultural Awareness Program (CMAP) Trailer

LCC International University presents an open lecture:

Emas Gricius, LCC International University


The Lecture will be in English language. You will also be able to learn more about LCC International University, the American University in Lithuania, its programs for International students, scholarships and Erasmus+ exchange opportunities, summer programs.

Location & Time:
American corner, floor II, room 50.
Rustaveli ave. N 6, National Palace,

See More
Fri 4:30 PM UTC+02Rustaveli ave. N 6, National Palace, Tbilisi

Yesterday, LCC Intercultural team hosted their first CMAP (Community Multicultural Awareness Program) event this year that attracted 30 high-school students from Klaipeda. The program was created to attempt to bridge the gap between predominately mono-cultural Lithuania (83.45% Lithuanians) and multicultural Europe. During a number of seminars, high-school students learn about different countries around the world and meet a diverse group of LCC students from different geographic regions of the world. Through interactive activities, presentations and small group discussions, participants get to confront stereotypes in their own lives and within Lithuania.